The lift doors opened, revealing the S.H.I.E.L.D agents to the awaiting U.N.I.T officers. The lead U.N.I.T officer stepped forward and saluted.

"Agent Coulson sir, if you would follow me, the captain is waiting for you."

The officer turned and began to walk down the corridor. Coulson and his team began to follow.

"Excuse me sir, only you are to go to see the Captain, the rest of your team are to stay with us."

"Don't worry, I will be ok," Coulson said turning to a visibly concerned May.

He turned back to the first officer and began to follow him down the corridor, the rest of the team looking on after him.

"Please, this way," the officer, who stopped the team going with Coulson, said.

The team followed the officer, the other staying behind them as they walked down a corridor to a waiting room. In it were chairs and a table in the middle, covered with all the latest magazines. It reminded Fitz and Simmonds of the classic British dentist's waiting room. Not nice. (Author's note: Any British people reading this will know what I mean. Any Americans will probably think this is why we 'have bad teeth'. Whispered We don't, it is all a stereotype.)

They were told to sit down and wait. The officers left the room, shutting the door behind them.

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Skye asked.

"Sit and wait like we were told," May said.

"Something doesn't feel quite right," Simmonds said.

"Everything is fine, they just want to talk to Coulson on his own," May said.

"No, I agree with Simmonds," Fitz said. "There is something not quite right."

"Will you just leave it, everything is fine," Ward spoke up. "I'm going to see if they have any drinks."

Ward got up and walked to the door. He opened it and what he came up against made him slam the door back into place.

"Ward what is it?" Skye asked.

"Um perhaps everything isn't right at all," his voice audibly shaking.

The next thing they knew, the door flew off of its hinges as two large red creatures with what looked like suckers all over their skin, burst into the room. The team jumped to their feet, Ward and May pulling out their guns and pointing them at the creatures.

"Who and what are you and what are you doing here?" Ward shouted.

"We are Zygons and you are our prisoners," one of them cried, fluid spilling from it's razor teeth filled mouth.

Meanwhile Agent Coulson emerged from the corridor behind the soldier into a larger room, which was filled with various screens showing everything from street scenes to what looked like a feed coming in from the Oval Office.

"Impressive getup you have here," he said to an awaiting Captain who had her back to him.

She turned round when she recognised his voice.

"Not as impressive as S.H.I.E.L.D I guess?"

"We have our perks, but nothing quite like this. The Oval Office?"

"Well when the leader of the free world is an alien, we need to make sure he isn't up to anything he shouldn't be."

"You mean the president of America is an alien? You have got to be joking? Please tell me you are joking? We vetted him."

"Not well enough clearly," the captain retorted.

"What species?"

"We are not here to discuss that matter."

"I know, but what species. Have I heard of them?"

"If you didn't discover he was an alien, I doubt you have heard of the species. He is a Flaliaponian."

"Now that is just a made up name, you're pulling my leg."

"No I am deadly serious. He is a shape changer from the planet Flaliaponia. They are generally a peaceful race, many of whom like to travel and settle on other planets."

"But how did he become president, you have to be born in America!?"

"Well because he wasn't the elected president. The president dies not long after getting into office and this Flaliaponian was working in the government and we approached him to take the presidents place."

"You approached him to take his place, why?"

"Simple, we needed to avoid any constitutional crisis and protect the world. Also it is great fun having the president in our control."

"You are all mad."

"Maybe, but it has worked for the last two years, so we aren't particularly worried. Now down to business, how are we going to go about sorting out this Zygon problem?"

"I have just thought, the Doctor said that these Zygons were taking up positions in several world governments, if you can detect a Flaliaponian, how have you not picked up on this invasion sooner?"

"Um," the captain struggled to come up with an answer.

However before she could continue speaking, red lights started to flash around the room, accompanied by a piercing siren.

"We have been compromised, how is that possible," she demanded turning to face a sweaty browed scientist sitting at one of the desks.

"There seems to have been an internal attack in the waiting area, I am trying to get a video feed, but the cameras seem to have been taken out."

"This better not have been your team!" The captain shouted towards Coulson.

"What would we benefit from doing this?" Coulson shouted back, his gun withdrawn, ready to defend them.

The U.N.I.T scientist's fingers danced over the keyboard as he worked to restore cctv images of the waiting area. The captain had a phone to her ear, speaking urgently and with authority to the person on the other end. She clicked off of the phone and turned to Coulson.

"The entire Tower is being evacuated and the Yeomen are keeping the public safe. We need to crack down on this fast." She turned to the scientist who was still trying to re-establish the camera feeds. "When you have finished, get a story out that the Crown Jewels were under attack, but they have been saved by the brave work of the Yeomen. Make sure they get nothing about this."

The scientist nodded and as he did so, the feeds came back online. What they showed, disgusted the three of them. Two red skinned creatures with suckers all over their bodies and spewing goo from their mouths were facing up to Coulson's team.

"We need to save them!" Coulson demanded.

The captain agreed and they turned for the door. What they saw next chilled them to the bone. They had been too busy trying to sort out the problem down the hall, they had forgotten about the third soldier. The sight that greeted them was another Zygon. Coulson raised his gun up and pointed it at the Zygon's forehead.

"Get out of our way!" demanded Coulson.

In a raspy voice, the Zygon replied, "Mr Coulssson, you have lossst." The Zygon raised the weapon he had carried as a soldier. "Goodbye."

The Zygon's finger closed around the trigger and began to press down on it. However, before he was able to complete the action, there was a loud bang and the Zygon fell flat on its back, blood pouring from it's head. Coulson lowered his gun in surprise, he hadn't pulled the trigger. He looked round to see the captain lowering her gun.

"Well stop standing there, let's go and stop the other two aliens."

The two headed out of the room quickly, down the corridor their guns held down in front of them with both hands. They reached the waiting room door which was hanging off of its hinges. There was no sound coming from inside. Coulson looked down at the floor and what he saw terrified him. Blood, thick red gooey blood. The captain noticed his face and noticed the blood to. They approached the room carefully and moved inside, their guns held up in front of their faces.

"Don't shoot, it is us!" Ward shouted.

"Thank goodness," Coulson breathed a sigh of relief. "Are you all ok?"

"We're fine," May said in her cold steely way. "They were no match for our weapons."

"I can see that," Coulson said.

"What happened to you?" Simmonds asked, pointing to splatters of blood on Coulson's shirt.

"Oh, we had a little Zygon problem to."

"We need to go," the Captain said. "This location has been compromised. I have somewhere else we can go, somewhere we have kept off the grid."

"Where is that?" Skye asked.

"One Canada Square, or as you may know it, Canary Warf."