New York: A Memory Lost and Returned

Author's Note: I don't own Once Upon A Time, that should be clear to everyone. The winter finale really crushed my heart so I had to write something. As always comments are welcome, so comment. Tell me what you think, even criticism is allowed.

A week had passed since Emma had told Captain Hook that he didn't want to see him again. Right now it wasn't easy being a captain and trying to reverse memory loss but he still had to try. Hook had one last trick up his sleeve though. This was a risky move that he was planning. It was risky because he was doing this in the dead of night, in New York City, with speeding cars with drivers who couldn't care less if he lived or died in this attempt. Hook had to try though, recreating the night of his car accident might be the way to jog Emma's memory. Telling her he knew of her past hadn't work, neither did convincing her that her current memories were false, and that kiss he forced on her ended disastrously. This recreation might be his last hope and he hoped it worked.

A little past nine at night was when he set his plan into motion. Hook rang up the apartment landlord where Emma and Henry lived. He buzzed and buzzed for that man before he finally showed up in the small lobby to visit him. The landlord as an elderly, stubborn man and wanted to get Hook away from the building as soon as possible.

"Your tenet Emma Swan, make sure she comes to her window in five minutes."

"Why," the landlord said.

"Nevermind the reason mate. Just make sure she looks out of that window," Hook pointed to Emma's window overlooking the street, "In five minutes."

"If I do that will you leave?"


"Alright," and so the man went back inside and told Emma what to do. In that time Hook walked around the short corner. He took a deep breath and prayed to the gods that this would work. Then he walked back to the apartment and swan Emma looking down at him. She looked impatient and that she wanted to get this over with. Hook put on a good act and shouted for Emma to hear him over the busy night sounds of New York.

"Alright Swan, you win!" Hook said. "I'll leave you and the boy alone."

"What's all this about now?" Emma replied.


Hook turned on his heels, looked both ways across the street(to try and appear like he was being cautious) and stepped off the curb into the road without a care. Car horns blared at him and other cars the opposite way swerved to miss him. One driver however, in a black beat up car, it was a volvo, could not stop and slammed right into the pirate. And just like a year before Hook hit the hood of the car, rolled onto the roof and fell off into the street.

He groaned in pain, cars screeched to a stop, and from her appartment Emma gasped. Not just because that this man was hit by a car but that every single forgotten memory came flooding back. The first memory was of Charming fighting guards to put her in the magical wardrobe. Then it was of Pinnochio bringing her to the orphanage. Next of going with Henry to Storybrooke, breaking the curse, getting sent to the Enchanted Forest(the first time), saving Henry from Neverland. Every memory came back and it didn't stop until her mind got to the part where Regina stopped the curse and Emma and Henry lost their memories.

"Mom, what going on?" Henry asked as he came up behind her.

"Nothing. I'll be right back. Someone got hit by a car."

"Are they alright?"

"I don't know. Stay here."


And so Emma rushed downstairs and into the chilly night air. Once she got to Hook she fell on her knees and asked him if he was alright.

"I'm fine love," Hook said wincing in pain.

"Really?" Emma responded sarcastically. She quoted what she said to him last time this happened, "You're awfully chipper for someone who just got hit by a car."

Hook grabs his sides, he might have broken his ribs again.

"That must be why it hurts when I laugh...So Beautiful, is there a hospital around here somewhere?"

"Of course."

Emma waves over the driver who had hit Hook only moments before. She asked the man if he had a cell phone on him. He said he did and handed it to Emma so she could call an ambulance to pick up Hook. Then she called Henry and told him she was taking Hook(the supposed stranger) to the hospital. "Don't go anywhere or open the door for anyone," she added. Emma hands the phone back to the driver.

"He's not going to press charges on me is he? I don't need a bad mark on my driving record."

"Don't worry mate," Hook says through clenched teeth, "I won't, and not just because I don't know what you mean by charges."

"...Uhhh, he's new here. He's an old friend. A method actor," Emma lied.

"Whatever lady. Now if you don't mind I have to be heading home."

"Go ahead. The paramedics should be here any moment."

The man gets back to the car and leaves.

"Do you want to try that kiss again Swan?"

"Not until you tell me what you're doing here. What's going on?"

"Your parents are in trouble. The enchanted forest's in trouble. We need you and the lad to help us."

"Is that all?" Emma seemed a little hurt as she said that.

"Not really."

Hook took his good hand and placed it on her cheek. He gives Emma a sweet, loving smile and Emma returns the favor. She holds his hand there for a moment with her own and then leans down and plants a sweet, short kiss on his pretty lips.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that. For you to remember. To taste your lips on mine," he said.

Ambulance sirens start to sound. The emergency vehicle is coming closer and paramedic rush out of the vehicle, pull out the stretcher and lift Hook onto it. One of the paramedics ask if Emma is going to ride with them, she responds with a yes. "Then get in then." In the ambulance Emma hold Hook's hand along the way to the hospital.

"So it everything else working fine? Are there other attachments to me helping you?"

"Only if you want there to be," Hook smiles, "How's the lad?"

"Adjusting. Middle school aren't the best times for a kid, neither is being twelve," Emma chuckles. She pauses, "Oh god. How is Henry going to believe all this."

"Don't worry. I have something at the bed and breakfast that might help him remember as well."

Soon they arrive at the emergency room of the hospital. Paramedics rush him inside and tell the nearest doctor what had happened. The doctor told Emma and Hook that he had definitely had a few broken ribs. He went into surgery, it was a pretty minor one to realign the broken bones so they could heal properly, then they wrapped his chest in medical tape so he could in fact heal. When the nurses wheel him into a private room the doctor followed. The doctor then told Emma that Hook was under heavy anesthesia.

"He should wake up in a few hours but we'll keep him here overnight for observation. He'll be discharged in the morning.'"

. "Thank you doctor. Just let me say goodbye before I go back to my son for the night."

So the doctor left the room and closed the door to give the two of them some privacy. Emma pulls her hair over her right shoulder and holds it in a ponytail with her hand. For the second time that night she leans in close to him and kisses him before saying goodbye. She then leaves the room, tells the doctor she's going, and hails a cab to head back home to Henry.

At the apartment she knocked on the door. It was only slightly pass ten so Henry should still be up. Finally Henry opens the door and lets his mother in. He hugs Emma and asks what had happened. She messes up her son's hair, puts an arm around him and says that she'll tell him in the morning.

"Right now let's go to bed." She leads him to his room, kisses him goodnight and says, "I love you Henry."

"I love you too mom."

Very early the next morning the two of them have breakfast together. They have cold cereal and Emma had hers with a cup of coffee. Henry asks what happened last night.

"Like I said, a man got run over and e single memory that I had repressed came back in one big rush," Emma took a sip of her coffee, Henry took a sip of hot cocoa.

"So now what happens?"

"Well his name is Killian and he'll probably will stay with us until he gets back on his feet."

"How come I don't remember him?"

"You will," she smiles, "But now its time you head off to school. You don't want to miss the bus, do you?"

"Okay," he says as he gets up. Henry gives his mom a peck on the cheek, grabs his jacket and backpack, and heads out the door. However not before telling his mom that he loves her.

An hour passed before Emma left for the hospital. She wore a white tank top that was only slightly see-through, her red leather jacket, jeans, and brown boots. Then she got into her yellow volkswagon beetle and headed for the hospital.

Once inside she was directed to wear Hook had stayed for the night. He was on the forth floor, fifth door to the right. At the nurse's station on the floor she tells the head nurse there that she is there to see Hook. Actually she said, "I'm here to see Killian." Emma was used to calling him by his nickname but anyone in this world wouldn't believe that he was Captain Hook.("Maybe I've seen too many episodes of House MD," she thought). Anyway the nurse led Emma to Hook's room, knocked on the door, and let Emma enter the room. The nurse gave them some privacy and Emma walked over to Hook's bed and sat on the edge of it.

"So, you never did tell me what happened with your Hook."

Hook was a little groggy but in his sight Emma was as clear as day. Although he did see five of her. He told her his hook was back in the enchanted forest.

"Your father didn't think it would be a good idea waving my hook around in this land. Might scare people. Where's the boy?"

"At school. So are you ready to out of this place?"

"How about you just break me out now, like old times."

"I would but getting arrested isn't exactly an option." Emma said, "Lets get you out of that hospital gown and-"

Hook got cheeky and interrupted.

"I didn't know you were that eager Swan. Having fun in this room could be interesting."

"-And get you into your regular clothes so we can leave."

"Tell me Swan, how good do I have to be in order to see you on your back?"

Emma chuckles, "We'll see after you tell me what danger my parents are in."

Finally Hook is ready and s discharged so the two of them could leave the hospital. Hook was still in pain and had to use Emma as support to keep his balance. As the make it to the parking lot Emma unlocks the car and Hook gets into the passenger's seat. Emma gets into the driver's seat and they head back to the apartment but first they make a stop at the bed and breakfast Hook had stayed previously. He limped inside grabbed what he needed and checked out. Back in the car Emma asked what he had.

"Henry's old book. Somehow the blue fairy was able to recreate the book. There's new stories though."

"What stories have been added?"

"For example, our trip to Neverland and your unfinished story."


"Have I ever lied to you Emma?"

"No, and besides Henry you're the only one to ever find me."

"I will always find you."

"You sound like Mary Margret and David," Emma said as she parallel parked in the only space in front of the apartment building.

"Not my choice of words lass. I've always preferred 'as you wish' Charming though wanted me to say that to you at least once."

Once in the apartment though Hook sits at the kitchen table while Emma makes herself a cup of coffee.

"After all even when Storybrooke existed yous still never got the chance to try coffee. Do they even have coffee in the enchanted forest. I never got the chance to ask the first time."

"Hmmmm. Its not going to be like rum. Is it?"

"Not unless I put some in it." Emma pours herself and Hook a cup of coffee, "Do you want to try it black or with creamer?"

"Well I'm dressed in all black, might as well try my first coffee like that."

So Emma hands Hook his cup of coffee before grabbing hers and sitting across from him. Hook gets a disgusted look on his face and sticks out his tongue. Black coffee wasn't what he expected, "too bitter," he said. Emma took a few gulps from her cup and hands for Hook to try.

"Better," he says before he downs it all.

"So what danger are my parents in," Emma says as she takes both cups to the sink and dumps the black coffee down the drain.

"Ever hear of the Wicked Witch of the West?"

Emma eye grow larger, "...She's there? What's going on there?"

"Well for starters whatever story you've heard of her doesn't do her justice. Secondly, she placed a new curse on the land destroying it bit by bit. Not even Regina has the power to confront her."

"What else?"

"Wicked killed the Good witch of the North, the Wizard, and her own sister. The Wicked Witch of the East. So just controlling her part of the land isn't enough."

"You're the savior. My job so fr was to find you, revive your memories, and bring you back. I don't know once you, me, and Henry get there."

"How's Henry going to believe this? He gets back from school at three."

"Hopefully the new book that the blue fairy made will jog his memory."

"And if it doesn't?"

"Then he'll believe you. No matter what you tell him." Hook grabs Emma's arm as she gets up once more, "Now how about we have some fun before the work begins."

"And how about we wait until the danger has passed." she leans in to whisper in his ear, "It'll be worth it. Until then you can use you imagination."

"I don't have one," he smiles. His face is only centimeters away from hers. He closes the distance between them and kisses her. Emma places her hand on his shoulders and a knee resting on his lap placing her weight on that knee. For a few minutes they make out feverishly until they have to pull apart to catch their breaths. Hook pants, same with Emma.

"That was..."

"Not a one time thing." Emma finished for him.

She glanced at the clock, Henry would be home in only a couple of hours.

"So, I've heard good things about this television thing," Hook says, "What is it?"

"Moving pictures on a large screen," Emma says flatly, "Although inaccurate the movie Snow White is a good movie."

Those few hours pass quickly and soon Henry is knocking on the apartment door to be let inside. Before answering the door Emma grabs the story book to give to Henry. When he comes in and gets handed the book he asks what its for.

"It's something special. We should sit down our friend, has something to tell us." Emma leads Henry over to the sofa across from the television set, "How was school?"

"Fine. Does this have anything to do with the man you sad got run over last night?" Henry asks.

"Yes, he's waiting in the living room."

Henry sits down on the sofa, Emma sits besides him, and Hook kneels down so that he is at Henry's eye level.

"Who are you?"

"Kilian Jones, lad. You might want to flip through that book to get more information."

And so Henry did. He stopped at a few pages. The first one was of Emma as a baby wrapped up in a blanket with her name stitched on the side. He flipped through more pages, getting the occasional 'knowing' look in his eyes whenever he saw a picture of Snow White and Prince Charming. He didn't stop turning pages until he got to the Neverland story, where he saw a manipulate Peter Pan with Felix.

"Peter—Peter Pan." Henry whispered, "You guys saved me."

The next page he turned to showed Emma and Hook kissing in the Neverland jungle but Henry kept turning page after page repeatedly until he realized that this current tale wasn't finished.

"What's going on? I thought my mom got rid of the curse."

"That's what's wrong. As soon as we all went home there was a new threat."


"The Wicked Witch of the West, Henry." Emma solemnly said, "She's out of control. Mary Margret and David need. Everyone in the enchanted forest does."

"Good. Good. How do we get there?"

Hook got off of his knees and reached into the inside pocket of his leather coat. He pulled out a scroll.

"Regina sent me here via a portal. She said when I find you to give you this scroll. That you'll know how to make it work."

"To make a portal? It's been a year though since I've done any magic. I don't know if there's any in me anymore."

"I've never known you to fail lass."

"Besides, I believe in you," Henry says wit a child like innocent smile.

"Right. Give me that thing."

She unrolled the scroll. The power inside of it was too strong at first and like with Regina the year before, Emma fainted. Thankfully she was on the sofa and snapped out of it quickly. She told them that she knew what to do, so she concentrated and gathered every ounce of belief in herself in order to get the magic flowing in her veins again.

"Hand me anything. A mirror. Something."

Hook walked over into the hallway and grabbed the mirror hanging on the wall.

"Place it on the floor."

And so he did and with the magic flowing through her vein to to her fingertips, Emma cast a spell on the mirror. The magic the came out of her bright pink in color. Pink smoke clouded over the mirror. The smoke swirled and swirled like creamer dissolving in a hot cup of coffee. Soon the smoke grew out of control and escaped the mirror glass. The smoke swirled around the room until a portal began to open and once it did they knew they had to jump through it.

"Never doubted you a moment Swan."

"Good." Emma took Henry's hand in her own, "On the count of three we jump in."

"One..." Henry said.

"Two..." said Hook next.

"Three!" Emma shouted and the three of them jumped in. As soon as they did though and disappeared into the portal, the smoke dissipated completely and they left their New York lives behind.