this is my first christmas story and I shall enjoy it so much I got the idea from when me and my friend where playing a game about a year or two ago so enjoy or be trystriked P.S. a trystrike dealing a right roundhouse kick to someone in the crotch, then throwing a left hook at their head and finally spinning and elbowing their ribs

It was christmas eve and everyone was excited for the big day especially the watterson family.

"hey boys I invited some of your friends round so they could celebrate christmas with us" nicole ,the mother of the family, informed her young sons "who did you invite?" Darwin asked "carrie, penny and bobert. oh and by the way Tobias asked to come but I said no because A: I know you two do not like him and B: I knew he just wanted to come because he wanted to get with penny and pull the old trick with the mistle toe that self proclaimed jocks pulled on me when I was your age but instead of a kiss I gave them the broken toe toe trick"nicole replied and Gumball and Darwin couldn't help but laugh at the pun that was probably true.

"I hope I get the limited addition daisy the reindeer" anais hopefully said "I'm not sure you've been good enough " Nicole teased " I have been a good I promise" anais, now scared, frantically said making Nicole chuckle " I hope I get the complete series DVD of La Casa De Las Lagrima then all I'll need is a machine that magically makes food and I can sit on the couch for the rest of my life!"Richard exclaimed. Then Gumball made hand signals roughly translating to ' dad is bonkers' but Nicole saw this and made hand signals translating to ' Don't insult your father or you won't get any presents' but Anais broke the silence saying "actually Santa decides whether someone gets present or not by seeing how much % they are good the current year and how much % they have been bad the current year so-"" DON'T GET TECHNICAL WITH ME YOU YOUNG LADY!" Nicole yelled.

*ding dong*

"I'll get it" Nicole said " hello Mrs watterson" penny said "oh hello penny please come in"nicole greeted "h-h-ey penny" gumball said literally with love hearts for pupils "hi gumball" penny greeted back "I'm here" carrie said "actually, you're outside our house" darwin pointed out to which carrie groaned and teleported inside the house "I have arrived" bobert said making everyone jump "how did you get in here" nicole asked visably confused "well the door was open so I let myself in" everyone stared at nicole who smiled nervously smiled because she knew she was the last to open the door.

"so do you have any board games?" penny asked braking the silence "well lets see we've got soundereka,widdlytonks,womopoly,chess,bloodo,breakationary, and dino chase." nicole answered knowing all the board games they had off by heart " hey car you wanna play chess?"darwin asked "sure and don't call me car" carrie answered " so gumball anais you want to play bloodo?"penny asked "sure" anais and gumball said at the same time "JINX!" gumball yelled not missing an opportunity to silence his sister "anais anais anais" penny said smirking "PENNY!" gumball said "I would also like to join in on this 'bloodo'"bobert said the last part being in penny's voice. Nicole chuckled because she knew that gumball had a crush on penny since it was so obvious and she knew that darwin had a crush on carrie even though ,unlike his brother, he hid it very well since she could literally smell how her kids felt about other people somehow.

so how was it? sorry there wasn't much of the storyline involved but it will be good so yeah don't dis this is my first christmas story so hope you liked it