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CH 6- Temptation

Weeks had passed since Cordelia had that horrible nightmare about Fiona. Misty had done her best to comfort Delia and be there for her. The two girls had grown quite close and were almost attached at the hip. Misty helped Cordelia forget her failures as the daughter of the Supreme and Cordelia helped Misty learn new potions and spells. Cordelia felt at home when she was with Misty.

"Ready?" Cordelia asked as she placed the dead plant in front of Misty. The two girls had been working on a new potion together.

Misty fidgeted nervously. Delia could tell Misty doubted herself a lot but she knew she was capable of so much. She wanted to help bring out that in her because she knew how powerful Misty was. She had brought back that poor dead bird back to life; she had the power of resurgence and Delia respected that greatly. Apparently so did Myrtle. "The power of a Supreme in the works." She had said.

Cordelia smiled when she heard Myrtle speak those words. She knew Misty would be an amazing Supreme. Better then Fiona at least. Cordelia hadn't even spoken to Fiona. A part of her wanted to call her. In fact, she had but Fiona had not answered. Cordelia was relieved but angry; angry with Fiona for not answering but also angry with herself for even calling. However, Misty was there to calm her and assure her that she would do just fine without her mother. Cordelia believed her.

"Come on," Delia took Misty's hand, "You can do this. I know you can."

Misty looked in to Cordelia's eyes and smiled. She nodded, "Alright."

Cordelia let go of her hand almost wishing she hadn't. She took a step back and let Misty continue. She took a deep breath. "With strong intent, remember." Cordelia reminded her.

Misty nodded and spoke the spell out loud. Almost instantly the plant sprung back to life. "You got it!" Cordelia laughed and hugged Misty.

"I did, didn't I?" Misty grinned brightly. She looked in to Cordelia's shinning brown eyes. There was a slight moment of silence between the two until Cordelia caught herself, cleared her throat and backed away. "You got it." She repeated.

"Yeah." Misty agreed.

The two girls headed out of the greenhouse. The greenhouse had been their safe haven for weeks now. It was the one place (besides their bedroom) where they could be alone. Cordelia liked it when it was just the two of them. She felt more at ease.

The two young witches walked in to the garden where a few other girls were. They sat around drinking tea and talking amongst each other. Cordelia and Misty walked along the garden. Delia watched Misty's movements. The way she walked, the way she gently brushed the flowers along the way and the way the corner of her lip would jerk up in a tiny smile. Cordelia caught herself starring and looked away.

She didn't know why Misty made her feel so light and so heavy at the same time. Or why her sudden appearance could make her stutter and shake. When Misty looked at her, Delia's stomach flipped upside down and fluttered. Cordelia just didn't understand at first but now her feelings were becoming more and more clear to her. She just never saw them coming.

"I miss the swamp." Misty said. Delia loved her Cajun accent; it was warm and lively and it made her want to swoon. It was just another perk about Misty Day.

Cordelia smiled at her. "You wanna go back, don't you?"

"To live on my own? You kiddin' me, Delia? I wouldn't leave here…"

"Oh?" Delia said walking backwards in front of Misty, "How so?"

Misty frowned lightly but maintained the smile. "How so, how?" She asked.

Cordelia was almost giddy, "Why wouldn't you leave?"

"Delia." Misty said looking away. She didn't like to be teased; it made her blush. "You know why."

"I don't."

Delia stopped in her tracks. Misty almost bumped in to her. She looked in to Delia's big brown eyes and couldn't help to admit to herself how beautiful they were; especially when they were shinning the way they were. She sighed. "Cause yer here." Misty admitted, "And I finally feel like I belong. Yer my tribe, Delia." She pushed Cordelia's arm playfully.

Cordelia bit her lip and smiled. "Fair enough." She moved to Misty's side and the two girls continued to walk along the garden. They talked about anything and everything.

Mostly about some potions Delia was planning on showing her. She told Misty about one she had read about in a book that would put people to sleep for weeks. Cordelia then joked how she was always tempted to give it to her mother so she would stay home for once. Misty knew Delia was only half joking. There was a small piece of her that actually felt that way. Nevertheless, Misty distracted her from it and Cordelia continued to smile.

They sat next to each other during dinner and talk amongst themselves.

"Thank you, Spalding." Delia said when Spalding poured more water in to her glass.

Spalding knelt his head slightly in response and stepped back, keeping his eyes on Cordelia. Misty looked back at Spalding and then leaned in to Cordelia, "He's at it again."

Cordelia looked back at Spalding who stood near by waiting to serve someone else. Spalding tended to anything Cordelia wanted, more then he did to the other witches for Delia was the daughter of the Supreme and Spalding was quite fond of the Supreme. Cordelia smiled, "Don't mind him." Misty only chuckled lightly at Cordelia and continued to eat.

That night Cordelia awoke from another horrid nightmare. She looked around the dark room and calmed down when she spotted Misty fast asleep in her bed across the room. Cordelia pushed the covers off and stood off the bed making her way to Misty's bed. She stopped and looked at Misty's sleeping face.

"Misty." She whispered softly almost afraid to wake her. Misty didn't stir. She could be quite the heavy sleeper.

Cordelia remained quiet. She became distracted by Misty's soft breathing, watching as her chest went up and down slightly with every breath she took. Cordelia stepped closer, she wanted to rouse Misty from her sleep and tell her about her terrible dream but she felt foolish for wanting to do so. She wasn't a child anymore. However, she remembered when she was a child and would hurry to Fiona's room during the night only to be shunned away. It got worse as she got older. Fiona would scold her for having such childish fears. So now Cordelia felt foolish for asking anyone for help. However, Misty was kind and understanding. She had never judged Delia for anything.

Misty slept on her back. Her head turned to the side, away from Cordelia. Her hand rested up on the pillow by her head. Cordelia's eyes wandered along Misty's arm. She could barely with the moon's pale glow coming in through the open window. Misty liked to sleep with the window open; she liked the feeling of the night air against her skin. She said it reminded her of sleeping in her shack out in the swamp. Cordelia didn't mind, she enjoyed he fresh air as well.

Cordelia watched Misty for a moment. She looked so peaceful. Cordelia bit her bottom lip nervously. Her heart began to beat wildly in her chest. Her eyes wandered down Misty's bare arm and then to her face. Her eyes focused on Misty's lips and her stomach fluttered again. The temptation spread through her like wildfire. She wanted to just lean in and brush her lips against Misty's. She didn't know why the feeling was so strong with in her.

She couldn't wake Misty. What was she thinking? Why was the urge to kiss her so strong? Cordelia didn't understand why she wanted to kiss Misty. She wanted to lie by her side, in her arms protected by all the nightmares that visited her at night. She liked being around Misty because Misty made her feel valued; she made her feel important and worthy of being amongst everyone else at Robichaux's. Misty made her forget the failure that her mother made her believe she was. Misty Day was something else. The young Cajun girl was her best friend. No one knew her like she did in such a short time.

Cordelia shook her head and pulled away. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her wrist and held her back. Cordelia spun around and was shocked to see Misty awake, looking at her. She smiled sleepily, "Nightmare?"

Cordelia shook her head, stuttering on her own words but it surprised her how Misty knew why she was even up in the first place. Misty sat up, pulling Cordelia closer until she was lying next to her. The two girls looked in to each other's eyes. "I'm sorry I woke you…" Cordelia whispered. She could feel her heart ripping through her rib cage.

Misty smiled, "Don't ya worry about it. Yer safe an' sound with me."

Cordelia could feel herself smiling as she drifted off in to deep sleep. She always felt better when Misty was close. But that temptation never left her.