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Student Records

Team LGND (Legend)

Ladon Lavender Ryu- Fox/Dragon Faunus High-S Class (Among Beacon Students) Low-A Class (Outside of Beacon)

Age: 18

Height/Build: 6", Athletic build

Sex: Male

Eyes: Lavender

Orientation: Straight

Hair: Blood Red Hair w/ Lavender Streaks

Skin: Light Tan

Semblance: A unique bloodline limit which allows him control over all dust forms without the usage of weapon or ancient inlays. (Assuming he has injected himself with the element beforehand.) Unlike his dragon ancestors he is not born with every element in his system, he has to have an intimate understanding of the element before he can ever have real control over it. His body has a unique system that embeds the element into his DNA allowing him the ability to control and channel it without the need of a physical form of it, but as stated before he cannot fully control or channel to any degree without an intimate knowledge of its nature and plenty of practice.

So far he only has four elements (Movement, Ice, Wind, Fire.)

Weapon(s): A Sentient Blade he fondly calls Python. The weapon itself is based off an ancient creature and has the ability to produce its own toxins. The weapon itself is not something Ladon created, but found: his weapon is an artifact found in one of the many ruin remnants that have been lost to the sands of time.

Attire; A hooded white and grey form fitting trench coat: a thick rope-like trim replacing what would normally be a zipper; same trim on his hood. A small winged dust encrusted brooch holding it together, covering his torso, opening just above his waist, and flairing outwards just above his ankles.

Several silver buttons, four on opposite sides, in a total of eight, and below the buttons are several strange symbols that pulse a light grey at random intervals. Near the end of the coat it splits slightly between the symbols and the unmarred parts of the coat-with a pocket on each side.

Underneath his coat are moisture absorbent wraps covering his chest and right arm like a mummy.

The left sleeve is fully armored from his shoulder–silver medieval knight gauntlet- down to his finger tips, a pair of dark grey cargo pants with ash grey leather straps wrapped around the right leg, and a pair of silver metallic dress boots connected to silver greeves.

He is part of the Fifth Generation of the Oinari Darastrix bloodline. Ladon seeks redemption for his past sins as a part of the White Fang and his own shortsighted views.

Gaia Sozo- Cat/Fox/Dragon Faunus S Class, High-B borderline A Class

Age: 17

Height/Build: 5'6, Athletic, but curvy

Sex: Female

Eyes: Green

Orientation: Bisexual

Hair: Silver w/ Green Streaks

Skin: Pale

Semblance: Philosopher Stone- she has the ability to generate and manifest any inanimate object from nothing or from surrounding resources. (Assuming she has prior knowledge of its composition.) The difference between the creation techniques is that those created from purely nothing are not very durable and can be quite brittle, but from resources around her it can be as durable as diamond, assuming she compiled it appropriately. I guess another term would be Alchemy, but the rules to this that it must be created from something of equal or more matter. This is not the case with Gaia since she can create something from nothing, but her aura.

Weapons: Her semblance is her weapon, allowing her to materialize any weapon she wishes (Once again, assuming she has Prior knowledge of its composition): common weapons; Chakrams, Rifle, Single-edged katana, Magnums, and Dual Daggers.

Attire; A collared white jacket that ends at her ribs and shows off her midriff: it has various buttons along the bottom, on her breast, and silver cufflinks. There are various designs of green ancient symbols stretching from her shoulder to her elbow and another symbol next to the breast button, on both sides.

The jacket opens up and reveals a woman's black Amazonian warrior vest, same size as her jacket. There are various designs in silver. Even further beneath is a thin, dark green, long sleeve tank-top cutting beneath her vest; the corners of the top hang low out of the vest and past her waist. The end of the sleeves hang out of the jacket and flair out over the top of her gloved right hand, same color as her top.

The glove on her right arm is held down by two silver buckles; ending just above her forearm under the jacket sleeve: the glove on her left arm, unlike her right, the sleeve does not flair, but is tucked into the glove with the jacket accompanying it.

A brown belt, with a reminiscent of tree roots, and a green buckle looking like a tree, held up skintight jeans tucked into black dominatrix boots; they had several straps and laces that ended just above her calf.

She is Part of the 5th Generation of the Oinari Darastrix bloodline. Gaia seeks redemption as well, but not to the extent of Ladon, ever since they left the White Fang she has come to terms with her past, but struggles to completely forget the horrors she witnessed when her parents were tortured and killed in front of her and her weakness at the time.

Natalie Nymph- Rabbit/Fox/Dragon Faunus Low-S Class, High-B Class

Age: 16

Height/Build: 5'4, Petite, yet muscular

Sex: Female

Eyes: Aquamarine

Orientation: Straight

Hair: Aquamarine

Skin: Pale

Semblance; Maya's Gift- it's a combination of illusions and dream walking. Due to Nymph's ditzy like attitude this throws many people off-guard, but her name, semblance, and connection to Remnant itself is more than just a passing coincidence.

Weapons: A bow named Diane that transforms in to a pair of daggers she calls Rhoslyn and Rhoswen. Her weapon applies a number of passive effects and special techniques, just like Ladon, she did not create this weapon, but stumbled upon them in ancient ruins.

Her hair is done up in pigtails with small aquamarine fox ears that twitch at every little noise. Her eyes are deep and vibrant Aquamarine eyes with a faint glow.

Attire; a black undershirt with an aquamarine leather vest with a pocket on each breast, her undershirt ends just above the waist and the vest ends just above her belly button. Silver pauldrons rest upon her shoulders, her right pauldron has the same intricate fairy design as her bow and glowed aquamarine. Her wrists were covered by steel bracers that also held her symbol of a fairy, but with bare hands.

Her waist is adorned with small Nevermore feathers that traveled on the side and to the back on a pleated, under that are Aquamarine hot pants, and wears black heeled stiletto combat boots with aquamarine accents on them. She has two long aquamarine fox tails sprouting out from her lower posterior that sways playfully behind her.

Unlike the first two, she is part of the 6th generation of Oinari Darastrix bloodline. At first Nymph, may not seem like someone who has had a tragic past due to her optimistic and positive demeanor, but behind every smile there is always a story. Nymph's story is not one of happiness like her outward appearance would imply, but of tragic loss. So tragic in-fact that it has completely wiped or hazed out, most, if not all memories of her past before her union with Odissia. Nymph strives to remember her family and find them if possible.

Overtime, some of her memories returned, not completely, but enough to get an idea of what her family was like. Her main goal is to regain her lost memories regardless of what that may entail and possibly one day find her family.

Desiree Odissia- Neko/Fox/Dragon Mid-S Class, Low-A Class (Yes, Neko and Cat will have two different representations. This will be explained later.)

Age: 17

Height/Build: 5'7, Speed build, but still curvy.

Sex: Female

Eyes: Amethyst

Orientation: Lesbian

Hair: Pink

Skin: Pale

Semblance: Shadow Culling: her semblance of shadow manipulation and basically control over darkness is a Neko Demon bloodline limit, vastly different from their cat counterparts that deal in the art of Illusion and abilities over the mind, while Nekos deal more into the "Grimm" Arts or "Dark" Arts for a better representation. Her semblance and bloodline give her one passive ability of being able to wield Black Dust… it is only through the combination of her heritage and semblance that gives her the ability to control Black Dust, it is unique to her and only her.

Weapons: Twin desert eagles, Anshar (Sky Axle) and Kishar (Earth Mother Goddess). (Usually kept in Katana Form) These two weapons, despite being self-explanatory are very mysterious in their abilities that are granted to Odissia. In their ranged mode she is granted freedom and control over all powers at her arsenal, but when they transform to their melee forms: two gleaming blades with ominous auras, she no longer has a lazy and calm demeanor, but a bloodthirsty and corrupted aura. Her attacks turn vicious and calculating that grow stronger and quicker with each passing moment, but at the cost of the free rein of her arsenal, meaning, she is only allowed to use her control over shadows. Unlike the other three her, weapon transformations have physical and noticeable visual representations of their "influence" over her. Not much is known about her weapons as she has no memory of ever acquiring them or creating them.

Attire; Her entire body is covered by a black Carbon Fiber skin suit with dark purple stripes running between her breast, following her cleavage down, over her belly button, and her crotch leading back up her spine and connecting at her neck with a buckle-clip thingy. Two strips broke off from the spine wrapping around her ribcage and over her breast.

Kevlar covered the top of her hands and forearms, more Kevlar covered her sides and the bottom of back, protecting her kidneys. Arrow like Kevlar patterns splitting down the middle splitting the arrow into half arrows. A long strip of Kevlar extended from her knee, widening at the ankle and covering the upper area of her foot another layer extending it and another extending towards the tip of her foot. Several other strips littered around her legs, more specifically her calves and thighs.

Her long, sleek, and black katanas rested on her back in an "L"; one hanging from her shoulder and the other clipped onto her waist. They oozed with a pink energy and a purple mist flowing around it.

She also part of the 5th generation of the Oinari Darastrix Bloodline. Her past by far is the most unknown in the quartet: she has no memory before waking up in a random village, or what used to be a village. She woke up in a bush with only her name and her weapons sheathed in their holsters. Till this day, she has no idea what happen before that and strives to find the answers to not only what happen that day, but what is the presence that lingers within her weapons and why she cannot part with them.

Team ARTC (Artic)

Apollo Kenpeki Owl Faunus High-B Class, Low-B Class

Age: 17

Height/Build: 6'5" muscular build

Sex: Male

Eyes: Yellow

Orientation: Straight

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Skin: tan

Semblance: Adrenaline Boost- This allows him to endure more damage while only taking half the damage from any physical attack, it also briefly slows down time, actually, makes his mind process situations so much faster that it seems like time has slowed down, when in reality, he is just thinking at an exponentially quicker pace.

Weapons: Twin Hurricanes- Are a set of axes that can be dual wielded or easily thrown. The axes can be joined together to make a bow. The axes are capable of joining into a high caliber sniper rifle. The axes have another gun mechanism that allows the use of 9mm rounds with the added bonuses of throwing knives, vials of dust (for said weapons), base arrows and dust-infused arrows.

Apollo has a habit of antagonizing others due to his short temper that stemmed from his less than… happy childhood. Years of being on his own have made him independent and self-reliant, so much so, that he fell into a less than inviting lifestyle that while, seemed appropriate at the time, but eventually turned away from it and joined Beacon. But like all pasts, they have a way of catching up to you no matter where you go.

His hair is styled in a buzz cut, wears a medium shade of blue jeans with an azure marshmallow vest. Underneath the vest is a black long sleeved shirt: where the sleeve is clearly visible. He has light azure gloves that completely insulate his hands. He wears a silver necklace with an azure Fleur de Lis medallion. He wears azure wrist bands, should pads, shin guards, knee pads, and back plate. His chest has leather straps forming an X on his chest, but leaves this part of his body unprotected. The leather straps have various pouches for different objects that will be mentioned in the weapons section. He also has a white quiver on his back with azure trim.

Robin Daku- Human Low-A Class, Mid-B Class

Age: 17

Height/Build: 5'5, Athletic, Curvy build

Sex: Female

Eyes: Robin

Orientation: Straight

Hair: Robin

Skin: Pale

Semblance: Survival Instinct- ability meant for situational awareness in a casual or field setting. The ability acts as "sonar" immediately giving her a lay of the land and "highlights" useful objects pertaining to her current thought process or situation. It has the added effect of painting organs, critical, and lethal points on the body, due to this, she's gained an intimate knowledge of Grimm/Faunus/Human Anatomy. It's a split second scan used for immediate use in battle and to give her an edge against her opponent.

Weapon: A pen on her belt that transforms into a collapsible Naginata, she calls "Time Breaker" aptly named after her style of fighting and hyperactive movements. It breaks in the middle so it can be used as a close range weapon, and a metal pole for blocking. The bottom half, which becomes the pole, also has a hidden machine pistol in the hilt. The weapon is a silver color with orange accents running with the side to give it a technical look. (Note: It does function as a simple pen)

Is extremely hyperactive beyond normal circumstances, this grants her an extreme amount of speed and stamina. She is known to slowdown for shopping, but beyond that nothing else is known to slow her down. Robin was born in the forest of Vale, her parents retired from the life Huntsman/Huntresses after a grave injury on the Father's part. Before that incident she was looked over by her Grandfather when her parents were on missions. Soon after the injury she was trained at young age by her parents to be one as well, but this also had the adverse effect of making them overprotective knowing the lifestyle she was going into. After an incident with a pack of werewolves she was scouted by Goodwitch herself and allowed to attend Beacon after some heavy coaxing of her parents.

She has an athletic, curvy build and around a B cup. She wears a very tight, orange running jacket that shows off her figure. She has a black turtle neck athletic shirt under the running jacket. She wears black yoga pants that yet again show off her figure. She has a golden locket around her neck that has a picture of herself and her family in front of her old house to remind her to remember where she came from. She also wears three golden wrist bands that somehow don't touch her arms in anyway, on her right wrist. She wears a pair of orange running shoes to compliment the rest of her athletic outfit. She has a belt that is crookedly hung on her hips that only has one holder for what looks like a pen.

Thomas Fouxia- Human Low A-Class, Mid-B Class

Age: 17

Height/Build: 6"1, Speed Build (Skinny and Athletic)

Sex: Male

Eyes: Forest Green

Orientation: Straight

Hair: Forest Green

Skin: Albino

Semblance: Focused Momentum Burst- Self Explanatory, it allows him short quick burst of insane speeds allowing him to increase the movement of his weapon, quickly evade an attack, and or quickly initiate an attack.

Weapons: A Flail called "Shooting Star": a detachable moon star mace. To put simply, a spiky ball connected to a metal pole by chain. The Flail can be extended and detracted by his aura allowing him wide range of attack. The top part of the flail has several barrels protruding from it. They are capable of firing shotgun shells to increase its momentum and range, this perfectly complements his semblance and gives his weapon the name "Shooting Star".

He's known to be very isolated from the people surrounding him, not because he's socially awkward, but because he believes any and all conversation should only have purpose. If there is no purpose, then there is no communication. This has led to a series of problems, mostly from his brother Carson. Who adamantly and quite successfully, pushed him to play when they were younger and even trained. He eventually was coaxed into attending Beacon, while not expecting to gain entrance he was neutrally surprised that he was and attended.

He has spiked hair which doesn't match anything that he ever wears except for his eyes and his shoes. His eyes are small and the same color as his hair. He wears a fuchsia colored heavy jacket with fur on the inside of it, because he hates the cold and almost never goes out when it's below freezing. Assuming you ever see him without the jacket he has a burnt orange t-shirt underneath. He wears a heavy pair of fuchsia pants yet again so avoid the cold. He wears a forest green pair of high top shoes. Because of all the weight he has Tom refuses to wear any armor.

Carson Fouxia- Human Low-A Class, Mid-B Class

Age: 17

Height/Build: 6"1, Speed Build

Sex: Male

Eyes: Fuchsia

Orientation: Straight

Hair: Fuchsia

Skin: Pale

Semblance: Action Spark- Increases reflexes exponentially, but an added effect is the constant arcs of lightning emitting off his body, so upon impact with his body a burst of energy is released and staggers the opponent.

Weapons: A harmless looking green pitchfork called "Salem's Wrath". This basic looking weapon has four secrets. Each spear making up the trident contains a hidden weapon; 9mm, 12 Gauge, and .45 acp. (Not particularly in that order) and the handle. The handle can be used as a launching tube for Rocket propelled Grenades, RPG for short.

He is a polar opposite of his twin, while Tom is a recluse Carson is outgoing. This aspect allows him to easily make friends with those around him, his easygoing nature allows others to easily get comfortable around him this even extends into combat sitautions. Though, in rare sparks of anger he can be extremely destructive.

Unlike his brother, Tom, he attended Signal Academy. Both parents are still living and are working Citizens of Vale. His brother attends Beacon with him, despite not going to a Combat before Beacon.

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