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New friends and school

In an airship 300ft in the air stood four warriors; they were looking out of the airship window, down at the city. Far above the hustle and bustle of the chaotic tranquility of Vale, you could see a tall mountain with a large lake and waterfall descending from the heavens. On the peak stood a rather extravagant looking castle, this castle is the school the warriors will be attending for the next 4 years, the prestigious Beacon Academy, birthplace to many legendary warriors.

Ladon tilted his head to the side, his lavender hair swaying as he did, "Hey girls?" his rather weak, serious tone, garnering the attention of three girls who have stood by him all his life. They looked towards him in uncertainty, not used to his voice being so soft, and eyed him.

He wore hooded white and grey form fitting trench coat: there is a thick rope-like trim replacing what would normally be a zipper; same trim on his hood. A small winged dust encrusted brooch holding it together, covering his torso, opening just above his waist, and flairing outwards just above his ankles.

Several silver buttons, four on opposite sides, in a total of eight, and below the buttons are several strange symbols that pulse a light grey at random intervals. Near the end of the coat it splits slightly between the symbols and the unmarred parts of the coat-with a pocket on each side.

Underneath his coat are moisture absorbent wraps covering his chest and right arm like a mummy and his weapon, Python, lay hidden; the only thing revealing the existence of his weapon on his persona is a long thin piece of linen peeking just below his coat.

His left sleeve is fully armored from his shoulder–silver medieval knight gauntlet- down to his finger tips, a pair of dark grey cargo pants with ash grey leather straps wrapped around the right leg, and a pair of silver metallic dress boots connected to silver greeves.

They moved from their linear position to circle him and gave him a slow, unsure, "Yeah?" the girl's uncertainty was as plain as day. Gaia, the one closest to him could tell he was forcing a front to hide his uneasiness of the matter.

Gaia is seventeen years old, at a height of 5'6, and a pale complexion. Atop her head, is a pair of furry cat ears that stuck out in her long silver hair, accentuated by green streaks that cascade down her curvy, yet athletic body, ending just above her thighs; it gave her an ethereal beauty.

She wears a collared white jacket that ends on her ribs and shows off her midriff: it has various buttons along the bottom, on her breast, and silver cufflinks. There are various designs of green ancient symbols stretching from her shoulder to her elbow and another symbol next to the breast button, on both sides.

The jacket opens up and reveals a woman's black Amazonian warrior vest, same size as her jacket. There are various designs in silver. Even further beneath is a thin, dark green, long sleeve tank-top cutting beneath her vest; the corners of the top hang low out of the vest and past her waist. The end of the sleeves hang out of the jacket and flair out over the top of her glove covered right hand, same color as her top.

The glove on her right arm is held down by two silver buckles; ending just above her forearm under the jacket sleeve: the glove on her left arm, unlike her right, the sleeve does not flair, but is tucked into the glove with the jacket accompanying it.

A brown belt, with a reminiscent of tree roots, and a green buckle looking like a tree, held up skintight jeans tucked into black dominatrix boots; they had several straps and laces that ended just above her calf.

He tried staying serious, but noticed they were uncomfortable with it and began relaxing himself, "We need start planning how our team will meet up."

Gaia was the first to speak up, "What do you mean? We're here together." She asked a bit bewildered and she wasn't the only one confused.

"Yeah, what do you mean, we're all here right, right?! Is someone missing did we leave someone?!" Nymph asked, frantically looking for the unknown missing person.

Nymph is sixteen years old, the youngest of the quartet, with height of 5'4 and a pale complexion. She has a petite, but muscular body frame. Her aquamarine pigtails swishing just above her ankles, held up by purple diamond shaped hair bands that seemingly defy gravity, and aquamarine rabbit ears that matched her eyes. Her eyes are a deep and vibrant aquamarine.

She wore a black undershirt with an aquamarine leather vest with a pocket on each breast. Her undershirt ended just above the waist and the vest ended just above her belly button. Silver pauldrons now rested upon her shoulders, her right pauldron had an intricate fairy design. Her wrists were covered by steel bracers- that also held her symbol of a fairy- but her hands were bare.

Her waist was covered by a small pleated skirt made from Nevermore feathers that ended on the middle of her thighs, the feathers traveled on the side and to the back, just under that were Aquamarine hot pants and Black heeled stiletto combat boots with aquamarine accents on them.

"Nymph, Nymph! We're all here!" Odissia yelled, well as much as her lazy drawl would let her, grabbing Nymph on the shoulders and started shaking her in an attempt to grab her attention until Odissia noticed the swirls in her eyes.

Her hair extended towards the icy steel of the VTOL, pink fading into dark purple, and her bangs extending outwards, and brushing towards the right, over amethyst eyes. Purple streaks riddled her pink and absurdly long hair with black Neko ears protruding.

Her entire body is covered by a black carbon fiber skin suit with dark purple stripes running between her breast, following her cleavage down, over her belly button, and her crotch leading back up her spine and connecting at her neck with a buckle-clip thingy. Two strips broke off from the spine wrapping around her ribcage and over her breast.

Kevlar covered the top of her hands and forearms, more Kevlar covered her sides and the bottom of back, protecting her kidneys. Arrow like Kevlar patterns splitting down the middle splitting the arrow into half arrows. A long strip of Kevlar extended from her knee, widening at the ankle and covering the upper area of her foot another layer extending it and another extending towards the tip of her foot. Several other strips littered around her legs, more specifically her calves and thighs.

Her long, sleek, and black katanas rested on her back in an "L"; one hanging from her shoulder and the other clipped onto her waist; they oozed with a pink energy and a purple mist flowing around it.

"Oops." her lackadaisical nature ruined by her awkward laughing with Nymph mumbling something about fairies dancing around stealing her muffins.

Everyone in the airship looked at the two oddly before going back to their own cliques… except a red and yellow duo who seemed to be knee deep in their own conversation of equal or greater comedic proportions.

The group sweat dropped at this, deciding to move conversation away from the crazed duo, ", not what I meant..."

"What did you mean then?" Nymph stood there as if she wasn't freaking out a minute ago while Odissia rested her lazy visage on Ladon. He stood there, confused, still not used to their erratic personalities; Ladon shook his head trying to get rid of the mysteries he calls 'sisters' while Gaia stood off to the side trying to stifle her laughter.

He sighed, but continued, he swore his sisters could be total geniuses at one moment and the next moment like… whatever that is. "I mean if it's anything like the rumors we heard then they'll test us to decide who's in whose team." He clarified.

Their mouths made an 'O' shape realizing their mistake.

"Oh... that, don't worry it, we'll think of something, we always do." Gaia said with an assuring smile before it turned sly.

"Y-yeah I guess that's t-true..." Ladon responded, a little on edge by her smile and then like dominos the others smiled in the same manner.

"Of course it's true unless..." She paused and put on a face of mock surprise, "Unless our fearless leader is afraid of losing our amazing company." she pushed her assets together with her arms, smiling coyly.

"Oh! Are you going to miss being surrounded by us?" Nymph gained a devious smile as the girls mimicked her actions and surrounded him.

Ladon began backing up, uncomfortable with the current situation.

"Ugh." Odissia grunted in annoyance.

Ladon deciding it's time to leave spun around, but was too late as the girls, except for Odissia, already closed in on him.

"Ack! O-okay that's a bit too cl-ose, I-I ca-an't breathe!" he shouted as he was suffocated, but eventually able to shove the girls off him and stumble out of the choke hold they had him in. He then stumbled into a much smaller girl that made them fall on their butts.

"Owie..." a cute high pitched female voice made itself known as she rubbed her butt in a daze trying to figure out how a wall knocked her over. Ladon was doing the same.

"Aww...damn, what was that?" he said, rubbing the pained area on his chest. The girls then rushed to his side; whilst the same happened to the other girl he knocked over.

"Ruby, are you okay!?" A mature female voice broke through the haze. She turned to see who ran in to her sister, but could not make out who it was because some girls were fussing, blocking him from view, turned back to Ruby since she couldn't get a view of the guy.

"Hey Ladon/bro, you okay?" The girls questioned him in unison, while Ladon shook off the haze, reassuring the girls he was fine and it was just a fall, I mean they've been through worse, much worse…

"Ladies, Ladies! I'm fine: You three are overreacting." He said, rubbing his temples as an exasperated sigh left his lips. It was pointless to worry they were trained for extremely dangerous situations. If you can't handle something so menial then you shouldn't be here, it's that simple, period. Gaia, Odissia, and Nymph obviously did not share the same sentiment and gained tick marks as their worries were thrown to the side as if they were nothing.

"Well...excuse us for worrying about our teammate." The Shadow Assassin was not amused at all by his disregard for his own safety.

"Our friend!"

"Our family." Nymph said softly while looking down, Gaia doing the same, and Odissia looked off to the side.

He sighed, "Look at me..." they kept their away from, "I said look at me." He said a bit more forceful. The three of them looked at him, leveling their eyes with his. He realized that they were still having trouble coping.

He sighed again, "I know you three mean well, but I just fell, nothing more, nothing less." his gaze soft.

He can't blame them, the last time he said something wasn't such a big deal, well… it's best not to think about it; these days he still feels the phantom pains. He subconsciously ran his hand across his chest. Ever since his incident they would overreact to every little injury or accident. They would have to learn to get over it. Especially with the line of work they've chosen; Huntsman and Huntresses. There is danger in every corner and more than likely they will be injured a few more times as they rise through the ranks.

"We know but..." Ladon interrupted Nymph "No buts, we are warriors injury and incident will be a common thing in our line of work, it's fine to worry but acting hysterical when I or anyone gets hurt can and will get us killed, got it." He demanded, a cold chill slipping into his words.

They shuddered at his tone and nodded in understanding of the possible consequences of their actions.

"Good, I expect immediate control on the battlefield. Other than that, take your time, we have four years." He said. All sense of iciness leaving his tone with a nonchalant wave of his hand and a smile.

He turned and sauntered towards the duo, "Now let's see how the other two are doing, okay?" The girls nodded and smiled simultaneously saying "Okay!" with an extra pep in there voice...or as much pep as they can muster, especially, in Odissia's case. Ladon shook his head and continued walking.

With Ruby & Yang

"Yes, Yang I'm fine." Ruby told Yang resting her hand on Yang's in a comforting manner.

She nodded her head, "Okay." Yang turned her head with her eyes flickering red for a moment; ready to give the bastard who knocked over her sister a piece of her mind.

Although, that turned out be a pointless notion when she turned around and met the placating image of the lavender eyed, six foot hunter.

"I came to apologize to Red over there." He said in a placating fashion with his hands up and in front of him while looking around Yang and waving one of his hand towards Ruby.

"So if you'll please excuse me..." he let it hang there for a moment.

She soon realized he wanted her name. "Yang, Yang Xiao Long." She said scratching the back of her head with a smile that just screamed awkward.

He smiled and said "Yang, I'm Ladon, Ladon Lavender Ryu, pleasure to meet you, now if you please excuse me. I would like to apologize to her." He pointed to Ruby; she nodded with a smile and moved to the side, but never taking her eyes off him.

He walked over to the still down Ruby and offered his hand. Ruby saw it not really thinking and grabbed it, surprised by how soft Yang's gloves felt. "Thanks Yang." She said, shaking her head as she was being pulled up.

"Well, you're welcome, but I'm not Yang, I'm Ladon Lavender Ryu." He said with a smirk as he saw her jump back a bit with wide eyes. "I am so sorry! I thought you were my sister and so… I... Uh..." Ruby stumbled with her words, while Ladon kept his smirk, Yang was laughing at Ruby's unfortunate plight, while the girls from Ladon's group giggled at the scene. Ruby continued to glow red and stumble even more over her words.

"Whoa Red relax, you don't need to explain yourself I should have introduced myself before helping you up." He said with a smile as Ruby finally looked up at him straight into his lavender eyes, but immediately looked down after they made contact with a very prominent blush on her cheeks.

She just hoped that no one saw her blush right now, but as luck would have it all the girls saw it. Ladon was the only one who didn't see it. Ruby took a moment to compose. She was happy that the guy was a patient person. Finally, getting her act together, she looked up at Ladon successfully fighting down another blush.

"Sorry about that." Ruby said a bit nervously hoping he didn't see the blush and to her luck he didn't or he just ignored it. Ladon rolled his eyes at her apology and was about to tell her to stop saying sorry so much, but decided to forgo that and ask for a name, he can't keep calling her red.

"Anyway, what is your name?" He asked.

"Oops! I'm sorry! My name is Ruby Rose. It's a pleasure to meet you." He looked back to where Yang and the others were standing and remembered he didn't introduce everyone. So he waved the three over.

"Gaia, Nymph and Odissia this is..." letting it hang there.

"I'm Yang Xiao Long!" She said with an excited wave of her hand.

"Yang, this is Gaia, Nymph, and Odissia." He said as he pointed to each one as they shook hands.

"And this is..." He said just trailing off waiting for Ruby to speak up.

"Hi... I'm Ruby Rose." She said fiddling with her sleeve and looking down with a nervous smile making it across her face. She was uncomfortable meeting so many people in one day.

Gaia walked up first to introduce herself, "Gaia Sozo, a pleasure to meet you." She said shaking hands with Ruby and gave her a wink. Ruby, of course, was unsure of what to make of that little gesture till it hit her and her face flushed. Gaia just giggled and walked away leaving a very red Ruby.

Nymph walked up next, "Hiya! I'm Natalie Nymph, but just call me Nymph!" She said hugging Ruby and whispering something unheard in her ear. Ruby's face turned as red as her namesake. Nymph childishly giggled at her as she wandered back to her older sisters.

Ladon just raised an eyebrow when Ruby's face began glowing red, wondering what happen until he thought better of it and figured if it has something to do with Nymph—it's best not knowing.

Odissia sauntered up to Ruby. She raised her hand for a shake, but Odissia just brushed it off and introduced herself, "Desiree Odissia, but everyone just calls me Dessie or Dissia." she continued sauntering around Ruby. Her eyes roamed up, down, and around her small stature taking in all her angles before settling in front of Ruby. Light Blue eyes met Silver, neither one looking away.

Ruby's hand hung limply, so she slowly put it down, never breaking eye contact. Ruby felt like she has been standing there for an eternity. She felt antsy, shuffling her feet, opening her mouth to ask Odissia something, but was stopped midway by Odissia.

"Hmm...okay." Odissia stated and walked back to the others, Ruby was confused by this, but wasn't able say anything as a disembodied voice stopped her. A video projection whirred to life as everyone in the airship turned towards the projection.

"The robbery was led by the nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the Vale Police Department, back to you Lisa." The voice ended the projection now showing a woman with lavender hair named Lisa Lavender.

The group stared at Ladon with questioning gazes, "What?" they pointed to the person on the projection. He looked towards the woman, "No relation, just coincidence that we have the same name and hair." He states. Their vision lingered a moment before shrugging and going back to the anchorwoman who was about to begin.

"Thank you, Cyril, in other news, Saturday's Faunas civil rights protest turned dark. When members of the White Fang..." Ladon, Gaia, Nymph, and Odissia flinched at the name, their ears flattening in shame. "...disrupted the ceremony; the once peaceful organi-" The Anchorwoman was cut off to show the image of a blonde woman with a purple cape.

"Hello and welcome to Beacon..."

Yang spoke up confused, "Who's that?" before anyone could respond the projection continued.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch."

Yang spoke up again, "Oh".

The projection continued, "You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected in this prestigious academy, our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace and as future Huntsman and Huntresses it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated courage needed for such a task and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge, power, and training to protect our world." She finished and faded.

"She sounds like she has her panties in a bunch..." Ladon whispered to Ruby who was right next to him and she giggled.

"Check it out!" some no name shouted while pointing out the airship window. Ruby chose this moment to move towards the airship window and gazed out to the city below with Yang following closely behind Ladon's group just a bit away from the sister duo.

"Woah..." Ruby said with an awe filled voice, that seemed to fit since no one else could think of anything better to say as they looked out the window.

Gaia walked towards the duo, "The view from the sky is amazing; no matter how many times I see it." She said with a reminiscent smile as her gaze never left the window.

"Yeah, ever since her first Airship trip she has been in love with it." Odissia informed and sauntered over continuing her thought, "If you were to go in to Gaia's room at home you'll see the pictures she has taken from all over Remnant on her walls and laptop."

Yang nodded, "How many times have you been on an airship?" She asked, this being her and Ruby's first time on an airship.

Gaia chuckled, "About as many times if you were to measure the size of your breast in centimeters." Ruby was flushing red at the implication and the girls were laughing up a storm while Ladon just shook his head with a smile.

"Wow, really that many times?" Gaia nodded in confirmation as Yang just responded not at all bothered by the fact that Gaia was indirectly checking out her chest.

Nymph decided to chip in, "What is the size of those, D-cups?" Nymph asked as she rushed over and started looking at Yang's breast, "A high D cup, almost a DD cup, they stopped growing before they could get that big." Yang said saddened by this fact as she pouted. Not the slightest bit embarrassed that they were talking about her breast or the fact that everyone was staring at them. Everyone continued to laugh, while Ruby flushed a deeper shade.

"You're lucky! I'm stuck with B cups!" Nymph said crossing her arms and pouting while glaring at Yang's chest with envy as everyone started laughing harder at Nymph's attempt of a pout and glare combo which only accomplished making her look more adorable then mad. Ladon couldn't take it anymore and started to lean on Odissia for support since he was having trouble standing on his own. Odissia let a tiny curl of her lip show, but nothing more. Gaia was fairing no better as she leaned against the wall for support.

"Not as lucky as you think, your shoulders get stiff all too often because of the weight and size. Anyway, don't worry you still got two more years before they stop growing." Gaia nodded agreeing that she has the same problem, while Yang assured Nymph. Rolling her shoulders to get the stiffness out, proving her point.

Odissia spoke up, "I don't know how you keep your boobs so perky with your size Yang."

Odissia started poking the side of Yang's boobs, still surprised at how firm, yet perky, her breasts are while Yang shrugged, "It's a blessing."

Once again the group began to laugh excluding Odissia of course. Ruby turned as red as her namesake and shouted "C-can w-we g-get back t-to our original t-topic now!?" covering her chest insecurely because of her chest having the smallest size.

Ladon, finally contributing to the conversation, witnessing Ruby's reaction, "She's right we should change topic because it looks like Ruby is starting to get very uncomfortable and insecure about herself since hers are the smallest." Ruby nodded not realizing that Ladon had to look at her chest to come to that conclusion.

Yang just raised a delicate brow while crossing her arms and teasingly asked, "How would you know? Were you looking at her chest?"

Ladon dead panned "You do realize what our previous conversation was about right? How could one not look at everyone's chest in the room with a topic like that? It's like psychology or something."

Yang laughed and said, "Oh, yeah." rubbing her head sheepishly. The entire time Ruby somehow did not realize they were talking about her chest or she did and decided to ignore it to save herself from the embarrassment. Ruby took this chance to steer the conversation back to their earlier topic.

"Anyways, how did you pay for all those airship rides?" Ruby asked curiously because that many times must of cost a fortune especially with four people.

Gaia walked up, "Ladon writes books on occasion and they usually bring in most of our income. Nymph helps at the local bakery in Vale, and I am a part time mechanic. We took up jobs to help out a little bit." Everyone nodded confirming their occupations.

Ruby's and Yang's eyes widened, "If you guys do all that than why become Huntsman and Huntresses?"

Ladon just shrugged as Ruby spoke up, "We needed money to pay for Beacon's expenses and to pay for things around our home in Vale."

Gaia nodded and jumped in, "The house we moved into required a bit of renovations to fit our own particular tastes and styles." she said, placing her hand on her chin... "I mean it came with a good set of furniture and the such, but it wasn't really our, "style", for the most part."

Then something struck Ruby, "Uh, what does Odissia do?" she asked.

Odissia looked at Ruby as her eyes began flickering around as if trying to avoid the question as her memory surfaced.


"Ms. Desiree, Ms. Desiree, can we go outside and play now!" a little kid with red hair and green eyes asked.

Ms. Desiree turned around and smiled; her was done up in a high ponytail, non-prescription purple frame glasses rested on her nose. She wore a pink blouse, black pants, and pink shoes with purple laces "We can go out as soon as everyone wakes up from their naps, okay?" her voice was sweet like cotton candy in his ears.

The boy beamed and started yipping around stirring the other from their hour nap, "Relax, Shade. The others are still wouldn't want someone waking you up, right?" she lightly admonished.

The boy now named, Shade, looked down, "Yes, Ms. Desiree, I'm sorry for making you angry."

She knelt down and lifted him by his chin, "I'm not angry, I am just reminding you, okay?" her voice was soft.

The boy looked up and gave her a smile as he hugged her. "I wish he was that behaved at home." Ms. Desiree looked up in surprise, but smiled just as quickly.

"I can't get him to listen for two seconds." The women had long flowing pink hair, teal eyes, A white top, and a blue skirt with black flats; a beige purse hanging on her arm. The little boy lit up and hugged his mom, a twinge of sadness flickered in Desiree's eyes before it disappeared.

Ms. Desiree giggled, "Yeah, he's a bit of a handful, but he's a good kid. He listens well when he wants to. Anyway, Mrs. Pierce, it's good seeing you."

Mrs. Pierce smiled, "Same to you, I am happy I found a place he actually likes being. You know, since his father passed away he's been having a rough time going places, but when I brought him to your daycare...he changed. He was happy and full of energy again." she laughed a bittersweet one.

The daycare teacher smiled, "Thank you for your kind words. I am happy I was able to do that for him and by proxy you."

She dismissed her thank you with a wave, "I should be thanking you. You know what he says every morning when it's time to get up?" Ms. Desiree shook her head.

She laughed jovially, "He says, "It's time to see the kind catgirl!" He absolutely adores you and this place." Ms. Desiree's eyes glistened as she smiled.

Mrs. Pierce looked at her watch, "Oh darn, we got to go. The store will be closing soon and I still need to buy dinner." she pulled out wallet and grabbed a few lien, "Here, consider this a big thank you for everything you done for me and my son." she pushed the stack into her hands.

Ms. Desiree hesitated, "Please, take it. You deserve this." she cupped Ms. Desiree's hand over the money and she gave in.

"Thank you, Mrs. Pierce." The lady just smiled and shook her head, "Thank you...come on honey time to go!" Shade followed his mother's call while waving bye to Desiree.

Flashback End

"I work with people..." she half-lied. She refused to admit to total strangers that she works with kids like she does; hobbies and careers stay separate. Plus, no one needs to know she has a soft side, she's an experienced assassin and if that ever leaked to her place of work the place would be shutdown for having a highly dangerous individual working with kids and she can't have that happen...ever.

The others staring at her with mirth dancing on their faces and before anyone could call her out on the bluff Ruby called out to everyone, "Look! You can see Signal from here!" awe once again filled her voice while Yang moved next to her and Ladon and the others moved closer as well.

Yang just put her arm around Ruby's shoulder as she just spoke only loud enough for Yang hear. "I guess home isn't too far after all."

"Beacon is our home now." Yang told her, Ruby turned towards her sister and smiled at her proclamation.

Ladon nodded barely catching the last part, he turned towards his sisters, "She's right you know." stopping for a second he looked each and every single one of them in the eye before continuing, "Our new life starts here." he and his sisters let a smile cross their faces as they accepted a new life, a new beginning with conviction shining brightly in their eyes.

"Erm-urgh!" A tall blonde ran past the group with both hands covering his mouth, Ladon and the girls tried to stifle a chuckle.

"I guess the view isn't for everyone." Yang stated with amusement evident in her voice. Everyone just watched him run to the nearest disposable.

"It was a nice moment while it lasted." Ruby said looking towards the bright side.

"I wonder who we're going to meet…" Yang and Nymph wondered out loud. They looked towards each other for a second before they ran at each other and yelled "Sisters!" with a hug. Everyone sweat dropped at the odd duo.

Ruby shook her head, "I just hope they're better then vomit-boy." She spoke with disgust in the word 'vomit'. They enjoyed a comfortable silence until... "Eww... Yang there's puke on your shoe!" Ruby yelled as the same blonde boy ran up to them with a rag and crouched, mumbling "Scrub, scrub scrub" This, of course, made everyone else laugh at the boy's plight, but Ruby didn't take too kind to his close proximity at the moment, "Ew, ew, ew, go away, go way!" She continued to shoo him as everyone continued laughing at the scene.

After the laughter died down and the moment blew over, Ladon walked towards the window next to Ruby as he peered out of it and noticed they were just reaching the sky over Signal, "Look, there is the courtyard, the forge, firing range, and my favorite... the cafeteria." He pointed to the last one eliciting and small giggle from Ruby.

"Oh! There is the lot where I trained with my Uncle while I attended Signal." Ruby pointed out.

'Her Uncle?' Ladon thought for a moment before shrugging and deciding not to dwell on it... for now. Ruby and Ladon continued to exchange small talk with exaggerated gestures and movements.

"Aww... My adorably awkward little sister is actually having a real conversation with someone! A cute someone if I might add." Yang exclaimed excitedly. She watched Ruby's exaggerated gestures explaining one of her recent training accidents.

The girls giggled every time one of them made a loud sound effect. Even though they were enjoying the scene they were surprised that Ladon was even enjoying himself with someone they barely met. Nymph decided to pop in with her finger on her chin, "They became fast friends, even when he took us in he didn't really talk to us the first few days..." She thought for a moment, "Unless he took us shopping or to make sure we didn't need anything." She scratched her head for a bit, "Yup, that's about it!" She said in her bubbly voice. Gaia and Odissia nodded, curious to the odd change in character.

"He seems to have loosened up a bit over the years we lived together." Gaia piped in. Yang raised her brow at the comments, to her he seemed like a real sociable person from their previous conversation.

"Really?" they nodded, "I would have never guessed he was anti-social." She said genuinely surprised.

"We'll he isn't exactly 'anti-social' he just doesn't like the ignorance of people and us being Faunus, we see them everywhere, but when he sees or can tell someone isn't as ignorant as they look he exchanges small talk with them. Although, those kinds of people are far and few in between... So he just seems anti-social." Odissia informed.

"Okay..." She said with a bit more understanding of Ladon's personality. She was lost in thought before Gaia spoke up this time breaking Yang from of her train of thought.

"They're so lost in their conversation that they don't seem know we're here anymore." She dead panned.

"Bam! I flew across the courtyard right into a thorn bush!" Ladon exclaimed, flailing his arms in imitation of an explosion, Ruby laughed at him, grabbing her tummy in pain.

"Were you hurt?" She spoke reigning in her laughter.

Ladon shook his head in a negative fashion, "Nope! A thorn bush is a lot softer then you would think!" He exclaimed as Ruby began to giggle again. The next hour consisted of mostly the same thing Ladon or Ruby would explain a story the other would just laugh at the others misfortune. The girls would be off to the side a bit having their own conversation while they would take an occasional glance over to the duo and giggle a bit before returning back the conversation.

That continued until they noticed they were at the school's docking bay. The duo didn't even notice they were last ones in the airship until Yang yelled at them from the bay door.

"Hurry up!"

The two were shaken out of their conversation, but not before wondering how they didn't notice they stopped and ran to catch up with Yang.

They caught up and were walking in a comfortable silence for a moment until Ladon asked a question that was bugging him.

"Where are the girls at?" He looked around trying to find them, but to no avail.

"They already left. They said..." trailing off, noticing he wasn't there anymore. Only leaving a dust trail in his space, "Where'd he go?"

Ruby giggled "He left to find his sisters." she informed in a simple tone.

"Oh" she shrugged, a sly smile creeping on to her face. Ruby noticed this and gulped knowing that, that smile was reserved for teasing her. Yang put her arm around Ruby pulling her close with that same mocking smile.

"So... Ladon." Yang stated in a teasing tone. Ruby knew what that meant but she didn't know what she was getting at she just knew that this was not going to be a fun walk. Ruby did the first thing that came to mind, gulp, and started playing with the hem of her combat skirt hoping she doesn't die of embarrassment. Yang smile grew even more tauntingly.


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