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And now, more sibling-love!

After Being Blue
Poke-ball 2: Trade

Daisy might have been a Coordinator and therefore not as experienced in the Trainer world as her brother, but she knew a few tricks in the trade. So when Blue slunk upstairs and abandoned the cooking that every Pokémon that came to her for a grooming couldn't resist, she sent her Ninetales after him.

When he came down again and glared at her, she feigned ignorance. After all, she hadn't told her Ninetales how to persuade him – she'd just told him to do so. Just as she didn't tell her brother how to battle, just to get his lazy slouching butt outside for a good fight.

It was his fault he interpreted it as a Pokemon battle, though in his defence it probably hadn't occurred to him to try and punch his sister. Considering the age difference between them, she was more of a mother-figure anyway – and their fights were settled with her cutting his privileges or spicing his food and laughing at the tears it produced.

His Blastoise roared at her Ninetales, while the fox yawned and flicked her tail. 'Vixie doesn't seem to think much of your Blastoise,' Daisy pointed out to her little brother.

He retaliated by sending a Hydro Pump in Ninetales direction.

'Power as always,' she grinned as her Ninetales dodged and sent a Confuse Ray back.

The Blastoise blasted it out of the sky with a well-aimed Hydro Pump that also managed to shower her hair.

She went all out after that, Ninetales finally bowing to Blastoise, who in turn fell from a single Aurora Beam from her Dewgong. He sent out Alakazam after that, possibly the only Pokemon who would not have a partial disadvantage against Dewong's prowess, to which she clucked and proceeded to attack with a Coordinator's full force.

She had to confess herself disappointed when Dewgong took down both Alakazam and Rhydon.

'And you're surprised Red beat you?' she asked with a raised eyebrow as her brother sullenly returned his Rhydon. In truth, she was being a little harsh – but Blue had a hard head, and she should know. She always seemed to need a jackhammer to crack it.