yo sorry for the long hiatus this was cause I got writers block and this chapter will not involve carries news for darwin but you can all probably guess what it is and while the last chapter focused on darwins job this will involve gumballs job and his gambling addiction so on with the chapter

P.S. I saw my nefu recently and he is 1-2 and that's how old I'll make jimmy ,gumball and penny's son in this story and I realized my mistake of making him able to say full words like uncle and darwin as my nefu normaly can only say words of one sylabile and even then doesn't really talk much so I'm slightly changing him

"yo yo yo my peeps it's me gumball so my bro darwin just got in heck of a fight just now did you people see that?"gumball said making the crowd cheer "so yeah my bro did such good kickboxing on that guy that when people found him with the words mexico written on it...they shipped him there!"gumball said making the crowd laugh "now I wanna tell you something funny that happened when I was 13 me and darwin were in a park and some guys who were like 18 came along and they found an old condom" the crowd laughed and gumball started giggling himself "true story;they blew up the condom and hit us with it" this made the crowd laugh like hyenas on laughing gas and crazy drugs at the same time

"hey honey I'm back"gumball said entering his house "I know cause I'm the one who drove you home" penny said making gumball and his son giggle "ma-ma"jimmy said "ma-ma's over there"gumball said and jimmy then went and grabbed a cream pie and threw it at gumball "classy"gumball said dryly removing the pan giving him a santa beard "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH SANTA!"jimmy said terrified hiding behind the green couch and throwing a can of beans at 'santa' "aren't you gonna do something penny!"gumball yelled while jelly beans were thrown at him "well I guess I should" penny said grabbing two pillows and throwing them at gumball "hey!"gumball yelled "what? you said to do something and you didn't specifically say what so...WAR ON SANTA!"penny said and she kept smacking him with pillows while pinning him down

"he looks peaceful sleeping doesn't he?" penny whispered "yeah to bad he isn't like that when he's awake"gumball also whispered making both of them chuckle "look gumball we need to sort out this gambling addiction of yours" "I don't have a gambling addiction"gumball denied "oh really"penny replied pushing gumball into the living room and turning the TV on showing a montage of gumball saying stuff like "I bet £83 on my bro Darwin" "wow I guess I do have a gambling addiction"gumball said and started thinking and turned to penny who had puppy eyes "alright fine I'll try to stop gambling"gumball said "thanks honey trust me it's for the best"penny said kissing his cheek

yo sorry for the hiatus I kept typing this chapter but it wouldn't save and it took like 7 attempts so after a while I gave up but then I decided that you should never quite in stories