Alejandro was wearing his signature red wine colored shirt, with black jeans and boots. Somehow, he convinced her that this would be fun. This wasn't a complete disaster, but he could tell she didn't like it.

After what felt like hours of driving, they had finally come to a stop. "Well, we're here." Alejandro answered with a grin. He was actually pretty excited. Heather took her time, over-looking exactly where Alejandro had driven them too. It was a hill, with a tree, and a thousand shining stars. He had already begun to set up a blanket with some food. When Heather made the somewhat steep climb to the top, the view caught her eye. It seemed as if every light in the city was glowing. It was absolutely breathtaking.

She took in the scene before her, eyes mesmerized by the sights and sounds. "Care to sit down?" a voice asked her from behind. Alejandro stood there, with a smile on his face, as he huffed out a laugh and grinned. She looked so beautiful with the light against her dark hair.

"Hm? Oh yeah, I'll sit down." Heather said, taking a seat on the soft blanket. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she found herself staring at the scene in front of her, sighing. "I take it you enjoy the view. I find it very beautiful at night as well." Alejandro commented on her obvious fascination with this spot.

"It's just… so beautiful out here, away from the city that is." Heather responded, taking a sip of wine.

"I used to come here often. Pretend I owned the city. That I was so powerful instead of the youngest brother of one success soccer player, and the other being successful at being an annoying pain in my behind." Alejandro said, bitterly mentioning José.

"I hope you don't think your sentimental story was going to give you easy points with me." Heather suggested, glancing him a look.

He was surprised by the accusation. "No, no. Just talking of the past I suppose. It's hard to forget sometimes." he said, taking a sip of the wine. Heather leaned more to her right, so she could grab a sandwich. But ended up leaning a little bit too closely next to Alejandro. And oddly enough, she didn't move. She just turned her head to look at the incredible view again. He stared at her luscious hair while she at a few grapes.

It felt like nothing else mattered for him.

He had Heather, with him, and she seemed quite fine with the whole arrangement. She talked to him about what she did after World Tour, he touched on the topic a little before finding other conversation to make. He talked of his favorite childhood memories, like the time he set up a spring to launch a pie in the face of his 3rd nanny. She told him the time when in her old girl troop, she was able to get one of the faculty members fired by starting the rumor that she, stole $1500 from the funds for a new playground at the kindergarten (Heather had stolen the money in reality and gave it to a few homeless women).

"My, my. How noble of Heather, giving money to the poor." Alejandro joked. "Hey, in my defense they taught me how to make flower crowns when I was little, so I was only paying them for their services." Heather argued, crossing her arms. "Well, it was very noble of you, and at least you ruined another life while saving several." Alejandro pointed out, chuckling. "You know me so well." Heather responded, dripping in sarcasm. He only shrugged his shoulders, taking a bite out of a sandwich.

He chuckled. "You know, it's funny."

"What is?"

"This. Us."

"… What do you mean by that, exactly?"

She gave him her full attention, something he hadn't expected her to do.

"It's just… what are the odds that after all that crap we went through that day up on the volcano, we would end up here. Together, stuck in this incredibly horrible situation?" He asked.

Heather looked down at her glass and swirled the wine in her glass. A neutral look played on her face for a bit before she responded. "I believe that some force in the universe is fucking with us, even as we speak, to make things as painful as possible for us. But it seems to be implying that maybe… we're supposed to be with each other."

She looked at Alejandro's face for a response. He was silent, contemplating on her words. He chuckled again, "Then I curse and bless this unknown force of ours. May it always be there to bring us together." She scowled.

"Must you always try to make this sound like something out of a romance novel? You do realize that our situation isn't the most ideal?" Heather commented on. "Well, let's at least enjoy this little bit of heaven before we are pulled back into hell." To prove his point, he pulled Heather closer to him and they just sat there, watching over the lights of the city.


Hard to believe that they had actually, successfully sneaked away from the party without being caught by a single person. Heather readjusted herself in her dress, and stuffed her clothing into a bag, stuffing it into a guest room closet. She was soon able to slip back into the party undetected.

"Where have you been?!" Courtney hissed when she spotted Heather. "None of your business." Heather snapped.

"If it has something to do with the party, then yes it is my business. Now spill." she demanded. "It has nothing to do with your precious party. I just went out for a bit." Heather answered, effectively blocking out Courtney's annoyed glares.

"Whatever you say, Heather." Courtney huffed out. From the looks of it, Heather could only guess that the party had been going well. People were laughing, talking, and holding a glass of champagne in their hand. A few people had left already. Most likely parents with young children, or drunks who needed to go embarrass themselves somewhere else.

Suddenly she noticed Bridgette. She moved cautiously through the crowd, as if she knew something. Heather squinted her eyes. She caught up with Bridgette, and grabbed her arm, pulling her away to a balcony. "H-Hey Heather, what's up? Um- I- Uh- I was just-" she stammered terribly enough to make Heather cringe. "You alright? You look like you saw the devil himself."

"Well, you can him the devil, sure." Bridgette muttered under her breath. Heather raised her eyebrow. "Spit it out. What has got you so freaked out?" Bridgette didn't meet Heather's eyes. She hesitantly spoke. Barely in a whisper, she said, "Remember Alejandro? You know, evil handsome guy from World Tour?" Heather froze but remained calm and motioned for Bridgette to go on. "I saw him, here, of all places! What the hell?! Is this his family? Or is he here for some business thing?!" Bridgette began to ramble at this point, obviously a little freaked out to see him here.

Heather smacked Bridgette upside the head. "Pull it together!" She said in an angry whisper. "Look, I need you to forget what you saw tonight, okay? You did not see Alejandro here. In fact pretend that he isn't here at all if that helps." "But-" "But nothing, I need you to not freak out right now and-"

A loud announcement was being made inside the ballroom itself, a man came up to the microphone, champagne in hand, and began giving a speech.

"-And furthermore I'd love to meet the wonderful woman in charge of this festive night! Where is Heather?" he looked over the entire room and other people joined in, calling out her name. "Fuck me." Heather muttered very quietly to herself before she stepped out onto the dance floor, walking forward gracefully, and throwing in a well-put smile for good measure. No point in turning the mood sour just because things haven't been going her way. Well, it hasn't stopped her in the past but things were different now. This was for Alejandro, his fiancé, and their families, she'd make more enemies if anything by being difficult.

As she walked up toward the microphone, she saw Alejandro and Esmerelda standing there side by side which irked her slightly, but she brushed it off, trying her best not to think about that as much.

"Hello, I'm Heather, and I'm glad that everyone has been enjoying the party. My, um, clients have been wonderful to work with and I'm sure with a some time and hard work, my work will pay off for these two to have nothing short of a great marriage." She said with a smile, gesturing toward the couple. Alejandro gave her apologetic look before turning his attention to Esmerelda and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Heather wanted to throw up. Well, just a little bit anyway.

When she was able to get away from the relatives, she was faced with her girls and their obvious criticizing and curious looks.

God dammit.

Author's Note: I truly apologize for my lack of writing. I know that some of you guys really enjoy this story.