Konbanwa! Sapphire Nightshade here! Okay, it is not normal for me to post during Finals week. This was just an idea that came to mind that I wanted to write down before forgetting about it. Because of that, I have no idea when I'll be updating or how long the chapters will be. Also, I haven't written, or even considered writing, a fanfic with Shinrei Tantei/Psychic Detective Yakumo in it before, so forgive me for any out of character-ness, on both sides of the crossover.

Anyway, on to the story . . .


Shinichi sighed. Although the Black Organization still had yet to be taken down, Haibara had managed to find the antidote to apotoxin 4869 somehow. Conan had just taken it moments ago and was now back to normal in his house. He would visit Ran soon enough, but now that he knew that he wouldn't revert back to Conan in a few hours, he decided to get a good night's sleep. It was nearly 1 in the morning now and Shinichi didn't want to be exhausted when he saw Ran again.

He sighed as he opened the door to his room, eyes drooping from sleepiness. Suddenly, there was a sound behind him not unlike footsteps and he whirled around. However, just before he could see who it was, he yelled as he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and collapsed. His vision was blurred as he wavered on his knees and fell all the way onto the floor. Then everything went black.

P.S. The chapters will probably never be this short.

Ja ne!