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It was just another busy day at the office. Phones ringing like usual and paper rustling in all directions. Heather was busying trying to find a paper with details on the food the Anderson's wanted for their wedding dinner.

"Ugh. This is so stupid, why can't they just send me another list instead of making me look through all of these god damn papers!" Growing frustrated Heather sighed and sat down. I looked just about everywhere! Where could have those stupid papers have possibly gone... then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Groaning she yelled "LINDSAY!".

Lindsay rushed into the room with her toe nails still drying, "Yeah Heather?". Grunting, Heather asked "Lindsay, did you by any chance take a light blue paper that was on my desk?". Lindsay's face brightened up "Yeah actually! It was the perfect shade of blue I was looking for and-". "Lindsay!" Heather spat "I needed those papers so I could start with the food for the Andersons!".

"OHHH okay well that might be a problem because I had to use the papers to show Zoey the right shade of blue for the flowers I was trying to order and I think I left them at the her shop...".

"AUGH LINDSAY! Just.. can you PLEASE get those papers back?" Lindsay smiled and said "Okie dokie Heather!"and cheerfully left the room singing Blame It On The Girls by Mika.

Sighing Heather sank into her chair. Working as wedding planners with Gwen, Courtney, and Lindsay was just so much damn work. After TDWT ended, obviously that jerk Chris wasn't just going to hand her a replacement million dollars. The best she could do was sue.. which worked and got herself $700,000. With the money she could finally start living by herself in Quebec City and getting herself a good job with great pay.

After that she tried her best to find Alejandro, but no one seemed to know where he was anymore. Even Sierra the crazy Total Drama stalker fan had no idea where he was anymore and that's saying something. Sighing memories started rushing in her mind about her checking hospital after hospital, contacting just about anyone who might have a possible clue of where he had been.. and eventually asking his family. But... nothing...

It's been about 4 months and nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. She really wanted to find him, not for any.. particular reason.. just... to see how he's doing, that's all... Everyone she knew kept telling her to forget, and move on, especially Leshawna and Bridgette. He had been nothing but a strong competitor that broke women's hearts time after time again.

No matter how much Heather hated to admit it: she still loved Alejandro. That entire time looking for him, hoping he would be alright made her almost start crying, which was ridiculous! Heather had never cried over a guy before and wasn't planning to! Still she missed his cocky smile and superior attitude, the way he could make her smile like a sap and fuel her fire to be the very best.

Sinking in her chair Heather laid her head back with eyes closed and was starting to snooze off when suddenly Courtney burst into the room with the telephone.

"Heather!" Courtney yelled, "Don't you dare go to sleep! I just got an urgent call for you all the way from Spain!". Sighing Heather picked up the phone from Courtney and using her best "you didn't just stop me from having a nap" voice she said "Hello? The Wedding Planners, Heather speaking" "Hi!" A happy little voice replied "Me and my fiance are soon getting going to get married! We've been together for about 3 months-" God what kind of couple gets married after only 3 months of being together? Heather thought "and now we're trying to plan our wedding!"

"Great then, so tell me.. what's your name? And where is the wedding going to be in?" The overly happy girl giggled and said "Oh okay! My name is Esmerelda Sarabia, and the wedding is to be held in Barcelona, Spain! One of the most romantic cities in all of Spain.." Sighing the girl sounded like a serious love puppy and its was nauseating to listen to. Wanting to make this stop Heather quickly said "Of course! So.. how much of the wedding will I have to do?" Esmerelda hesitated and said "Oh never mind that! Just.. I'll email you the address, pay for your flight here and your stay at this great 5-star hotel I know of! And we'll discuss the details at my house. I'll see you there!" Esmerelda quickly hung up and 5 minutes later an email popped up on Heather's laptop with the details of the location and payment.

Heather sighed and walked over to her laptop. Well... this'll be one hell of a wedding coming all the way from Spain..


Alejandro lazily lied on a beach chair shirtless out of the patio to his house. It had been 4 months since that horrific show TDWT had ended.. cringing Alejandro remembered all the hard work he had put in, all the eliminations.. and especially her.

The love of his life but also the bane of his existence he tried his best to fight how he felt towards her but to no avail. That fateful day of the finale came and in the heat of the moment, he confessed his true feeling to her, to the other cast mates and to probably the entire world.

But even after all of that she went and betrayed him. Kneeing him in his weakest point and sliding off that volcano riding a giant block of ice. But did it end there? No not even close, that volcano erupted thanks to the idiota Chris and he met his doom with the lava. Shortly after he vaguely remember being put into that horrible robot suit to "heal". Luckily his mamá was able to get him out of that ridiculous suit in time and within a month he had healed very fast.

Even though his physical scars had healed, his emotional ones.. especially his love for Heather were hurt beyond repair. He wasn't sure how he felt towards her anymore. One side of him just wanted her back and prayed she still loved him with all of her heart but the other side wanted venganza, just a way to get back at her for breaking his heart.

But his heart knew he just wanted Heather back. Even after all the pain and torture he had endured, he just wanted her back in his life. He wanted her sweet lips and beauty back in his life. Dios mío, he thought, was this what true love felt like?

Blushing slightly Alejandro had never felt such emotions before. He had never felt this strongly in love with someone as he did with Heather. Thinking of her now made his heart flutter. By watching Heather on TDI he had guessed that her hair has grown back to it's former glory: beautiful, black and long. He could imagine it now, her glaring at him with those beautiful steel grey eyes so full of emotion and passion.

His fantasy was suddenly stopped short by a happy girl giggling and massaging his shoulders. "Hola mi caballero de brillante armadura..." she purred at him. "Ah hello my beautiful fiance. How are you?" The girl said "Oh I just talked to that wedding planner in Quebec City and she agreed! She'll be here in about 2 days or so, so get ready to start planning our wedding!" Dios mío, a wedding? It's only been 3 months! "Of course my love! We'll get started as soon as she arrives, what's her name?"

"Oh.. it's um Hathy or something.. I can't remember, I just know it had an H in it" "Oh alright then, I can't wait to meet her!" When his fiance had left Alejandro sighed and sank even more into his chair. A wedding?! She is loco if she thinks I'll marry her so soon!

Alejandro grunted for even though he didn't want to marry her. It had all be arranged. After Alejandro had gotten out of the hospital, his family wanted him to forget Heather as soon as possible so they had set him up with an arranged marriage. The girl they had picked out was probably what they thought Alejandro wanted: she was beautiful, smart, a great cook, and had a good personality. But she and no other women could be his Heather. She was beautiful beyond compare, smart, evil and was quite talented in just about anything, like himself.

Alejandro slowly got up and walked to his room. Dios mío, please let something... ANYthing happen that could stop him from marrying the wrong women and finding his amor.

Author's Note: I hope you guys enjoy this a lot! I'm having fun writing this :D and I actually do more research on this than on most assignments!