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Chapter 10: The Aftermath

He couldn't breathe.

For the second time in Phillip J. Coulson's life he couldn't breathe.

As he stood on the balcony overlooking the Hulk containment unit, Phil was struggling to come to terms of what just happened. His mind processing the scene. Loki was fighting Jace when he had moved to the control panel. His back was turned for mere seconds when he heard a crack and before he knew it. Jace was on the ground, blood on her lips, struggling to breathe with the massive wound on her chest.

Another beat, another second and both she and Loki were gone.

Part of his family… just gone. It was almost as if it was just yesterday, that she, Barton and Romanoff exited that plane in Israel.

Phil took a deep breath. There was still a lot of work to be done…

Steve stood at the entrance to the containment room. He was watching over Agent Coulson as he had yet to leave the room. The Helicarrier was still running, just barely. He and Stark were able to jump start the turbine/fan thing that kept this massive ship in the air. There was a massive hole in the side of Helicarrier, due to the Hulk.

It had been situated for a moment (he hadn't had all the details) when suddenly it broke open and the Helicarrier had begun to tip until someone was able to temporarily fix it. He was pretty sure Thor lent them a hand.

Then they had gotten the call.

"Agent Black is down."

In that single moment everyone froze. Steve was still very unsure of Agent Black. He knew she was a good agent, if a little brazen. The one thing that threw him off guard when he first met her was her age. She was young to be so high up in an organization like SHIELD. He knew she was special, but with the way everyone was reacting. It made him a little wary.

Now it had been little over half an hour since last contact and Agent Coulson had yet to move from the balcony. Steve was about to move, about to say some- anything when Stark walked up behind him.

"Has he moved at all?"

"No. He's just been standing there since medical cleared him." Steve said, turning to him. Stark clenched his jaw slightly and rubbed his neck. Steve noticed the gestures and asked, "What is it?"

Stark sighed, "Fury wants us all in the wheelhouse. All of us." He said emphasizing the last bit.

He moved to lean against the threshold leading into the room. He fixed his gaze on Coulson's back. "Scuttlebutt's saying that those two," tilting his head to Coulson, "were about as close as father and daughter." He paused, "Never pictured Agent to be type to have kids. I wonder if the cellist knows that…"

"Stark!" Tony stopped and looked at Steve. Steve was about to give him a piece of his mind when Coulson walked through the threshold. He glanced between Steve and Tony. He took a breath and said, "I believe we have some work to do."

She left her for five minutes.

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

Five minutes. More or less.

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

Five minutes. That was all it took.

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

Five minutes to get to Barton. To knock him out with his own bow. To recalibrate his head, his mind.

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

Five minutes. For her sister to be taken from her. For one of her best friends to…

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

I'm going to wing it and hope for the best…

I'm going to…

I'm going to…

I'm going to…

Loki wasn't going to last five minutes. "Для Вас сестра," she growled. She sat on the edge of the infirmary bed and began to wait for him to wake up.

"What do you know about the Deathly Hallows?"

Even as Crown Prince of Asgard, he wasn't fully aware of mystical powers of Helheim. And he told Son of Coul as much. The power of Hela's gifts was not something discussed on Asgard. Even as beings as old as they were feared Death. As far as he knew Death had never had a Master in his lifetime.

Meeting the small female warrior was both a blessing and curse. She was mighty despite her small stature and very powerful as the legends told of the Master. Not only was she Midgardian but also Ljósálfar.

Ljósálfar was a miracle unto itself. He had only heard of them in tales. They had died out millennia ago. The last they had been heard of was when his grandfather had been king.

But that didn't matter now. Now his brother had taken her. Or at least her body. He needed to figure out what his brother wants with her. Before this world is destroyed.

Tony Stark was back in the containment room. Why? He didn't have a clue. Fury's little meeting wasn't anything special, just some basic updates on the helicarrier, how they were doomed, blah, blah, blah. This place was the only thing on his mind.

She's twenty, Stark, now leave her alone and stop antagonizing the prisoner.

He didn't know her. He shouldn't care. But something niggled at the back of his head. There were four people in this room and anyone of them could have died.

Why did it piss him off that it was her? He was mulling over his thoughts, when a blue spandex-covered blond crept into the corner of his eye.

As if his day could get any worst.

Natasha had given him the news. The last thing he had remembered was being in the lab, staring down Loki. He asked how many, Tasha told him this was something they never prepared for. Monsters and Magic.

Then she dropped the bomb on him.

"Loki stabbed Jace."

"Communications are still down, so we can't get a lock on them."

"He took her body, Clint."

"We can't find her."

Now Clint Barton was staring at his reflection above the sink in the bathroom. The water was running and he was trying to wash out the bile in the back of his throat. His eyes had dark rings around them, his skin was sweaty and clammy; he felt like that one time he had gotten the flu.

He splashed water on his face again and turned off the sink. That's when he caught the voices outside the door. Grabbing a towel, he wiped his hands while opening the door.

"I can."

"We have an unauthorized departure from Bay 6."

"They found him." Pause. "Get our communications back up. I want eyes and ears on everything."

"Yes sir. What are you thinking sir?"

"Loki doesn't stand a chance."


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