Christmas is over and the sunshine has melted all the snow and ice away which ment that once again Boss was up to trouble.

" Rosco I want you to get out their and collect that money from all those Santa's on the street corner.

So Rosco made his way outside and he was sure surprized to see that all the snow and ice was now over at the Dukefarm Luke and Bo was sleeping in for a chance considering they got in late last boys had slept until about noon and then the rooster had crowed and since LUke was a light sleeper he woke right up.

But unfortunately it wasn't without a slippting headache from all that punch that he drank at the Orphange last on the other hand was still out on account of he is a very deep sleeper so Luke walked over to wake him up." C'mon LUke I got me a headache that could bring down a 100 pound bull ". complained Bo Once the boys had taken their showers , gotton dressed they made their way out to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

" Well afternoon fella's I hope you enjoy your Eggs , Hashbrowns, Toast I gotta go to work". said Daisy

" Oh... I keep seeing dots , and the floor , and celiing keep swapping places ". complained Luke

15 minutes later Jesse came in from collecting the eggs , feeding the pigs , and milking the cow.

" Well afternoon boys don't worry about your chores just take it easy you is still recovering after all". admitted Jesse

" Uncle Jesse I hate to ask but can you give me something for this pounding headache it is killin' me". conplained Luke

" Well let's see here now I may have some aspirin oh what you know I got some ". So Jesse poured it into Lukes' hand.

" Luke took it and then once Bo was finished eating he asked Uncle Jesse for some so he took it too.

Meanwhile back in town Cooter was working on repairing the General and unfortunately it was looking harder then he thought.

He had to call on over to Atlanta to order some parts on account of he was missing a few and so he figured he would try to

fix it up some for the boys figuring it would make a nice gift for them so far he had managed to fix the tires.

" Now he was fixing on working on the windshild and last but not least he had to do a paintjob.

Meanwhile on over at the farm the boys was fixing on going over to the Boars Nest to wet their whistle .15 minutes later the boys arrived at the Boars Nest and they were happy to see everyone again ." Hey y'all how you been are you feelin' better?". Asked Enos

" Yes we are feeling much better but I still got a little hangover from the PUnch at the Orphange last night". said Bo

" Oh Yeah that's right y'all volunteered to give the orphanes presents did y'all dress up like Santa?". asked Cooter

" Yes we did and it was fun unfortunately I didn't really get to enjoy it much on account of my concusssion". said LUke

" So what's new anything going on that we should know about what are Boss and Rosco up to?". asked Bo

" Oh ... they is up no good Boss Hogg is tugging at people's heartstrings he is raising their taxes". admitted Enos

" He already has Santa's lined up on all the street corners collecting all the money ". said Cooter

" Well we is just gonna have to stop him ain't we cuz we can't let him get away with that". admitted Luke

So after the boys finished at the Boars Nest they took Jesse's pick-up over to City Hall to pay Boss Hogg a visit.

" BOSS we ain't letting you get away with this you will pay for raising them people's taxes". shouted LUke

" I don't know what you boy's is talking about you ain't got any proof so what makes you think that I am". said Boss

" Boss you is lying through your teeth why don't you just admit it you are Cheating People out of their money". said Bo

Bo and LUke's luck was about to change on account of someone had just put all that money into the Hazzard County Payroll.

So the boys carried into the City Hall office and they made Boss confess to Cheating people out of their money." Okay Okay I'll admit it I cheated them people out of their money ". confessed Boss

" okay Rosco you heard the man arrest him now he is a greedy pig !". admitted Bo

So Rosco arrested Boss for cheating the people out of their money for now their will be peace.