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Mcgee Pov.

It had been 20 years since that fateful halloween in October of '93, but I still kept in touch with Max and everyone. Contrary to what the Sanderson sisters may have believed while dyeing, I, Thackary William Binx, am very much alive as is my sister Emily. A week after halloween, my sister and i were adopted by commander and ms. Mcgee. Now I work at a federal agency by the name of NCIS, and tomorrow is the first full moon on halloween since '93.

"Mcgee!" Abby yelled as she launched herself on me "you made it!"
"Wouldn't miss it for the world Abbs" i said hugging her back "but I do miss breathing"
"Oh hush! Now come on in! Everyone in already here!" and indeed they were. Tony was dressed in a costume from the medieval times talking to Ziva who was dressed as a witch. Then there was ducky dressed as sherlock Holmes talking with director shepherd dressed as alice in wonderland and jimmy dressed as an elf and Gibbs dressed as ... Gibbs.
"Hey mcgoo! You actually made it! Where is you're elf lord costume?" Tony said.
"I wanted a change" i said. I was dressed as i used to back in the 1600's

"Alright guys! I want to show you all something really awesome that i found online! So gather round!" Abby yelled
As we gathered she pulled out a black bag from behind her back. "Inside this bag is something imported straight from Salem, Massachusetts. Behold the Black Flame Candle!" She yelled while pulling out the candle that ruined, and saved my life. But instead of being burned out like the last time i saw it, it was like new.
"This candle is from the old house of the Sanderson Sisters a..." She started to say but i cut her off.
"Group of three sisters who turned out to be witches and were hanged for killing two kids, emily and thackary binx on halloween of 1693." I finished to the astonished faces of my friends and teammates.
"How do you know that?"Abby asked me.
"Uhhhh... The Internet?" I said hesitantly
"Okay... Who wants to light it up?" She asked
"Abby i don't think thats such a good idea..." My words went unheeded
"Jimmy are you a virgin" "um...yeah." He said in a dejected voice
"You light it then"
"If your sure"
Jimmy took the lighter out of abby's hands and lite the lighter. Before i could yell at him to stop he lite the wick of the candle. Nothing happened for a minute.
"Huh" tony started to say "guess it's a du..."
He was cut off by the house shaking and then lightning crashed outside. We all ran for cover. Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, and Ducky were behind the couch, Abby and Jimmy were in the kitchen, and i was unlucky enough to be stuck under a fallen bookshelf. Then the door opened quickly revealing...