I thought I'd go ahead and update again while I was on. Again, not very long. Most of this chapter is just Emma thinking about what's been happening, so you can skim this one. I'll have the basic plot points at the bottom.

I changed a couple things from chapter 1 that were bugging me. First, I specifically limited telekinesis to being weak. Second, I took out her being a genius. She was too much like a Mary Sue for my liking, so I'm hoping to make that better.

The next day was team training, so the Avengers went to the gym for hand-to-hand. Again, the team wasn't quite sure what to do about Emma. It was agreed that she should learn to defend herself, but she was still injured in multiple ways. In the end, she went with Bruce to his floor.

"I can't really participate in training without risking the Other Guy coming out, so I usually take the time to read. They're all on one floor keeping each other busy, so it's quiet." Emma nodded, settling into one of Bruce's armchairs. What she'd seen of his floor was simple. Calming earth tones, enough furniture for everything needed, but not enough to make it seem crowded. Like the other floors, the ceilings were a bit higher than average.

Bruce sat in another armchair and grabbed a book off the coffee table in front of it. "There's a bookshelf in the corner, you can help yourself to anything that looks interesting."

"Thanks." Bruce smiled in response, then pushed his glasses up and started reading. Emma stayed where she was, taking the first good opportunity to think since arriving. As she'd learned from having her powers suppressed, she couldn't just depend on her mental manipulation to keep her emotions in check. Her powers were useful, but not incredibly strong. She would slip eventually, and then she'd have to deal with it all at once. Better to take breaks to handle things.

Gradually, she relaxed her hold on herself. The pain from her injuries sharpened, and she gave herself some time to breathe and adjust. Then it was time to work through events.

She was living with the Avengers. Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That was pretty awesome.

She'd behaved somewhat embarrassingly during her first impression. Said a few things she shouldn't have. Not great, but manageable. It didn't seem to affect the way she was treated too much.

Spilling to Bruce. Unplanned, but understandable. He'd approached her too, so not uninvited.

The food fight had been unexpected, but fun. She wondered how often the team the country depended on indulged in such childish things. Did they ever get called out in the middle? That'd be a sight, Steve directing a battle with scrambled eggs in his hair.

Then there was the punching bag incident. She had things like that sometimes, incidents over traumas she didn't remember. She was glad Steve had gotten there before she'd done herself any more damage. The Avengers seemed pretty understanding, which had been a pleasant change from the usual.

Shopping with Natasha had been long, but not bad. Natasha had mostly let her choose anything she wanted. She'd suggested things a few times, but never forced Emma to get anything. She paid with an account Tony had set up and had the bags sent back to the tower.

Seeing people talk back to Fury had been wonderful, along with the acknowledgment that Fury had nothing on her. Again, she'd said something she shouldn't have, but it hadn't come up yet.

Removing the suppressor had been wonderful and horrible all at once. The feeling of having her powers back, along with the unfiltered thoughts of everyone in range. She'd doubled over, making Tony think her arm was much worse than it actually was. Then there'd been the flood of worried heroes, which would keep being weird for a while. This place had more worried adults than she ever remembered having in one place.

Then, of course, there was her uncontrolled powers giving the team her nightmares. Terribly embarrassing, bad for everyone involved, and something that would probably come back to bite her. It revealed the worried adults again as well.

That pretty much brought her up to the present. All big events accounted for since her arrival. Of course, there were some past issues, but Emma thought she'd done enough introspection for the day. Now that she thought about it, it might be a good time to practice controlling her powers.

Plot from this chapter: Emma and Bruce go to his floor while the team goes to spar. Bruce reads, Emma thinks about the stuff that's happened since she got here, then she decides she should practice controlling her powers.