Hello there I usually love to tell stories, but this is the one story that I will not love to tell, this adventure starts as they always do with a letter from the Princess to my good friend Twilight Sparkle.

This story begins at the end we had just found out an unbelievable secret about one of our new friends, on our journey to a new world called Earth from Equestria, when something happened...

By the way my name...? Pinkamena "Diane" Pie.

(Story set after the movie Equestrian Girls)

Our story begins with a sunrise over Ponyville, as we pass-over this picturesque town brightening in the dawn's light, and come to view the Golden Oaks Public Library where we can hear recently Crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle starting her day.

"Spike! Where's today's checklist?" asked Twilight, "I have to finish my Friendship report for Princess Celestia!".

"Jeez Twilight at least let me get up and make breakfast first!" an exasperated Spike 'Twilight's #1 assistant' said.

"Sorry Spike but this assignment on Griffon Diplomatic relations took longer then I planned, and I have to finish the report as soon as possible so I can spend time with the girls later."

"Okay Twilight I will help you as soon as we finish breakfast, remember?"

"Of course I almost forgot that... this is what my checklist is for! Hurry up Spike I need to see if I missed anything else!?"



After a breakfast of gem-dusted hay flakes for Spike and oatcakes for Twilight, she managed to finish her report so she could spend her planned day with the girls.

Later Twilight was having a picnic with the girls at their usual place, a field just outside of Ponyville, and they were enjoying the picnic and relaxing in the sunshine.

"So darling what kept you so occupied you almost missed our rendezvous for tea?" asked Rarity as she took a sip of the aforementioned drink,

"Well Rarity it was both interesting," replied Twilight, " and made me curious."

"Oh really and why's that?" asked Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie in unison.

"She had me researching Griffon Diplomacy but we've been at peace with them for centuries! Why would she have me research something so ancient?"

"Well if ya ask me sh-" started Applejack.

"TWILIGHT!" shouted Spike interrupting her, "you received a priority message!" Showing her the coloured ribbon denoting its importance and urgency.

"Twilight dear is there another sibling you forgot to tell us about?" asked Rarity with an arched eyebrow.

Twilight recognising the situations similarity replied evenly in turn, "No Rarity I have just the one sibling" as she levitated the scroll from Spike and unrolled it in front of her to peruse it.

The girls watched with at first curiosity as she read the missive, which soon turned to concern, and worry. As she started to read the letter over again and again each repetition faster then the one before.

"T-Twilight i-is something wrong?" asked Fluttershy timidly.

"Yes Fluttershy I'm afraid there is." said Twilight as she looked down and spoke in a calm but hurried tone.

"My dearest student Twilight Sparkle,

I received your assignment as soon as court recessed for the day. I require you and the elements of harmony to travel to Canterlot posthaste. I will send a Pegasus chariot for you and your friends as soon as you reply. Only you and your six friends should come as this involves an ancient prophecy of Starswirl the Bearded.

Sincerely, Princess Celestia"

Twilight looked up at them, "Well girls were going to Canterlot."