Sorry for my bad English.

Hope you like it.

Italic is Alicia

Bold is Will

Can you feel it?

I feel you buried on my skin,

Running in my veins along with my blood,

And no, I can't have you away,

Because it would be the death of me,

I can't love you,

But I can't hate you,

I can't have you,

But I can't stop wanting you,

I'm sorry my head is a mess,

It's your fault… As much as it is mine.

Don't end up hating me

More then you already do,

Don't end up forgetting me,

I'll never forget you,

I wish it could be different,

I wish it could have been us,

It would be natural,

It wouldn't hurt,

But it wouldn't be romantic too,

Not that I care, I just… Can't stop loving you.

The love, the hate, the pain and the rest of my faith,

You're my mind all the time,

I can see your eyes,

I try to reach your lips,

I can hear you cry,

But all I wanted was a kiss,

You broke me,

And I wanted to break you,

I need to get out of my system, out of my mind, out of my veins,

But it seems that your love hold me back like chains,

I'm broken hearted and you know,

Because you have with you all the pieces of my soul,

I wish I could hate you enough, I wish I could hurt you enough,

I just can't,

You're too much,

And you always gonna be too much,

It's everything or nothing,

Let me love you,

Let me show you how I am,

Let me give you another life,

Let me kiss away all the pain,

Tell me that all these years weren't in vain.

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