yo this is trystrike and as a reminder this is set in the future and this is just an introduction . also Gumball , who is taller and normally weres a black short sleeved shirt with dark green trousers with a grey belt, has married penny and had a child name Jimmy,my OC, who is 2 years and looks like Gumball but with brown fur and antlers and grey shorts with a light blue shirt with a red collor and sleeves and Darwin is married to Carrie who has longer hair and a longer tail

name: Darwin


occupation:professional kick boxer

name: Gumball





occupation: house wife/accountant




It was an arena the third and final round. One was a man with a greyish-blue sleeveless shirt and dark blue genes with blue skin and a dark brown mullet. His name was jack while his opponent was a walking fish with spiky light brown hair,his name was Darwin who performed a right roundhouse kick and a left hook. Jack attempted a right jab but this was dodged and Darwin countered by punching his opponents chest rapidly and dealing a double uppercut this combo was what Darwin made and Gumball named the "machine gun fire punch". Darwin then double kicked his opponent making Jack fall down and crouched. Darwin ,who believed in letting his opponent rest every time they crouched, let his opponent take his time to get then did a right kick which didn't matter because Darwin finished his opponent with a variation of the "machine gun fire punch" called the "machine gun fire kick" which was rapidly kicking the opponent with one foot then throwing a hook from the fist of the other side of the body which K.O.'d Jack making Darwin the winner.

"and the winner of the match ,the speedy, Darwin!"the announcer bellowed making the crowd cheer. One in particular was Gumball who ,was not only was happy for his brother, but was also happy because he started gambling at alot of his brothers matches and won a bet.

"hey man you are on fire!" Gumball congratulated his brother giving him a bro-fist "thanks man" Darwin thanked "uncle darwin!" gumballs son said hugging his uncle "hey Jim" Darwin greeted "hi dar" penny said "hey penny" Darwin said to his sister-in law "BOO!" "aaaaghhhh" Darwin yelled being startled by his wife Carrie."really mature Car really mature" Darwin sarcasticly said to Carrie "hey Darwin good match" Jack said walking up to the group and shook hands with Darwin and left.

"wow he was really cool with the fact that you beat him"Gumball said "well it's no biggie we've met before so we're friends and all" Darwin said.

"well my next show is in 20 minutes so we should leave so laters bro" Gumball said leaving with his family. "well honey I guess we should go home"