So, I know that it's been awhile, but I wanted to tell you that I'm starting another story. It's a slight spin off of the Harriet Potter series and I thought that you would enjoy reading it. The rest of the prologue will be up with in the hour under the title Savior Reborn. I figured you all should get the first peek at what my brain is planning.

Prologue- Death's Contract

March 3, 1982

For Death, the Potter family had supplied him servants for generations. Every few generations he would take an heir under his wing and they would help him restore balance to the world. There was always some kind of madman that wanted to cheat him. No one cheated death and got away with it.

Usually, the Potter family provided him with a suitable heir to use as his own. Sometimes the heir was male, other times female, he used a recycled soul, one of a warrior. This generation he was supposed to be using Harry James Potter to do his bidding. He had foreseen it...but fate stepped in, taking the young child before his time, leaving him without an heir.

Like most pureblood families with strong magic, the Potters could only have on child. James Potter was no exception. Death needed a vassal to defeat Voldemort, the man who was cheating Death in the most twisted way possible.

The main Potter family didn't, couldn't, have any other heirs. But, he might have found a loophole. Two generations ago the Potter family had twins, a rare but not unheard of occurrence. Of course, the younger son's magic was weaker and he didn't have much contact with the main branch of his family. Ignatius Potter was a jealous man. But, he did have a daughter, Iris. She was weak and sickly, only five years younger than her twenty-two year old cousin James.

This girl was on the brink of dying. Death had been waiting for this moment, the moment she begins to cross to the other side. She was going to take on the role of her dead cousin and bare his brand. After all, one doesn't face death and come out unmarked.

I hope that you enjoyed this little sneak peek.



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