Author's Note: These are all ficlets written after prompts submitted to my Tumblr. A few are mature, though the majority are G or T-rated. Some are short, while others are much longer.


Charming kissing Snow in the snow

He hadn't planned this. Honest. He had simply meant to take his wife outside for a walk, strolling like dignified royals through the garden, but somehow he made one pun and ended up on his back in the snow with Snow at his front too.

The stuff at his back is cold, but the woman leaning over him and kissing him is all warmth and life and the spring of his life. He links his arms around her and pulls her more firmly against him before flipping her underneath him instead.

He hadn't planned this, but he has to admit this is actually better than his plan of pulling her behind the trees to kiss her up against them. This is softer, for one thing.

"Snow in snow," he jokes, and she gives him a stern look.

"Charming, if you make one more 'Snow' pun..."

"Then what?"

"Then the only snow you will be getting is this," she says and shoves a pile of it against his chest. He merely laughs, kissing her and crushing the snow between them; like everything else between them, it simply melts away.