Close and Continuing

Authoress Note: This is just going to be short and sweet. Maybe 1,000 words tops but it gets the point across and doesn't leave you hanging like the last chapter did. Bonus points for those that can guess what the sequel is going to be about? –Hint…it's mentioned in this chapter.

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When Annie and Auggie walked into Langley bright and early that Monday morning no one thought anything of it; nor did anyone think anything of Auggie buying Annie the first coffee of the morning. No one saw the pair from there until almost nine that morning as they had gotten lost within Langley in an office that most people tried to avoid at any and all cost. Neither wanted to be there but they had to pick up their Close and Continuing form from Human Resources. No matter how much of a pain in the ass they were. They managed to get the paperwork filled out before it was time for them to truly start work that day which saved them half of a headache but on the other hand Joan had told them to file the Close and Continuing so it shouldn't have been that much of an issue; they were probably just worrying for nothing.

Annie was stuck on Russian translations for the morning; it wasn't what she wanted to be doing but it was better than being stuck at home. There was something about Russian that soothed her; as if the language called to her.

It was exactly 11:02 AM when Joan Campbell stepped out of her office. The 'click' of her heels told Annie that the paperwork had probably just hit her desk. Calder was standing next to her; that was a definite that the paperwork had hit her desk.

"Andersons' my office now!" Joan barked, staring down into the DPD bullpen. Auggie held is breathe and wondered if anyone else caught how she had pronounced his last name. It didn't sound like it but he knew what she meant as he strolled out of Tech Ops and over to Annie's desk.

"You ready to get this over with?" he asked as he held his arm out to Annie who grinned up at him.

"About as ready as you are Mr. Anderson." was her saucy reply as they headed towards their bosses office arm in arm. About the time they reached the stairs the DPD bull pen erupted as they realized the Anderson Joan Campbell had shouted out was not singular and that handler and operative had gotten married. It meant a lot of people in the DPD were out of money as well. The betting pool that had started circulating after their second mission paired together as handler and operative had suggested they were sleeping together not actually dating, let alone getting married after only knowing each other for three years.

Once inside Joan's office the 'click' of the door sounded deafening as the bull pen got back to work at whatever menial tasks they had been doing before Joan's outburst.

"Alright. I knew you were engaged last week! That I could handle. So where did the marriage license you dropped off at Human Resources come from?" Joan asked, she wasn't actually that angry at them but it would have made her job a little easier if they had turned in their Close and Continuing before the marriage license.

Annie launched into the story from the day before about how Auggie had set up a justice of the peace for her and had his family fly up and even got Danielle and Michael and the girls to come in from California on such short notice; and just how was she supposed to say no to that face?

"You do realize Arthur and I wanted to be at the wedding right?" Joan asked, finally smiling at her two head-over heels in love agents.

"We actually did. We're going to do a church wedding in early June; that way Annie has time to do some planning; but after everything we've been through I wasn't risking losing her again Joan." Auggie said, the honesty in his voice raw from his love for his wife that sat beside him.

"Church wedding in June, then? Let me know the date and I'll get you both the time off; now if you don't mind I think the rest of the bull pen would like an explanation before Calder strains his neck trying to listen through a two-inch thick door."

At this Calder opened the door, blushing an interesting shade of red for a man of his coloring before giving an embarrassed cough as Annie, Joan, and Auggie all gave him amused smiles before they exited the office.

"If you don't mind, I am going to make an announcement; otherwise people will be in and out of Tech Ops and Annie's desk and I'd like for you to actually get some work done today." Joan said, as they walked out into the half-hallway that overlooked the bullpen. At Auggie and Annie's nods of approval she let them get as far as Tech Ops, Auggie's safe haven, before she called the bull pen to order.

"LISTEN UP! There's been enough gossip going around so we figured maybe we ought to clear the air. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Auggie and Annie Anderson." Joan said, pausing to let the commotion and cheering die down. "This changes nothing; unless you're working on something that is top priority you have an hour to mingle at twelve thirty I want you all back to work. There's food in the break room. Enjoy."

The mention of food, told Auggie and Annie that she had known about their impromptu marriage which caused them to laugh just as Arthur made his way onto the floor.

"By the way; if you are one of many people that will be exchanging money at Allen's tonight…well you might want to consider another job."

That set the bull pen into laughter something that was very rare in their line of work but was pleasant to hear none the less.

All and all it had been a wonderful Christmas season for those working within the Central Intelligence Agency's Domestic Protection Division.

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