bada bing bada bam chapter two my party peoples oh and I would like some of you to give me q's and d's for my interview of tawog

P.S. in most of my stories elmore is in britain cause that's where I live

tobias' POV

I was so getting revenge on the wattersons for not letting me sleepover. I was armed with a baseball bat and a brick.I went up to the door to open it but it was locked,dang nabbit.I mean who locks their house these days? Oh wait I could break it down,when I got in it was dark but I could make out a large fat figure. that must be theirdad and I crept up on him, and beat the snot out of him!literally afterwards their was a pile of snot but when I turned the lights on it wasn't their dad... I JUST BEAT UP SANTA!

cliffhanger yeah sorry for the short cha- JUST KIDDING YOU JUST GOT TROLLLED BY TRY STRIKE! so just scroll down a little and you'll get to the rest

normal POV

when gumball,darwin,carrie,penny, anais and bobert came down after they heard noise they saw santa beat up and bruised on the floor and tobias nervously laughing. "why you little b-"gumball got his mouth covered by penny who pointed at anais."CHEESE IT IT'S THE FUZZ!"tobias yelled about to run away. "FREEZE!"darwin yelled when bobert blasted frost at tobias freezing him."he didn't lliterally mean freeze"carrie corrected bobert "correction acknowledged" bobert said launching fire at tobias knocking him out "guys forget tobias for now lets see if santa is oh I don't know...STILL ALIVE!"anais said yelling the last part "yo santa you alright?"gumball said, suddenly santa jumped up in a german attire "yodalay yodel yodel yodel yodalay yodalahehehe"santa yodeld.

"aw come on on christmas eve night tobis beats the snot out santa and now he's yodeling like a german guy!"carrie yelled "what is going on here!" nicole yelled coming down the stairs with richard "well Mrs watterson tobias beat up santa and bobert beat up tobias with a freeze ray and a flamethrower and now santa is yodeling."penny explained. suddenly when everyone looked at santa he was dressed as a karate sensai "who has the guts to face...新生尼古拉斯(sensai nicholas)"santa said as he went to rapidly punch nicole but she blocked every attack.

"alright so here's the plan me,mom and dad will guard santa so he doesn't break the house while gumball,darwin,carrie,penny and bobert go deliver the presents, understood?" "YES MAM"everyone said.

"hey guys I found the sleigh"darwin yelled "all right bobert by any chance can you turn into rockets and attach yourself to the sleigh?" carrie asked "affirmative" bobert answered as he did the latter "okay so the plan is darwin will help blitzen pull the sleigh while bobert will attach himself to both of you with rockets so you go faster gumball will get the correct presents and give them to carrie who will phase through the walls to deliver the presents while I will drive the sleigh because I've done this with regular reindeer and it can't be that get into your positions on blitzen on da-" "wait how am I supposed to fly?"darwin askedn"I found the dust that permanently gives the reindeer the ability to fly"penny answered as she blew the dust onto Darwin "now where was I...oh yeah on blitzen on darwin on bobert." and as she said that darwin and prancer began to fly! and bobert sped things up with a rockets. beware what you are about to see is a christmas song montage showing music while darwin,blitzen and bobert pulling the sleigh,penny piloting the sleigh,gumball getting the presents out of the bag and giving them to carrie who phases through walls delivering presents

jingle bells,jingle bells,jingle all the way oh what fun it is to run on a-

suddenly a Quetzalcoatlus (Look it up) attacks them making it head straight for the ground!

alright so this is seriously the end of the chapter