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Chapter 11: The Devil's In The Details

The first thing Jace noticed was the pain. Nothing else existed. Nothing but the pain.

Little by little, it began to rescind. The pain was lessening. She began to feel the rise and fall of her chest. Her breathing was slightly harsh but her heartbeat was constant.

And it was loud. All of the blood pounding, almost deafening in her ears. She tried to swallow. Big mistake.

Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.

Slowly the pain retreated and her breathing mellowed. As she focused, she felt for the rest of her body. First action: wiggle her toes. She felt the hard insoles of the boots and something springy as she moved her feet a bit more. Second action: fingers. She focused on her hands and drummed her fingertips. She was on something silky… some soft fabric… adding in the subtle pressure behind her head, she concluded she was laying on a couch.

Now to test her hypothesis. She felt around her optical nerves. Slight bunching of her skin. Pressure behind her eyes. Jace forced her eyelids open.

Big mistake.

She immediately shut them again. Too bright, way too bright. Mustering her courage, she inched open her eyes slowly. As her eyes adjusted, she realized she was not on the Helicarrier. One, because the Helicarrier definitely did not have a view of the Manhattan skyline and two…

There was really no need to explain, she was in New York… in a skyscraper. "Bloody brilliant," she whispered. She moved her arms to sit up and immediately fell back with a wheeze. She groaned as she ran her hand along her chest and came back with a hiss.

"I wouldn't move if I were you."

Startled, she glanced quickly to her right. She hissed again at the sudden movement and clenched her hands on her chest. She opened her eyes and moved her gaze to the cool voice. "You bastard," she rasped. Jace's eyes flitted over his calm posture. Loki had his back facing her as he took in the view from the encompassing windows.

"Now that's not the way to address your savior." She caught sight of his smirk as he turned towards her. He began to slowly stalk towards her. Her lips curled into a snarl, "I wouldn't call the urchin who stabbed me a 'savior'. Only cowards stab people in the back."

His face contorted into a growl and he reached for Jace. His pale fingers wrapped around her throat and pushed his weight into the couch. Jace threw her head back with a cry, her wounds stretching and her oxygen cut off. She scrambled to grab his hand, her training abandoning her. Tears leaked from her eyes as she tried to push him off. But she was too weak. As she choked. Loki leaned in, his eyes piercing hers. He bared his teeth and said, "I… am… not… a coward."

He squeezed her throat once then let go. He flew back as Jace attempted to recover her breath. She curled in on herself, "Okay… that wasn't nice. Not nice at all. Got it… no more… sassy comebacks." She coughed and wheezed. Her breathing slowly mellowed out as she snuck a glance at him. Loki's gaze had returned to the window and he stood calmly with his hands behind his back as if he didn't just try to strangle her.

Jace lied still for a few moments until she winced as she wrenched herself up from her position on the couch. She gently placed her arm on her chest, as her wounds pulled. She palmed her shirt, feeling a tear she ran a fingertip softly over her flesh. Touching raised skin, she looked down and grimaced.

One, her "Save the Nargles" shirt was completely trashed. Second, she had an angry red line; running from her clavicle, just inside her breast to her bra line. The skin was raised and irritated, like it had been sliced open days ago instead of hours. Third, "That bastard ruined my favorite bra." Lastly, "He better not have taken a peek." She immediately grabbed her jacket flaps and zipped it up to her neck. At least her jacket wasn't ruined.

"Why?" Her voice echoed throughout the room. Loki didn't even flinch, "Why what?" she grimaced as she tried to stand, only to plop back down on the couch. "Why save me? I've done nothing to earn it. You could have just left me there to die. But you didn't. I want to know why."

His eyes flickered to her and over her form. He moved his gaze back to the window, "I find you fascinating. Far too fascinating to die. You are an exquisite creature," She shivered slightly at his tone, "Far too complex for this mundane world. All those you surround yourself with, nothing extraordinary. You, however, have all the power to lord over them but you waste it. Lowering yourself, demeaning yourself, becoming a simple pawn in their game. When all this time you could be a queen… a god to lesser men. Yet… you walk with the common man. That is what I wish to know. Why?"

She froze. Jace was not expecting this at all. Had she thought about it, yes. But her answer was the same every time. "It's not me. I don't want to be above people. I don't want people to bow before me. You know why? Because they are better than me." His brow ruffled in confusion. "It's not about power or how much longer you live. It's not about being gods or kings or queens. It's about being good. Being able to do the right thing. I use my powers to better the life of the people you surround me. To make a day shine brighter or make someone laugh. That's what powerful beings are supposed to do. Not be glorified on a throne but to be in touch with the common man. Be the best person you can be for them. To protect and serve for them. So that they don't have to live in darkness. So that they can be free!"

She stood up unsteadily, but planted her stance. "My people lived in fear of a man such as you. Obsessed with power." She spat. "When I finally finished him, I gained more power than I knew what to do with. So they feared me. My friends and family tried to kill me, in fear I would end up like him. Fear makes people stupid… but so does power. I didn't want to become Death, so I locked away the power. I locked it away because I don't want it. I don't want to fear or revered. Because you know what… it's not worth it. It doesn't change anything. It doesn't make people love you, it makes them afraid of you."

She sighed shakily, "Loki please… I am begging you. Don't do this. It's not worth it."

Loki just looked at her. No emotion, no indication he had even heard her.

Then he laughed. A laugh of condescension and pity. Blood rushed to her cheeks as he openly mocked her. He chuckled, "Do you really think that makes any difference? No, no. Did you actually hope that would make a difference? Because if you did, that just makes you as pathetic as the rest of them. Do you actually think I care if they fear me? No, I relish in their fear. A great man of Midgard once said 'is it better to be feared than loved'. He was right, you know, fear is better. Fear is greater. Fear is…"

Humiliated by his reaction, Jace opened her big fat mouth, "What makes you a goddamn idiot."

Loki flashed his gaze dangerously towards her, "And here I thought you had learned your lesson." He made a move toward her, Jace hopped over the couch and hissed at the tug of her wounds. Loki materialized in front of her, "You can do better than that."

Jace bolted for the stairs behind him. She tripped and he grabbed the back of her jacket. She brought her fist around to punch him but dodged and grabbed her wrist. Then he vaulted her across the room, she cried out as she slammed into a glass desk. She blindly reached in her jacket for her wand when she remembered it was with the rest of the Hallows. In a storage locker on the Helicarrier.

She tried to sit up, wary of all the glass on floor. Jace yelped as her hair was yanked up by the roots. Loki wrenched her head back and leveled the scepter with her throat. "I was honestly expecting more of a fight from you."

Fuck you, she thought. She slammed her boot into his foot, twisted her hair out of his grip, angled her body and slammed her foot into his solar plexus. It didn't have the lasting impact she had hoped for, Loki bounced back and came at her again. She was on the defensive, too weak from her injuries and her magic reserves were depleted. He came at her again, slowly wearing her down.

"Do you know how hard it is to kill you?" he seethed.

She tilted her head, "I find it a tad disturbing how many people have actually said that to me," She dodged his attacks when he came up with the butt of his scepter, catching her side. Jace howled in pain, leaving her vulnerable. He smacked her then punted her across the room with his boot.

She slid across the floor until she smacked into one of the windows, cracking it. The pain was excruciating. He had cracked her ribs, her lungs were on fire. The mere idea of breathing was a struggle. Her heartbeat was erratic and blood was rushing into her ears. Loki came and stood over her with an arrogant sneer. "I would think of something clever to say, but I'd rather just finish you off."

Before he could do anything, the sound of jet repulsors came to their ears. Loki's gaze went from Jace to the red suit outside.

Tony Stark had arrived.


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