Authoress Note: If you've followed me for any length of time you'll notice I tend to write to music. What started this fan fiction was Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick. The song that inspired this chapter was Linger- The Cranberries. This is my first Covert Affairs fan fiction and it is also my longest fiction on either of my accounts. I hope you enjoy!

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Prologue: Linger
Chapter Rating: K+to Teen

Annie sighed and entered her key card into her hotel room door; kicking off her heels as soon as the door behind her was shut. She shook her head before squeezing her eyes shut to the beginnings of a migraine that was forming. Annie Walker let out another sigh before finally opening her eyes. The splendor of the room that was in front of her was not lost on her. It certainly wasn't agency sanctioned which meant Auggie had to have pulled some strings for her.

She was currently in Hong Kong having finished up a pass. Thankfully her contact had given up all the information with one drop, but not before someone had tried to steal that information. Chinese Mafia from what Auggie had told her after she had been grazed by a bullet. It had taken forever for her to find an out but Auggie's voice in her ear was her salvation once again and it allowed her to get back to the Conrad Hong Kong Hotel in time to get some rest before her flight left at seven am. A glance at her watch told her it was going on eleven at night, which meant it was 10:00 am the pervious day back at Langley. She thought about calling Auggie but he knew her pass went well and right now all she wanted to do was sink into a bath and get the grim from the past week off her body.

Pulling out her ear wig she turned to her bathroom, cutting on the taps before going back into the main room and pulling her four-day old clothes off, throwing them haphazardly into her go bag once she pulled a t-shirt and a pair of sweats from the bag. Once back in the bathroom she saw a basket sitting on the counter, on closer inspection she found a note that was attached to it, pulling it from the cellophane before folding it open and giving it a cursory glance:

Enjoy Walker, you've earned it.


The note, typed in Times New Roman 12-point, made a smile cross her face. It proved her earlier theory that Auggie had something to do with her room assignment. She poured a portion of the bubble bath into her water before sinking into the scalding hot water, carefully setting both her personal and work phones on the toilet's tank as the water engulfed her bruised and beaten body. A hiss escaped her lips as her upper torso hit the water where the bullet grazed her, she would have to look at it when she got out of the tub. She shook off the thought as she finally allowed her head to ease under the water, a precious gift after the past week.

Annie was so immersed in the relief of the water that she almost didn't hear one of her phone's ringing. As the water splashed from her quick emergence from the water she grabbed her personal cellphone, answering the phone call without looking at the caller ID.

"Annie." She said, allowing her back to rest against the back of the bathtub as the water worked away her aches from all the work she had put in.

"Is that anyway to thank me Walker?" The familiar teasing voice asked in her ear, causing Annie to smile at the familiarity of Auggie's voice.

A smile graced her lips at how thoughtful her handler and best friend was.

"So what do I have to thank you for?" she said, making sure that her voice held a teasing quality to it, it sounded like Auggie had been up for a while, probably working on another operative's case.

His familiar laugh graced her ears, letting her know she had succeeded in her personal mission.

"You are something else. I'll see you tomorrow when you come in to the DPD to debrief with Joan. Enjoy your bath Walker." How quickly he cut the call told her he was still in the middle of another mission, which made her wonder just how long he had been awake. She knew he had been awake at least two days except for small naps in his office because he had been in her ear almost the entirety of the past forty-eight hours.

Once out of her bath she made her way back to her small duffel bag, pulling out the first-aid kit that she had learned to carry with her. Rummaging through the bag she found the kit, pulling out a bandage that was slightly larger than her hand and the tape that came in every kit. An alcohol wipe was swiped over the graze with much hesitation, but a little bit of pain was better than an infection from a bullet graze. The guaze was then applied and tapped into place, before she began the tedious process of wrapping her upper torso to ease the ache of her bruised ribs.

Once she had done all she could do for her wound she wandered back into the bathroom pulling the vanilla lotion from the care package Auggie had ordered for her, smoothing it over her skin and then pulling on her sleep-ware. She then returned to the bed that stood before her in the overly-large room. Digging around in her bag she found her IPod and her head phones, turning it to the playlist of Mingus that Auggie had made for her before placing her ear buds in and allowing her mind to empty, even if sleep wasn't on the horizon for her anytime soon.

Her alarm going off at five in the morning was a blessing and a curse, she had tossed and turned for three hours which only left her three hours of restless sleep. She knew once she got home she would be able to sleep but she was running on fumes and she still had to debrief with Joan when she got in. No matter how many flights she had been on she was not looking forward to a twenty hour flight, even if it only had one layover at JFK Airport. She had packed her bag the night before which allowed her to check out of her hotel room quickly, leaving her less time to stop and think about the pain in her side as she headed towards the airport to catch her flight home. Once she was past checkout however the pain in her side flared up to an almost unbearable level, as she dug around in her bag, finally coming up with a prescription pain killer that was left over from her last trip to the hospital at Langley. She twirled the bottle, contemplating weather to take it or not when her phone rang. A glance at the caller ID told her it was Auggie, which made her wonder if he had even gone home the night before.

"Walker." She didn't mean for her tone to sound so clipped but it had been a long week, something Auggie was well aware of.

"Someone sounds like she hasn't gotten enough rest." The forced cheerfulness in his voice bothered her but she was over a day way from him, there really was nothing she could do about it.

"I could say the same for you. I'm boarding the flight in a few minutes. I should be back on US soil in twenty hours if my layover isn't that long."

Annie heard a pause and then the sound of his watch saying '6:45' before he spoke again.

"See you at three in the morning Walker. Enjoy your flight," and with that comment her phone disconnected just as a call from Joan came in.

"Annie, your flight has you getting back in at three." She paused, it wasn't a question and Annie knew as much. "Go home and get some sleep. Finish your report from home, bring it in and leave, and I'll see you back in the office in a week and a half."

Before Annie could offer a verbal reply she was disconnected again, something she was getting tired of happening, but it came with the territory of working for the DPD apparently, quick and to the point. She didn't have time to worry about it for much longer as her flight was called to board, meaning she was one step closer to finally being home, a week and a half off work was sounding wonderful at the moment.

The flight was long and she wasn't able to sleep much but somewhere into the twenty hour flight she drifted off to sleep, Mingus playing in her ears. She woke up several hours later to the lady that was sitting next to her shaking her, telling her they had landed in DC and where taxing in. A glance at her watch showed that it was indeed almost three in the morning by the time they landed. She was half asleep when she walked through the gate into the airport and she thought she was seeing things at first. A shake of her head later told her that it was in fact her best friend leaning up against a pole, with his civilian issued cane barley touching the floor.

Auggie must have smelled her perfume because his smile grew wider the closer she got to him until they were a few feet apart.

"Ready to go home Walker?" he asked, automatically resting his free hand in the crook of her arm as she began to guide him out of the airport.

"You have no idea. What are you doing here at this ungodly hour?" she asked, slightly leaning on him for support, she felt like she could sleep for another twenty hours.

"I just finished up my other open case. The agent is on their way back home and Joan told me to get the hell out of the office for at least a week and a half." His trademark smirk came to his face, even as she finally took in his eyes, they looked bloodshot, almost like he was high off of something, she filed that information away for when they were alone though. The car service was waiting for them and the driver gave her a brief hello before focusing on the road, intent on getting the exhausted duo home quickly and safely.

When they reached Auggie's apartment, Annie gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head, slipping his driver a fifty dollar bill before slipping out the car, not bothering to unfold his cane as Annie once again took the post of sighted lead. They silently made their way up to his apartment, Annie never once questioning his silent offer to stay the night. As soon as the key hit the door, they both pulled their jackets off, Auggie pausing long enough to close and lock the door behind him before reaching for his jacket to find that Annie had already hug up their jackets.

"Annie?" he asked, making his way into the kitchen, finding one of the few bottles of wine that he held in his fridge, pouring them both a glass of wine before heading back to his couch. Setting both glasses down on his coffee table he swiftly unbuttoned his shirt, shucking it off before pulling off the wife beater that was underneath, laying them both over the back of the couch. It felt good to be out of his tie and dress shirt.

"Annie?" he called again, turning when he heard the soft pitter-patter of Annie's feet on his hardwood floors.

"Sorry Auggie, I ran to the bathroom." She said, startling slightly at the sight of him without a shirt before sinking down on the couch about a foot away from him, accepting the glass of wine that Auggie held out to her.

They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments before Annie turned to face him.

"How long have you been awake?" she asked, taking a sip of her wine while waiting on him to reply.

"You want the easy answer or you want the truth?" he asked, knowing she wasn't going to like it either way.

The look Auggie could feel her shooting off in his direction told him all he needed to know.

"Going on almost seventy-two hours, I was running two ops at once at opposite times." He said, setting his glass of wine down before turning to face her again. "Take your shirt off. I want to look at your wound." He said, already reaching over and starting the process of unbuttoning her shirt.

Annie just brushed his hand off and finished unbuttoning it, sliding it off her shoulders before guiding Auggie's hand to the bandage that she had long since bled through. Auggie frowned when he felt the blood-soaked bandage underneath her bra before grabbing her by the elbow and leading her to his bedroom.

"Sit." He said, waving his hand in the general direction of his bed as he stepped into his bathroom, returning with a more extensive first-aid kit than the one she had in Hong Kong. "You may want to pull your bra off Walker. I promise not to peak." He said, the teasing tone back in his voice as he heard her sharp intake of breath. When he heard the clasp of her bra coming undone, he swallowed a knot in his throat when he felt her hand brush his as she let her bra drop off the side of the bed.

Auggie didn't think to let his hands warm up as he let her guide his hand to her bandage which was right under her breast. He heard her suck in a breath before he found the edge of the bandage, ripping it off in one quick moment, forcing Annie back onto the bed when her entire upper body jerked off his bed.

"Shit Auggie!" he heard her hiss, causing him to laugh while she swatted his arm.

"If I had warned you it wouldn't have made it any better." When his cold hand brushed against the graze she sucked in her breathe again. "Breathe Annie. I'm just checking to make sure there's no fragmentation in the wound." It still hurt no matter what he told her. When he finished pulling out a small metal fragment he heard her whimper, causing his heart to jerk at the fact he had made her cry. It didn't matter that much, it had to be done. Unless she preferred lead poisoning and he highly doubted that.

He paused long enough to run his hand up the side of her ribs to her shoulder, before planting a friendly kiss on the top of her head. Annie heard him whispering "I'm sorry," over and over again as he finally finished bandaging her up. When he went to stand she grabbed his arm, trying to pull him back to the bed for her, earning her an earnest laugh.

"I'm just getting you some clothes Annie. I'll be back." He whispered, pressing another kiss to her head before she was comfortable enough to let him go. When his arm was released he made his way to his dresser pulling his army shirt and sweats out of his dresser before sitting back down next to Annie on the bed. He heard her shifting on the bed as she slipped on the shirt and then the sound of her zipper as her skirt came off and his sweats went over her legs and hips. She handed him her shirt and skirt, knowing he placed them in her spare drawer in his dresser before he changed into his own pair of sweats before slipping into the bed next to her. As he pulled the blankets up over them he heard her breathing even out. It let him know that she slipped into the first deep sleep of the past several months.