As soon as they arrived at the drawbridge of Canterlot Castle, where Twilight thanked the Royal Guards who flew them there, as the flew off another group arrived to escort them inside. The girls looked around in awe at the number of guards as they proceeded past the pair posted at the gates and entered the castle.

"Whoa Twi this totally reminds of when we visited for your Brother's wedding!" exclaimed Dash as she looked around in awe at all the guards on patrol as they continued along to the throne room. " Yes it does doesn't it" said Twi as she too looked around as they neared their destination.

"Twiley!" shouted a familiar voice which caused her to snap around in shock and stare at the pony who spoke in surprise, "Shiny!?" asked Twilight as she stared at her brother who was standing in his Royal Armour in front of the closed doors to the throne room. Twilight galloped up to him and gave him a sisterly nuzzle which he returned.

"Shining when did you arrive in Canterlot? I thought you and Cadence were bringing the Crystal Empire up to speed?"

"Well the Prin- I mean my Aunt sent a letter to us asking both me and Cadence to come back on Royal business, me to handle security until my successor is up to speed, and Cadence to discuss this 'business'. Luckily we just established a governing council to help run the empire, so they can handle affairs for the time being."

"Ah yes 'business'." nodded Twilight with a serious expression on her face, "and what is it exactly?". "The Princesses have gathered for an Emergency 'Conference' to aid the Crystal Empire." announced her brother with a straight face. "If you will join the Princesses in 'Conference', I will escort your friends to the sitting room.".

Shining Armour smoothly opened the door with magic, gesturing with a forehoof as he did so, Twilight nodded and entered with the door swinging shut behind her. As Shining Armour started to lead them away from the throne room, Dash started to complain loudly "What! Why do we have to wait in there for!?"

"Dash darling this is not the same situation as the wedding, we follow protocol as to not draw undue attention to the 'Conference'." said Rarity as Shining Armour extended a magical soundproof bubble around their group, as he was leading them down the corridor, "That's correct castle gossip tends to have a habit of getting out to the press."

"We want to keep the information contained for as long as possible until it is either resolved or prudent to release the information to prevent conspiracy theories from spinning out of hoof" he continued explaining as they continued down the hallway. "Actually if this had been done before a terrible tragedy would have been averted" he finished with a sad look on his face.

"Nightmare Moon!" squeaked Fluttershy with wide eyes as she quickly glanced at him. "My word! I like a bit of gossip as much if not more than the next mare, but that seems to be a bit extreme? Does it not my good sir?"