Hey! This is kinda sorta not exactly a rewrite of The New Kid. Well, it has the same main character. Enjoy!

Fury looked at the girl in the holding cell. She seemed young and harmless, but Fury knew her appearance was a lie. Well, the young part was true. That was part of the reason she couldn't stay here. Everyone underestimated her, which is how she'd almost escaped. He needed somewhere to keep her. It had to have top security and competent guards. Preferably high off the ground. Someplace like…

"So let's get this straight. You want me to keep some random kid prisoner in the tower because your guards fell for her puppy-dog eyes." Tony said, looking the girl over. She was about 5'2", pale, with long golden brown hair, angular features, and different colored eyes, one gold and one silver. The kid was also snickering at his comment. Tony took this as a good sign.

"Pretty much. You and the team are my best option at the moment."

Stark thought for a moment, then nodded. "Sure, might as well."

The team was having lunch when Tony walked in with their new… guest. He explained the situation while the girl stood by the door. Everyone looked her over, then the silence was broken.

"I believe introductions are in order. I'm Steve Rogers."

"Clint Barton." the archer called from across the table.

"Natasha Romanov."

"I am Thor Odinson of Asgard."

"Tony Stark, the awesome one." This statement was answered with a kiwi to the forehead via Clint. "Hey!"

"Hi, I'm Bruce Banner."

"And you are?" Clint asked, earning a smack from Natasha. "Nat, that hurt!"

"I'm Emma."

"Just Emma?"

"Yes Mr. Stark, just Emma." She seemed a bit weary, as if this was a common discussion.

"Yikes, Mr. Stark makes me sound old. Just Tony. Actually, first names all around."

SInce no one else seemed to mind, Emma just nodded.

"Since we're done with that, let's get back to lunch. I'm starving. Tony took back his seat and dug in. Emma stood uncertainly until Bruce got up and walked over.

"Come on, I'll show you where everything is." She followed him as he showed her everything she'd need. When they got to plates, Emma reached up to grab one, revealing a thick metal cuff on her wrist. It had chafed her wrist pretty badly.

"What's that?" Bruce's question happened to be during a lull in the conversation around the table, so Emma became the center of attention.

The girl scowled. "It's a suppressor." The two scientists' eyes widened, but everyone else was confused. "It mutes my abilities. Most commonly used on mutants, but it works on me too."

Thor grimaced. He knew the feeling. Clint and Natasha's faces were blank, which proved they were upset. Bruce and Tony looked outraged, while Steve just seemed shocked.

"That's barbaric! Don't they know-"

"The varied nasty side effects?" Emma cut Bruce off. "Of course. They just don't care. Or think I deserve it." Her tone clearly stated she agreed with the latter. She put down her plate. "I'm not hungry." With that, Emma left the room.

Bruce grabbed an apple and a first aid kit. "I'll go fix up her wrist."

He found Emma on the roof. She was staring into space, which is why she didn't notice him until he spoke.

"Just because your parents abused you doesn't give everyone else the right to." Emma jumped and spun to face the doctor. "One abusee to another."

Emma sighed. "That obvious?"

"Only to me." Bruce handed her the apple and took her chafed wrist. "Wanna talk about it?"

"Sure, I'll talk to someone I hardly know about my twisted past. No details though." At Bruce's nod, the girl continued. "The first thing I really remember is getting adopted at age 9. My records say I was found passed out in an alley. My new family was pretty cool. An overprotective older brother to play videogames with, a younger sister who quickly became my best friend, and two great parents, though a bit strict and conservative. Life was good, until weird stuff started happening around me.

"I healed unusually fast, knew things I couldn't possibly know, and sometimes things floated. Like I said, the parents were conservative. Anti-mutant, anti-gay, the works. They thought they could beat my powers out of me.

"I've always been smart though. I pretended it was working, and trained myself behind their backs. As I gained control, things happened less around them. I figured out the extent of my abilities. I had weak telekinesis, the ability to read and manipulate minds and I healed twice as fast as a normal day I let my guard down and they caught me practicing. The beatings started back worse than ever. This went on for years, then some stuff went down and they're all dead but my brother, who's near the end of his tour in the Marines. And I spent my fifteenth birthday in a SHIELD cell, more human than I'd been in years.

"My mind alteration didn't just affect others. I kept myself together, dampened the pain, locked up my emotions. Now I'm raw, exposed. Grieving and angry and confused, sitting on a roof opening up to someone I met half an hour ago!" Emma was crying, tears streaming down her face. Bruce, who had finished her wrist ages ago, pulled the girl into a hug. She held him tight and sobbed into his shirt.

And so they sat for hours.

When they went down, the Avengers were sitting down to dinner. It was Steve's night to cook, and they had spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread. No one mentioned the fact that Emma's eyes were still a bit puffy and bloodshot. She repeated everything she'd told Bruce except her parent's abuse and her own mixed emotions. In turn, she learned everyone else's backstory. Then the conversation was all light and meaningless until her head hit the table. Steve carried her to her new room and tucked her in.

"It's odd." Steve said to the other five. "She's here as a prisoner, but she's already like a kid sister."

"Her attachment to Brucie Bear is interesting."Tony said, sipping at a coffee.

Bruce smiled. "We found some common ground. I think you two will get along, she's pretty smart. She could probably keep up with you."

"Hmm… we'll see."