The Sanderson sisters walked quickly through the door. Winifred cried out as she did
"Oh! 'Tis great to be back in the land of the living! Oh 'tis great indeed" I watched them, as they rejoiced in their coming back to life. That is until Mary Sanderson started sniffing the air.
"Oh Winnie!" She cried out "I smell a...Boy!" They then started searching around the room. I tried to move further under the book case but i could not. Soon Winnie came around the corner of the couch and saw me pinned under the bookshelf.
"Oh Sisters! I have found the Boy!" She then blasted the bookshelf off of me and caught me in a spell and pinned me on the wall.
"Winnie! Is that who I think it is?" Mary piped up from the back
"Why my dear sister! You may be right about something. We shall need to confirm our suspicions though."
With a mumbled curse she blasted me with a green bolt of lightning. I started screaming as inscrutable pain shot through me I could feel my bones get smaller and my hair shooting out of my scalp. With a final bang, the Curse finished and i was dropped to the floor in a mangled hump.
"Aha! I was right! Sisters! 'Tis the old devil, Thackary Binx!"
I stood up with a moan causing them to look in my direction.
"Hags! Dost though think this changes anything? I have beat your sorry behind before with the assistance of mine friends, and I shall do it once again!" I rammed my elbow into the boxes behind me and moved quickly out of the way as they fell onto the unsuspecting witches
Knowing Abby, she was sure to have a gun stashed around here thanks to gibbs, Ziva, Tony, and I insisting. I could feel the Sisters trying to remember the curse to turn me into a cat as they did three hundred years ago.
"I have got it!" Winnie yelled then started to chant
"Twist the bones and bend the back" her sisters joining in
"Trim him of his baby fat, give him fur black as black" and Then I turned around Holding the gun that I had managed to find and shot them thrice in the Heads. They rumpled to the ground with a bloodcurdling scream and passed out. Then the others came out from where they were hiding before.
"Mcgee?" Tony asked hesitantly
"Aye. 'Tis I Anthony."

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