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Lelouch of the Quantum Venture

Chapter XX: Encounter in C

Lelouchia marched down the halls that made up the residential section of the clubhouse and towards her own bedroom with an air of annoyance. It was difficult enough to keep the act of not only of a regular student at Ashford Academy despite the position she held upon the student council to hide her real identity as Zero the Revolutionary of the Black Knights, it was child's play since she was effectively performing the same song and dance when she was first alive, but it was made even more difficult with the composite memories of both her lifetimes both as a prince and as a princess. However, the male version of the immortal C.C. had seen fit to send him a memo of urgency that nearly blew her cover before Kallen-

'Kevin! His name's Kevin!' Lelouchia corrected herself, or rather himself as he prefers since he still has the disposition of a man despite his current physical contrary. Though now that the thought had now infected his mind, he could not help but wonder how close Kevin was to be christened Carl instead of Kevin. An amusing thought that did not last as he grasped onto the doorknob and opened the door.

"C.C., this matter had better be important if it was worth nearly exposing both Kevin and Suzume to your- SWEET EDEN VITAL!" Lelouchia nearly squealed in shock and surprise as he spied the rather compromising carnal horror that had occurred in between the female Mao and male C.C.

"What?" C.C. asked with both a mischievous smirk and cocked eyebrow. "You were taking too long and Mao was more than willing to-"

"I was in the middle of a student council meeting when your accursed 'memo' nearly got me caught! It's bad enough that I have to act like a schoolgirl in this universe but I'd rather not risk being found out by Suzume as being Zero because you were so careless- For the love of all that is good and decent cover your same, the both of you!" Lelouchia exclaimed as Mao unnervingly urged C.C. to continue their lustful dance with each other.

C.C. sighed in feint defeat. "As you wish, Lulu." He replied with a jester hint just after he patted Mao upon her head in a form of apology as he pulled up his pants.

"My, oh my!" Mao began to jest. "You're still on that frigid stance? And here I thought that you didn't want to die a virgin again-"

"I did not want to die a virgin when I was a man!" Lelouchia countered. "I am perfectly willing to die a virgin in this life and body."

"Well that's not a nice thought there, Lulu." Mao teased. "Not to mention very double standard. To be fine with popping the cherries of maidens and yet not wish for yours to be-"

Lelouchia turned and stared into Mao's eyes as if to drill through them with sight alone. "Continue with the reading of my mind in such a fashion and I will geass you into silence like I did the last one, or worse!"

"C.C.!" Mao cried as she wrapped her arms around the green haired immortal who patted her head to calm her down. "Lulu's threatening me!"

"Lulu, you shouldn't scare Mao like that." C.C. berated Lelouchia in a tone of jest as Mao stuck out her tongue towards the onyx haired maiden.

"Shall we return to the matter of the memo, C.C.?" Lelouchia asked with great annoyance. "Also Mao, put on some bloody clothes already!"

"Spoilsport." C.C. noted. "Well then, since you only like theatrics when you do them I shall go straight to the point: I know a way for you to get to C's World without the use of a Thought Elevator."

"Why should I go there now when the Emperor will most likely find me there before I am ready?"

"I mean the C's World of your home reality." C.C. corrected.

"Wha- How? I thought I was exiled here?" Lelouchia inquired in a shocked tone.

"Your physical body, maybe, but not your astral form." C.C. replied. "With me as a Code Bearer, I can be your medium and your C.C. as an anchor to that reality-"

"How would you even contact her?"

"Oh, we've been in contact Lulu." C.C. smirked.

"Since when?!"

"For a while now." Lelouchia suddenly felt murderous intent wash over him.

"C.C., Lulu's getting bad thoughts about hurting you." Mao tattled.

"You'll be surprised at how homicide is therapeutic when the reciprocate in question is immortal." Lelouchia countered.

"Well? Are you interested in meeting Nana-chan or not?" C.C. inquired.

Lelouchia groaned in annoyance. "What do I need to do?"

"Just clasp your hands with mine and close your eyes, I'll handle the rest."

"I assume that you won't do anything uncouth to my body?"

"No, but if you like to get rid of that cherry like I did with Mao-"

"NO!" Lelouchia declined.

"The offer is still open." C.C. smirked in kind. "Now then, sit on the bed-"

"I'll just use a chair if it's not too much with you." Lelouchia countered as he dragged a chair from his desk and placed it directly in front of the immortal.

"You don't trust me."

"Right now, not as far as I can throw you." Lelouchia then sat down and clasp both of C.C.'s hands. "Is there anything I must know before we do this?"

C.C. was deep in thought. "Hn…No, I don't think so."

"Can I come along, please C.C.!" Mao begged.

"Are you sure that you want to come, Mao? There might be some uncomfortable questions and you just might meet your dead male self."

"I'll just make fun of him then." Mao countered with a smile.

Lelouchia then sighed and blinked, but when his eyelids opened he found herself in C's World. In his female body no less.

"C-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E T-T-T-W-W-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!"

C.C. then turned towards her male doubleganger as he had appeared. "You're just in time."

"Aren't we always?" The male C.C. smirked, much to the surprise of those who have gathered.

"Well this is rather weird." Kallen noted as she leaned towards Ougi, who nodded in agreement.

"Well how can it be NOT weird?" Tamaki interjected. "I mean we're in the equivalent of the afterlife where Chuck tried to kill 'God' with some spear made of human souls or something with an immortal as our tour guide."

"That's….actually the most intelligent thing I've ever heard." Ougi complimented.

"Why thank you- Hey!"

"Still, it would be nice for Nana-chan to meet up with her brother again." Rivalz noted.

"That's 'Empress' to you!" Cornelia countered with a tone that made the youth cower in fear. "And I do not see how all of us must be participants in this reunion."

"Well I wasn't the one to be blamed." The female C.C. countered. "I only told a few of this. If blame must be placed, it should be upon those whose lips aren't so tight when it comes to secrets." The group then turned their attention towards Tamaki, Rivalz, Gino, and Milly.

"What? Do you really think that I could just keep such a juicy bit of news to myself?" Milly defended herself. "And that's not because of the journalist side of me!" The rest of the accused averted their eyes and whistled innocently in one form or another.

"Personally I'm surprised that the Earl of Pudding here wasn't so much of a blabber mouth this time." Rakshata noted as she gestured towards Lloyd.

"Well I still don't understand why everyone is making such a big fuss over the whole thing." Llyod shrugged.

"Because it IS a big deal Lloyd!" Cécile countered. "How many are even remotely able to see their lost relative in the afterlife?!"

"Besides Chuck?" Lloyed added.

"We should be more thankful that our number is small as it stands." Xingke interrupted. "If we are to keep the peace of our world intact, we must keep the truth of the Zero Requiem to the grave."

"More like black mailed…." Chiba explained.

"Despicable the action may be, Nagisa-san, they were but a necessary to ensure the peace of the world we now live in." Tohdoh commented towards Chiba before he added almost silently. "A peace that we have inherit so selfishly."

"Kyoshiro-san!" Chiba began, but Tohdoh stopped her.

"How many of us were willing to have our names spat upon, to have our deaths celebrated in order for the world to finally have peace?" None have answered, though the body language of Empress Nunnally betrayed her own thoughts to those who had the keenest of awareness to such actions.

"Even so, one should thank god or gods that we were given such luck." Jerimiah commented.

"For once, we actually agree." Gilbert added.

"You're welcome, by the way." The group, minus the immortals, was shocked to the sudden appearance of a rather large and muscular man with locks of short, spikey black hair and donned in what appeared to be bastardized feudal armor covered in a hooded cloak and a massive sword upon his back. The being's right hand was wrapped up in cloth and a scar was found upon the bridge of its nose.

Xingke, Gilbert, Gino, Jerimiah, Sayako, Tohdoh, and Chiba were ready to draw their weapons when the imposing man raised his hands in a non-threatening manner. "Cool your tits, people. I'm not here to harm any of you."

"That's a new look for you, Bob." The female C.C. noted.

"Thanks, I figured that none of you would appreciate my true form without at least losing your lunch so I took the form of something a bit more easy to the eye." Bob replied before it added. "And the psyche as well now that I think about it…."

"Wait, you can take on any form that you wish?" Villetta asked suddenly.

"Yeah, why ya ask?"

"Well… it's just um….." The dark sinned Britannian attempted to find the most diplomatic words to express her concern.

"Why that look." Anya interrupted in her dead-panned style that almost defined her.

"Oh? You mean the ensemble?" Bob then took a pose with its fists upon the waist and chin held high as if Bob were some kind of comic book superhero. "Because it looks bad ass!"

Few among the number were able to hear their own thoughts over the thunderous roar of palms impacting foreheads. Bob looked to the group and inquired "What?"

The male C.C. then leaned towards the female C.C. "Almost reminds me of Sam's antics."

The female C.C. then turned towards the male C.C. and inquired. "So that's the name of your world's Idea of Evil?"

"Pretty much." The male C.C. shrugged.

Before either Nunnally or Suzaku, aka Zero, could inquire upon the phrase "Idea of Evil" mentioned by the two immortals, the female C.C. then noticed an unfamiliar yet familiar face that stood beside the male C.C. "And who's this? She seems familiar."

"This is Mao." The male C.C. introduced the female Mao who waved in a rather child-like manner.

"I'm surprised that you let this Mao come here." The female C.C. mused. "Considering what my Mao had done in the past-"

"Oh well it's due to her Geass to read minds that allowed her to see the fate of your Mao that caused her to change her initial plans and ally herself with Lulu." The male C.C. answered.

"Wait, she can read minds?!" Rivalz exclaimed.

"Ooh, the secrets she must have learned." Milly smirked, which nearly sent a cold chill to everyone who knew the Ashford heiress.

"I didn't know that she was a 'he' I swear!" Tamaki exclaimed in self-defense.

"I have no idea what you're talking about and I don't even want to know!" Ohgi countered the loud mouth red head.

"And here I thought Tamaki couldn't get any stupider…" Kallen noted.

"That must have worked out for Lelouch rather well," The female C.C. noted. "Having not only another geass user, but one who can read minds must really help him on your side of the dimensional divide."

"There have been moments." The male C.C. answered. "Which reminds me, if your Mao is such a clingy stalker as my Mao told me, where is-"

"C-E-E-E-E T-W-O-O-O-O!" A voice whined across the air to which the female C.C. sighed in annoyance.

"He found me." The female immortal replied as the spirit of the male Mao floated by her.

"C.C., why have you been ignoring me so much?!" The male Mao whined.

"Things have occurred that have taken up much of my time, Mao. I can't spend all of my time with you as much as I can."

"But you promised- Who's she?" The spirit of male Mao had now noticed the female version of himself.

"Mao, this is Mao. Mao, this is Mao." The male C.C. introduced the two Maos.

"So this is the loser Mao?"

"Wha- How am I the 'loser' you brat?!"

"We're the same age, loser!" The female Mao corrected. "And if you must know, you died and have to beg your C.C. to spend time with you whereas I am living happily with my C.C." She teased as she snuggled against the male C.C. to further annoy her male counterpart.

"That's not fair! How come you didn't die like me!?"

Jiang Lihua or most commonly known as the Empress Tianzi, who had been most quiet throughout this whole affair in the World of C, had spoken up when she asked. "Why does this man have a halo over his head?"

"Well it's kinda hard to tell who's living and who's dead here so I artificially added that to make things easier for you all." Bob answered the child-like empress.

"Why did you choose a Halo to represent a spirit?" Kaguya inquired as well.

"Well I figured that having everyone in traditional Japanese funeral attire didn't really make much logical sense." Almost immediately the spirit of male Mao's clothes changed to that of a funeral robe. "And adding angel wings didn't really look right for everyone." And just as suddenly, Mao suddenly gained angel wings. "Not to mention that going the Beattlejuice route and have the spirit inherit their death wounds would be too graphic for the more sensitive of hearts."

"Hey! Change me back!" The spirit of male Mao gargled in complaint thanks in large part to the large bullet wound in the side of his neck that greatly disturbed the group.

"Ugh! I'm gonna be sick!" Gino gagged.

"So I went with halos. Simple and to the point." Bob concluded which resulted in the spirit of male Mao transformed back into his ornament-topped self.

"So this is where you ran off to Mao!" The group then turned towards the arrival of one Clovis la Britannia in spirit form as he floated towards the spirit of male Mao. "Why did you leave in the middle of our chess- Um…hello…" the spirit of Clovis greeted the female C.C. with great unease. The immortal responded with a very dark gaze. "Uh…. No hard feelings for Code-R?"

"Can you blame her for all the mean things you did to her?" The spirit of male Mao countered.

"Clovis?!" Cornelia exclaimed before Clovis' spirit could reply.

"Ah, Cornelia! It's so good to see you after such a long time- Uh… you're not dead are you?" Clovis' spirit inquired.

"No, each and every one of us that are without a halo above our heads are alive." Sayako answered before Cornelia could speak.

"Halo?" The spirit of Clovis raised an eyebrow in confusion as he turned towards the spirit of male Mao who pointed to his own halo. The spirit of Clovis attempted to take a look at his own halo, but after several comical moments of failed attempts after another, he instead touched the object. "Well this is quite new. I wonder why they are there."

"That would be me." Bob answered before he gestured towards the group. "It was for their convenience."

"Say Bob," Kallen inquired as she cracked her knuckles. "Do these spirits feel any pain?" Suzaku involuntarily shivered from the tone in her voice, coupled from the memory of when he tried to interrogate her through Refrain.

Bob then turned towards Clovis' spirit and simply stated. "You may wanna run right about now. Pretty sure she still remembers what you did at Shinjuku."

"Eep!" Clovis squeaked as he used his arms as shields. "Not the face!"

Cornelia then stepped in front of Kallen before she can advance any further. "I will not allow you to deliver any harm more harm unto him! Clovis may be an idiot, but he's still family!"

"Thank you Cornel- Wait….."

"Well that 'idiot' ordered the Shinjuku Massacre!" Kallen countered. "Besides, he's already dead, what else can I do with him?"

"Oh, which reminds me!" Clovis' spirit then turned towards male Mao's spirit. "Mao, I need to warn you that-" Suddenly, Mao was tackled to the ground a good distance away from the female C.C. by the very angry spirit of one Shirley Fenette. "…I ran into Ms. Fenette on my way here…"

"SHIRLEY?!" Kallen, Milly, Rivals, and even Nina exclaimed as Shirley's spirit placed the head of the spirit of male Mao into a headlock which appeared to be very painful to the latter.

"C.C.! Help me! " Mao pleaded.

"Do you think that you can manipulate me like that and get away with it?!" Shirley spat in rage.

"Oh dear, not again…" The group then turned towards the sudden arrival of Euphemia's spirit as she floated towards Shirley's spirit. "Honestly, Ms. Fenette, do you truly wish to spend your eternity in such a fashion?"

"EUPHY?!" Both Cornelia and Suzaku exclaimed, almost in union.

"Cornelia? Suzaku? Oh it's so wonderful to meet-"

"HELP!" The spirit of male Mao exclaimed in great duress.

"Oh, um… if you would pardon me for but a moment?" Euphemia's spirit then floated to free the spirit of male Mao from the vengeful grasp of Shirley's spirit.

"I think I can see what Hell's like." Gino commented, to which Gilford and Jerimiah nodded in agreement.

"Quite the gathering we're having for what's supposed to be a personal affair." The male C.C. commented. "And it's still growing"

"Well in a universe this small and a World of C this boring as of late, gossip just spread like wildfire I guess." The female C.C. shrugged.

"Knowing Sam, it'll be up its alley." The male C.C. commented.

"Someone call me?" Another being suddenly appeared in the guise of a young woman in a shin-length pink dress and red bolero jacket. The being's locks of light brown hair were tied in a thick plait with a large ribbon and within the being's hand were staves.

"Would they stop appearing out of thin air like that?!" Gino complained.

"Well I can come in differently if you'd like. Let's try it again." The being then disappeared for but a moment and then reentered the World of C as if one opened a door. "Someone call me?"

"That's even weirder…" Tamaki noted.

"Oh! I got it! Come in like a game show contestant!" Bob suggested.

"Ooh! I like how you think Bob!" The being disappeared again, but this time the group found themselves in what appeared as a studio set for some game show.

"Sam, come on down!" Bob announced as a spot light illuminated the being, now known as Sam, jumped up happily and waved as it dashed down the stairs while an unseen audience are in applause.

"I can believe I'm saying this, but I need a hard drink." Ohgi noted to his wife as the World of C returned to its normal, surreal self.

"So why are you here Sam?" The male C.C. inquired as female Mao teased the spirit of male Mao who hid behind female C.C.

"Bob invited me." Sam answered.

"And the look?"

"Oh this? Well I was trying to go with grizzled mage like Gandalf or Merlin but this is all they had so I ran with it."

"Ugh, that can't be a good sign." Bob noted.

"So then, where's Leche?" Sam inquired. "That's why we're all here, right?"

"He's hiding behind that pillar over there for some time now." Bob gestured towards the aforementioned pillar as Lelouchia mentally cursed the being. "Come on Lulu, you don't have to be shy!"

Lelouchia cursed his luck. He was under the impression that it would only be Nunnally that he would meet in his World of C, perhaps Sayako and Suzaku as well at most but not this many people. Not when his body is in such a feminine condition.

"Big Brother… Is that really you?" Nunnally pleaded.

"Yes- Um.. Yes, It's me Nunnally." Lelouchia replied in as deep a voice as he could manage, and noticeably failed in such an endeavor.

"Is it me, or is Lelouch's voice different than normal?" Rivalz asked his fellow members of the Ashford Student Council both present and former.

"Why won't you come out?" Nunnally asked once again.

"It's um… I'm in a rather compromising position and it would be ill advised for you to see me as I am right this moment." Lelouchia answered as he attempted to keep the truth hidden in the unfortunately thin column.

"That's one way of saying it." The male C.C. commented which made female Mao giggle in turn.

"Whatever it is, Big Brother, it doesn't matter. I'll love you all the same." Tears then began to build in Nunnally's eyes. "I missed you so much…"

"I love you too Nunnally, it's just that it's difficult to explain- Stupid wind!" Lelouchia silently cursed as he attempted to keep his long locks of hair from flying past the column due to the wind that suddenly picked up at that moment in time.

Bob, meanwhile, gestured a podium to rise from the ground and turned to the two immortals. "It's those three buttons if either one of you want's the honor."

The male C.C. then turned towards his female version. "Would you like to? I'm sure you want to tease him more."

"My pleasure." The female C.C. smirked mischievously as she operated the console that caused the pillar that Lelouchia hid behind to recede back into the floor and caused the group to gasped.

Noting that he no longer hid behind a column, he turned towards the group and saw that it was the female C.C. who revealed him. "YOU…!"

"Eden Vital!" Cornelia exclaimed. "It's like…"

"Lady Marianne?" Jerimiah inquired in shock.

"Dude looks like a lady." Sam joked which earned the being a high five from its counterpart.

"Lelouch?!" Clovis, Euphemia, and Shirley exclaimed in great surprise and shock.

"Everyone, meet Lelouchia! Lelouchia, you've already met them." The male C.C. introduced.

"You're not helping!" Lelouchia growled.

"Whoh! Lelouch looked a whole lot better than the Cross Dressing festival!" Rivalz noted.

"Yes, and all of my self-confidence as a girl is gone completely to 'Luluko's' breathtaking appearance." Milly agreed.

"Why the hell are we having gender bent- Wait, what's this about a Cross Dressing Festival…?" Tamaki interrupted himself as former members of the Order of the Black Knights turned towards the Ashford group before they looked back to Lelouchia with a disturbed look in their eyes. Lelouchia, in return, glared back at them with much fury and murder within his eyes.

"I think I'm gonna need a very cold shower after this." Gino noted.

"You'll need more than just one." Anya commented as she took a picture of Lelouchia who was less than thrilled by the action.

"Well this is just getting interesting by the moment!" Lloyd declared much to Lelouchia's chagrin. "Though I can't help but notice a common thread between the doublegangers."

"Besides the fact that they're of an opposite gender?" Rakshata inquired in a tone that greatly annoyed the eccentric earl of a scientist.

"Then would that mean that this other world they're from is actually…" Cécile began to theorize.

"Not everyone." Bob answered. "But a very good chunk of said population."

"So no worries of a female version of Charles zi Britannia." Sam then added. "Though Rob wasn't as lucky."

"Yeah, you gotta feel sorry for the deus." Bob commented just before Xingke coughed up blood and collapsed to his knees.

"Xingke! Are you alright?!" Lihua asked in a horrified voice.

"That….that image alone nearly killed me." Xingke replied after he cleaned the blood from his mouth. "I doubt that I would have survived if I had seen that sight of the former emperor of Britannia."

"Don't." Lelouchia turned towards the two deus.

"What? It would have been funny!" Bob pouted.

"And it's not like we can't bring him back to life in the World of C." Sam added.

"'Don't' What?" The spirit of Clovis inquired.

"Show you all one Caroline zi Britannia like how we're showing you all the female version of you." Suddenly an image of a female version of Clovis la Britannia appeared. "One Carla la Britannia."

"I would have been THAT gaudy as a girl?!" Clovis' spirit exclaimed while the rest of the group were perplexed to the reaction.

"I don't get it…." Tamaki noted.

"I'm not seeing a difference either." Ohgi agreed.

"For you two," Sam began as the image was replaced by the female versions of both Tamaki and Ohgi. "Meet Kaname Ohgi and Shininchiko Tamaki."

"What the hell?!" Tamaki exclaimed. "How am I the ugly broad and Ohgi here is halfway decent?"

"You're complaining about who's girl version is prettier?" Villetta inquired with an eyebrow raised.

"Good point."

"One Vivien Nu as well." Bob added as well with the image shifted to a male version of Villetta.

"Why 'Vivian'?" Ohgi asked.

"It's actually quite a gender neutral name." Sam answered.

"I'm almost afraid to see what the rest of the Royal Family would be like." Rivalz leaned in and whispered to Nina who nodded.

"Ask and ye shalt receive!" Bob announced to the group's horror as the image then shifted to that of the alternate gender versions of Odysseus eu Britannia, Guinevere su Britannia, Schneizel el Britannia, Cornelia li Britannia, Euphemia li Britannia, and Carine ne Britannia. "Olivia eu Britannia, Gaillard du Britannia, Schwanhild el Britannia, Cornelius li Britannia, Euphemius li Britannia, Kieran ne Britannia." Bob introduced in turn. "There'd be more, but the author didn't want to go any further and create new names for each of Chuck's 108 plus kids."

"The lazy bum." Bob added with its arms crossed across its chest.

Would you two stop breaking the forth wall? I'm warning you both.

"Sorry." The two dei apologized.

"AH! A female Schneizel! Can't unsee!" Gino whined.

"Logically there would be a female version of Suzaku, correct?" Euphemia's ghost inquired.

"Euphie!" Suzaku exclaimed.

"Suzume Kururugi to be exact." Sam added and the image shifted to the gender bent version of one Suzaku Kururugi.

"Heh, she doesn't look at all different than when Suzaku was in that Sailor Suit during that Cross Dressing Festival." Kallen noted.

"What have you been doing at that school anyway?!" Chiba inquired in surprise.

"Some secrets should stay uncovered." Tohdoh advised.

"And you don't look too bad as a boy either." Bob then revealed the image of a male version of Kallen. "Kallen Statfelt, meet Kevin Statfelt."

"She prefers Kozuki, remember." Sam reminded.

"Oh….. I knew that."

"You dressed as a girl?" Euphemia's ghost inquired Suzaku.

"It's a long story…" Suzaku rubbed the back of his head.

"And he acted like a girl pretty good as well." Shirley's ghost added to which the spirit of Eumphemia gasped in revelation.

"Please stop…."

"No, go on Shirley." Lelouchia egged on. "It's about time someone else suffered from that day." The ghost of Shirley, meanwhile, was conflicted. On one hand, she was getting praised by Lelouch or rather Lelouchia. On the other, she unintentionally embarrassed Suzaku.

"Wait, no alternate version of either Nagisa or Kyoshiro?" Tamaki blurted out.

"There are."Sam answered as the image then included the alter gender versions of both Chiba and Tohdoh. "One Chiba Nagisa and one Kyōshiko Tohdoh."

"Now I'm getting a little worried." Gino leaned over to his fellow knights who nodded in agreement.

"Don't count yourselves out too early." Bob then shifted the image to the female versions of Gino, Jerimiah and Gilbert. "Especially since all three of you have female forms of Gina Weinberg, Gilberte G.P. Guilford, and Jeremia Gottwald on the other side."

"You and your big mouth." Gilbert nearly growled at Gino.

"Sorry." Gino apologized.

"Kind of makes you wonder what else has changed, huh?" Milly inquired of the members of her Ashford Student Council both current and former.

"Please don't…" Rivalz begged.

"Introducing Millard Ashford, Riva Cardemonde, and Norbert Einstein." Sam then reshaped the image to the altered gender versions of Milly, Rivalz, and Nina.

"I- Really don't look half bad." Rivalz noted and would have stared at his female version for hours on end if it weren't for the fact that he knew that she was actually him in another life.

"Well I look just as good, boy or girl." Milly smirked as she did more masculine poses.

"So if Kallen is Kevin in this other world, then would Naota-" Tamaki began to ask.

"Naomi Kozuki." Bob answered as the image was once more reshaped, this time to the female form of one Naota Kozuki.

"Yeah, definitely gonna need a cold shower after this." Tamaki groaned.

"Likewise." Ohgi shivered in disturbance, though the words earned him an elbow jab from his wife.

"You two are enjoying this, aren't you?" Lelouchia inquired the two dei though not in great seriousness.

"Guilty!" Sam answered.

"It's just too fun watching their faces and how they react like that!" Bob agreed.

"Is gender the only thing that has changed or are there any more?" Nunnally inquired, despite protests from the rest of the group in ill-need to view any more uneasy imagery.

"If you mean relationship-wise, then no it's more or less the same." Bob answered.

"In what way?" Euphemia's ghost wondered.

"Well I'm glad you're the one who asked Euphie." Bob answered. "For example, you and Suzaku here or in the case may be Euphemius and Suzume, met after Zero's introduction and subsequent Trial for Regicide, knighted the later and eventually entered into a relationship."

"Relationship?!" Cornelia nearly exploded when she rapidly faced Suzaku.

"I-It's not what you think!" Suzaku nervously defended.

"Though there is one noticeable difference." Sam interjected. "When Euphemius died, his legacy still lives through Suzume."

"What do you mean by that?" Cornelia inquired.

"Allow me to introduce one Suzume Kugurugi: Pregger's Edition!" Bob then revealed the image of Suzume Kugurugi who was obviously great with child.

Almost immediately, Cornelia tackled Suzaku to the ground. "You bedded Euphemia?!" She growled with animalistic fury as her fingers dug into Suzaku's neck.

"Cornelia, don't!" The spirit of Euphemia called out to her sister. "We were never intimate like that!"

"She's right. Nothing that significant ever happened between them." Bob agreed. "The less can be said of Euphemius and Suzume."

"Talk about double standards." Sam tsk-ed. "Here, those two kept it rather clean. Over there however, it's all nookie between the prince and his knight. Not only that, but all that monkey business had resulted in a bastard kid with a dead father due to Zero."

"Don't you mean 'would have resulted in a bastard kid with a dead father due to Zero'?" Bob inquired.

"No, I mean that it had resulted in a bastard kid with a dead father due to Zero." Sam answered.

"Well that can't be right. That would mean that Lelouchia here would have done the same mistakes as he had as Lelouch over here. I mean he carried all his memories from his old life to his new one so it doesn't make sense."

"No she doesn't." Sam answered. "In fact, Lelouchia acted the same way as Lelouch had in his first romp as Zero. Obsessing with finding her mother's assassin and all."

"But the Lelouchia here already knows that."

"Well C.C. here has been giving me updates on Lelouchia's actions and they've been the same as your Lelouch."

"But they haven't." The male C.C. interrupted. "In fact, I haven't been able to contact you since I made the contract with Lelouchia."

"Really? That seems kinda odd… You would have at least left a message or something if there was something wrong." Sam then thought. "Come to think of it, I really should do a text message or voicemail analogue to the World of C. Been meaning to do that for a while now…."

"Actually the more important question is what deus did I dump Lelouchia on?" Bob inquired out loud.

"That would be ME, Shamus!" Another deus appeared, but this time held the form of a young girl several years Nunnally and Anya's junior with locks of short black hair. The deus' attire consists of a large witch's hat, a pink top and matching corset, a pink cloak with a yellow ribbon bow tie, checkered pleated short skirt, bright pall yellow over-the-knee socks and brown shoes that makes one invoke images of magical girls. The imagery is completed with a magic wand that was topped with a stylized star.

"Where did you come from?" Sam asked.

"I'm your divergent you, Sam." Shamus answered. "Did none of you remember that if one alters the past of one universe no matter the time period, a new universe based off that initial divergence and new timeline is then created?!"

"You mean the Quantum Multiverse Theory to the conservation of Causality in time travel?" Nina asked as she realized what Shaemus meant from those words.


The two dei, Bob and Sam, stood there in silence as they pondered in what some would interpret divine philosophy and dogma that could radically change the viewpoint of any mortal being. "Oh yeah….!" The two dei realized.

Just before Saemus began to beat them almost comically with its wand. "OW! STOP! UNCLE! UNCLE!" They pleaded but the torment continued.

I gotta apologize. I had imagined this scene far differently and arguably much better than what is presented here. Unfortunately there are some translation issues from mind to hand and from hand to pen and paper or to be exact hand to keyboard. The end result is a read that probably isn't as enjoyable as my earlier entry.

But that doesn't mean that none of you could write the scene better in your respective interpretation of this rather bonker brain fart of mine. Go on, I'm sure it'll be worlds better than what's presented here.

I hope.

Oh! And before I forget, an internet cookie for anyone who can correctly guess the references mentioned in this entry.