Chapter Fourteen

The archer's exposed fingertips stroked the bow string. She had hoped her words would have had some impact, but Wally was being irrational, and dangerous, she doubted he even knew what he was doing anymore. Blood lust can do that. Lord was screaming something, waving his arms desperately trying to keep his balance on the ledge as the speedster slowly approached. Artemis tuned out all the noise, concentrating solely on the trajectory and how the winds might affect her shot, but mostly she stared at the target.

Wally took one step closer to Lord, and she exhaled, removed her hold from the Dacron filament line, and released the arrow. It flew straight and true, directly towards Kid Flash's back and right on target.

The grappling arrow slid perfectly under the speedster's arm and impacted into Lords shoulder, triggering the spring loaded mechanism, and locking on to the businessman collarbone. With a powerful tug, she pulled Lord back from the edge, his weight and momentum taking the surprised speedster with him back down to the wet rooftop. Wally's head landed hard on the concrete floor dazing him, as Artemis ran to the fallen Lord. His collarbone was most likely broken from the impact of the arrow, but still otherwise in better shape than he would have been then taking a nose dive from almost 1300 feet. Artemis pulled him up by his good arm and ran towards the maintenance exit. Her com unit had been going off for the last few minutes, and she prayed it meant someone among her team was at the building. If she could just get Lord into the elevator, hopefully he'd be in some teammate's hands before Wally had a chance to recover.

That seemed like a good plan for all of seven seconds. Ahead of her, standing directly in front of stairwell door was the infuriated speedster. His eyes were crazed, lightning literally popping off his skin, scorching the ground beneath. She'd never seen anything like it, the absolute raw power he was capable of generating and it terrified her, but she had no choice anymore, a life was in the balance.

"Get out of the way Artemis," Wally snarled.

"No." she yelled. "He's not worth it Wally, killing him doesn't bring Marcus back, it doesn't bring any of them back, it only brings you down to his level. Is that what you want? To be a murderous piece of shit like him, to carry that around for the rest of your life? That's not the guy who came to my apartment, and that's not the guy who saved my life."

He took one step closer when the archer raised her bow, the second arrow notched and ready.

"I won't miss again," she promised him.

They stood feet apart, eyes locked on the other. She could see the battle raging with within himself, and the longer he stood still, the more hope she had that she was getting through to him.

"He'll pay for what he did Wally, I swear to God he will, but not like this. I've been where you are before. I've promised myself the next time my piece of shit father hit me or my mom, I would finally end him and not think twice. Every…single… time, but I didn't and I don't regret it, because I didn't want to be like him, I wanted to be something more. I wanted to be like you."

She took a step closer and lowered her bow, putting her hand on his chest to calm him. "You know this is wrong, I can see it in your eyes. You're hurting and you think this is the only way to stop it. It's not. If you do this the pain will never go away, it will just get worse."

The raging electric current in his eyes began to fade, with Wally's piercing green hue finally coming back into view. His body un-tensed and his breathing slowed. She felt she'd reached him, until Lord made a break for the stairwell.

Wally burst into motion just as Artemis cursed and let the arrow fly, not to where he was of course, but to where he was going. The Taser tip landed on the ground fifteen feet before him, electrifying the standing water that had puddled up across the rooftop. In seconds the speedster fell to the ground convulsing as a hundred thousand volts ran through his body, knocking him unconscious.

The maintenance shaft door slammed shut and Lord was gone, but Artemis chose not to pursue and ran to the speedster's side, waiting for the last of the charge to expire.

She lifted his head and checked his vitals. His breaths were shallow, but his heart beat strong.

"Thank God," she sighed.

She had doubled the voltage it would have taken to drop a non-meta, hoping her calculations were correct and Wally wouldn't suffer any permanent damage. It's not like she'd had any training on how to stop a speedster. She wasn't sure if it was divine intervention or just dumb luck, but either way it appeared he was going to be ok. The only worry now was what was going to happen when he awoke.

She held his head in her lap as he began to groan, surprising her that he'd already started to recover. When he said accelerated healing he wasn't kidding. His eyes blinked open, but his body remained at rest, a single tear streaking down his face.

"Wally?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he sniffled.

"Are you ok?" she questioned.

"Well I can't move my arms or legs right now, I've got a splitting headache, and I'm lying in a puddle in the middle of a snowstorm, other than that I'm perfect."

"You didn't leave me much choice."

"I know," he sighed, "I'm sorry, I really am. I don't know what I was thinking."

"I don't think you were, revenge can do that to you," she answered.

"Where's Lord?" he asked calmly.

"He made it back in the building, I think the team's here so he won't get far."

"We'll if you'd let me run him down instead of shooting an arrow at my ass we'd knew for sure wouldn't we?" he chastised.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" she snapped. "After everything you did tonight, everything you put me through, all the sudden this is my fault? Listen to me you son of a….."

He smiled at her, and she stopped dead in her tracks. She shook her head and rolled her eyes, trying to hold back a smile. She punched him in the arm chuckling, "God you're annoying."

Wally raised his head, but his body still refused to move, the Taser having done a number on his central nervous system. His fingers and toes tingled, but they remained dead and unmoving, so he'd have to remain patient and wait for the effects to wear off, both of which not his strong suits.

He took a deep breath and rested his aching head back in the cold hard ground. "You were right; I'd be just like him. I wouldn't want to live like that."

"You don't have to." she answered kindly.

He was silent for a moment, contemplative, when he finally asked, "It doesn't go away does it? the anger, the hatred?"

"No, but you learn to live with it," she replied.

Wally nodded solemnly, his eyes looking off in the distance, thinking about the life he could have been leading if Artemis hadn't stopped him. He didn't like what he saw.

"Let me call Dick and give him a head's up about Lord being in the building, then we'll see if someone can come up here and help me drag your ass out of the snow, I might have used a little too much juice on the Taser."

"No kidding," he winced, trying but failing again to move his dead arm.

Artemis looked to her belt, unclipping the com unit and about to activate it when Wally screamed. She never saw him coming as Lord wildly swung the fire extinguisher at her head, knocking the archer face down to the ground, opening a two inch gash in her skull, and leaving her unconscious, blood pooling around her head in the fresh fallen snow.

Lord looked down at her in amusement, as he stepped over Artemis's fallen form to knell down next to the speedster.

"Dr. West, you've been holding out on me haven't you...tsk tsk tsk." he smirked, wagging a finger at the paralyzed hero. Wally tried sit up, but Lord rose and stomped his foot directly into the speedsters sternum, slamming him back down, knocking the breath out of him

"What a waste, I assume these powers of yours - you created correct? Imagine what we could have down with a select group of people with your abilities? Do you have any idea what the military would have paid? Lex Luthor would be frothing at the bit to have a group of mercenaries like yourself to sell to the Pentagon. Very selfish of you Dr. West, very selfish indeed."

"Fuck you Max," Wally spit, while Lord shot the speedster a taunting grin.

"I'd like to say let bygones be bygones, you can't hold a grudge in my line of work, it's bad for business, but you and I both know this has gone too far. How I would have loved to let my science team get a hold of something like you, cut you apart and figure out what makes you tick, how you did it etc.…, but I'm sure your mighty Justice League would frown on something like that. Instead I think I'll just follow your lead and have my security team escort you off the side of the building, make it look like an accident. I assume the superhero life is a dangerous one after all. Your pretty friend over there will be a much different story. I might just keep her alive and let my guards have their fun for a while; boys will be boys and all that. "

Wally struggled to roll on his side, anything, but Lord picked up the extinguisher again and pummeled the prone speedster, striking him repeatedly in the chest, head, and back.

"You know Dr. West, we never did officially talk severance package, for all your hard work and what not. So here's what I'm offering. First I expose your identity to the world, making sure your family and friends are hounded by the press for years, investigated by every law enforcement agency in the country. Holding back secrets of someone like yourself with so much potential as a weapon of mass destruction will go over well with Homeland Security, they don't trust meta-humans very much as you well know. I'm also sure some of the people you've put away will enjoy having a moment or two alone with your family as well. Of course this won't matter much to you. You'll be dead long before then."

"Second I'll make sure the failure of this drug falls squarely on your shoulders. Let every news agency learn how you coerced an innocent family into allowing their only son to be used as a guinea pig, telling them lies while secretly experimenting on the young man for your own personal gain. You know the media, the more outlandish the story the more air time it gets. Imagine how this will reflect on your precious superhero community," he smiled putting the term in sarcastic air quotes.

"We'll Dr. West, if you'll excuse me. I have a meeting in Paris in two days, and thanks to your destruction of my home. I literally have nothing to wear. Perhaps I'll have the opportunity to see the new Yves Saint Laurent spring line. Shopping in Paris is quite nice this time of year I hear."

He struck the speedster one last time, before wiping down the fire extinguisher to ensure his fingerprints would never be found. He reached into his pocket, finding his second cellphone, and glanced through the messages to check the ETA of his security team, when he felt a sharp pain emanating from his thigh.

Artemis's withdrew her hand, leaving the syringe extending out from his leg. Lord angrily pulled out the needle, raising the small cylinder up in the gleam of the spotlight.

Lord Omniversal was imprinted on the outside of the glass casing.

Artemis sprung up from the ground carefully finding her bow. She doubted now she'd have to use it.

"What did you do?" Lord screamed.

"Just gave you a little something I found in your lab. GSK-127 I think. Do those numbers mean anything to you Dr. West?"

At this point Wally was on all fours, spitting blood from his mouth, rising wearily to his knees and staring at his former boss.

"I think what you found was the second shipment from the Pharmaceutical division. I hope for your sake Max, those weren't the one's you altered."

Both Lord and West already knew they were. The speedster had thoroughly examined the batch before taking off to confront his boss. Each dose had already been pre-mixed with an addictive opioid by someone working within the drug division, practically ready to be released on the streets; all that was left was to find a dealer. Wally had found the shipment sitting in cold storage completely unguarded. It was an irresponsible and sloppy move on Lord's part, surprising for someone so demanding of the use of proper protocol. With Dr. West no longer in the picture Wally guessed Lord never felt the need.

Aside from the heroin knockoff, what now flowed through Maxwell Lord's bloodstream, was a DNA sequencing compound that had already begun shutting down the billionaire's immune system, leaving him vulnerable to any bacteria or virus with the ability to attack his vital organ or nervous system, all it needed was a entry method, like the open wound Artemis had left from her grappling arrow.

"You don't look so good Max," Wally expressed with mock concern.

Lord's eyes glazed over and he began to sweat. He dropped the vile, leaving it to shatter on the ground and ran for the elevator. His gate slowed as he veered in out of the straight shot he attempted to stay on. By the time he made it down the stairwell and called for the elevator car, his temperature was already 103 degrees and rising. By the time the lift doors opened on the ground level, he was in a coma.

Wally struggled to his feet before finding Artemis standing over him unsteadily but still offering her hand. She pulled him up but his legs were unsteady and the sudden shift in weight caused her to slip and fall into is arms. Neither seemed to mind.

The speedster removed his Kevlar glove with his teeth, and threw it aside, using his newly freed fingers to check her head wound. She'd need stitches, probably they both would.

The archer's communicator chimed and Wally leaned down and took it from her belt and answered it.

"Are you two all right?" Nightwing asked urgently. "Where are you?"

"On the roof and were fine."

"What did you do to Lord?" Dick demanded.

The speedster paused before he came up with his answer.

"He must have accidently injected himself with the tainted compound." Wally answered coldly.

"He injected himself? Really? What about the shoulder wound, the broken nose? Do you think I'm really that stupid," Dick responded angrily.

"I don't really care what you believe Dick, but he needs a hospital. Now."

"Were not done with this Wally."

"I know," the speedster replied.

"Ambulance is on the way," Wally heard Conner state in the background over the open channel.

"We'll regroup at 10:00 hours tomorrow under the Tower. I'll update you on his prognosis when I know more. Nightwing out."

Dick glanced down at the panting billionaire sprawled out in the fetal position He thought back to the autopsy photos of the countless victims who'd suffered and died because of him. Lord preyed on the weak and desperate for personal gain and that made him just as evil as the maniac supervillains that Nightwing's team faced down regularly.

The only difference between the two was instead of wearing clown makeup or a powerful exoskeleton, Lord wore Armani suits. He deserved much worse than this, but in the end got exactly what was coming to him. However at the moment it wasn't Max that stood out most in his mind.

Dick was furious with the speedster. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to. When you put on the mask, you followed a code, you carried certain responsibilities, certain expectations. Wally had disregarded and nearly broken every one of those this evening.

Dick was their leader and if condoned what his best friend did, then all kind of exceptions would have to be made. On the flip side, these people, his teammates, they weren't soldiers; they were his friends and family, and family stuck together, especially in times of crisis. Tonight definitely qualified as one. Conner lifted the shivering billionaire and carried him outside to the awaiting fire and rescue team, while Dick glanced upward, wondering how close to the razor's edge Wally might have come tonight. Right then and there he decided he didn't want to know.

Wally closed the com unit and handed it back to the blonde archer.

"You didn't have to lie," she said.

"I didn't."

Wally reached forward and carefully moved a stray blond hair back into place. Even with the crusted blood staining her forehead and her long blonde hair played splayed out in all directions, she was beautiful.

"You saved me tonight Artemis," the red head replied, swallowing hard. He reached for words, trying to convey how much her actions had meant, how she'd stopped him from throwing his life away, stopped him from going against everything the uniform stood for, but in in the end when those words never came he decided the simplest was the best.

"Thank you," he whispered and kissed her on the cheek.

"Were even." she smiled.

Wally walked over to the edge of the building, staring down into the abyss, trying to imagine that one last step. He had to accept what he'd done this evening and try to learn from it, assured there would be consequences for his actions.

No matter how hard he wished otherwise, there was nothing he could do that would bring Marcus back, any of them for that manner. All he could was keep his focus forward and remember why he wanted to be a hero to begin with.

Helping those who couldn't help themselves. That was why he did it, and that was the best way to honor Marcus's memory, and when you are speedster, going in reverse is not an option.


Ten days later.

Sergeant James "Sully" Sullivan sat at the intake desk of the Gotham West Precinct just outside the Narrows. It was a typical Saturday night for the GCPD. Drunks and prostitutes were taken off the streets at a steady pace; addicts were throwing up in holding cells, fights breaking out in the booking room. Sully sighed, taking another sip of his coffee.

He looked at his watch and shook his head. Another four hours till shift change, another mundane crime filled night. Just once he'd like a change of pace, something different to break up the constant monotony of the same perps, the same stories, the same denials.

Five minutes later he got his wish.

Maxwell Lord calmly walked in to the precinct, wearing only a hospital gown and his medical I.D. He walked around the night shift commandeer and nonchalantly pulled out a chair from an adjacent desk and politely sat down next to the man.

Lord reached to the man's badge, carefully read the name on it and sat back in his chair

"Sergeant Sullivan is it?" He asked

The policeman nodded

"Very good. Sergeant my name is Maxwell Lord. I'm a local businessman here in Gotham and I'd like to confess to a series of multiple murders that have taken place in and around Gotham City for the past six or so weeks. I am completely in my right mind, fully cognizant of what I did then and what I'm doing now. At this time I'd like to decline any offer of legal representation and continue on with my statement. Do you have a room we could use with a recording device of some kind, or would you just like me to write it down for you?"

Sullivan sat in stunned silence while the billionaire patiently waited for an answer. When one didn't come took it upon himself to continue.

"I'll just write it down. May I borrow your pen?"

The shocked sergeant handed his pen to one of the world's richest men, who immediately began his confession. Writing down, names, locations, business associates, anyone and everyone who had any connection or involvement with the drug known as GSK-127, including its creator, a Dr. Wallace R. West.

According to the statement Dr. West had been misled and completely unaware that the compound he'd created had been taken and modified without his consent or control. He went into detail of the initial test subject who'd been used to test the drugs effectiveness in shutting down the immune system.

Finally Lord relayed his plan to mix said compound with heroin and other opioids, thus creating an addictive and nearly lethal cocktail that would only to respond to a new antibiotic that had recently been released on the market. His.

He finished the confession, read it over again to check for spelling or factual errors, and once satisfied, signed it and handed off to the Sergeant and stood up glancing around the room.

"Now if you'd 'be so kind sir, could you show me to my cell?"

The bewildered police officer stood and escorted the businessman past the room of shocked officers and detectives, and opened the closest holding cell where the billionaire calmly walked in, spun around and found an open spot on the bench next to the muggers, robbers, and drunks. Lord crossed his arms across his chest and pleasantly waited for the Sargent's superiors to pull him out for the next line of questioning, where they would be told the exact same story.

A half hour later the two senior detectives stared through the glass of the interrogation room they'd just left, still shaking their heads. Inside Lord sat straight up, hands folded calmly on the table waiting patiently to be escorted back to his cell.

The senior detective turned and spoke to his partner. "My old lady ain't going to believe Maxwell freaking Lord is sitting in our holding cell. Tommy make sure that those audio and video tapes make it down to HQ pronto."

"You got it boss," the junior detective answered. "The Commissioner's going to have a field day with this."

The young officer left for the adjacent room gathering up the tapes, leaving his senior alone looking through the two way mirror at Lord, still sitting as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Maxell Lord the detective chuckled to himself, it's always the rich ones that end up being the most fucked up.

The detective turned and walked down the hallway, passing the attractive auburn haired patrolwoman, and tipping his hat. She nodded respectfully and continued on toward the back exit, pausing momentarily in front of the interrogation room window and hanging up her clipboard. She took one last look at its occupant, smiled, and headed out the door.

Moments later Lord closed his eyes and winced. He palmed his eye lids and looked around in sudden shock, completely lost as to his new surroundings. "Where the hell am I?"

The patrolwoman stepped out of the precinct and past the many patrol cars parked there. Despite the frigid temperatures it was a beautiful Gotham night. As she strolled down the side street and into the back alleyway her skin and clothing changed from the navy and white patrolman's uniform to the blue caped, black bodysuit of the emerald skinned heroine codenamed Ms. Martian. Up ahead the Batmobile sat silently underneath the shaded fire escape, waiting for Megan to approach. The door opened and Nightwing stepped out of the car, leaning across the roof towards his Martian teammate.

"Its' done," she nodded.

"And Wally?" he asked.

"I removed any memories of Kid Flash, Artemis, the night on the Wayne Tower, his apartment, and anything else incriminating."

"Good, "Nightwing replied. He was not pleased with the situation or what he'd asked Megan to do, but was otherwise satisfied with the outcome. Wally had stepped out of bounds, way out, he'd nearly broken every rule and right that they the all stood for, but that knowledge would stay within the seven of them, never being spoken outside the circle. The mess Wally had made had been cleaned and sanitized, with no traces left between.

"Want a ride home?" he asked the Martian.

"No I'm good, Conner's meeting me over at Chino's for a late dinner? Want to come?"

"Do they valet park?" he smiled as the heroine chuckled. "No I'm good. I've got a few things I need to take care of. I'll see you in the morning. What's the special tomorrow?"

"Castleberry buns, want me to save you one?"

"Make it five. I'll save a couple for a starving out of work doctor."

"You're a good friend Dick Grayson, I'll have them ready bright and early. See you tomorrow."


Dick traveled the backstreets of Gotham, avoiding the busy intersections and main streets. Sometimes just a quick glance of the Batmobile was enough to send criminals back into there holes, but tonight he wasn't patrolling.

He found a dark corner near the east Village and parked, arming the security system, and once he'd surveyed the area, exited the vehicle in his civies

Three stories up Wally West still had a few days left on his lease, with most of his clothes and belongings sitting in a storage unit in Keystone City. Dick carried a plastic sack, full of fresh homemade sandwiches and desserts from Alfred's kitchen, along with the latest Judd Apatow stoner comedy. Wally could use some cheering up, and Dick thought those items might fit the bill. Tonight there would be no mention of Maxwell Lord, no costumes, no capes, no missions, no heroes. Tonight would just be two best friends sharing a meal and having a laugh, because that's what best friends do.


Weeks later Wally sat alone at the Empire Coffee and Diner. The restaurant was empty save the blurry eyed store manager who wasn't used to patrons waiting at the door at 4:30 a.m. The man had tried to explain to the red head that the grill would not even be turned on for another hour, but the speedster had charmed his way in, saying he'd be happy to wait and just needed a quiet corner and a Wi-Fi connection. The manger sighed and relented.

He'd stretched out in the corner booth, his Macbook open next to a pile of books on writing resumes. His college transcripts stood for themselves, and with the amount of companies waiting in line for him after graduating Stanford, he'd never actually needed one, but that was then.

Someone had paid his landlord for two months rent, seeing as how the speedster was low on funds and giving him a chance to stay in the city and look for work. Mrs. Haworth wouldn't tell him who did it, but it wasn't hard to figure out.

Bruce Wayne had once again asked him to work for Wayne Industries, and once again Wally declined. He could make it on his own, and didn't want to bring the stigma of his employment at Lord Omniversal with him. He'd been completely exonerated after Lord's confession, and despite the billionaire's attorneys now trying to use the insanity defense, Wally had no worries he'd ever be drug back into it.

His stomach growled. It had been a long week, running from Gotham to Keystone and back, bringing back essentials like his PS4, TV, DVR, and occasionally some clothes and his one suit. He could smell the aroma of bacon cooking and decided it was time to dine. All he needed was the waitress.

"More coffee sir? "the shrill heavily accented voice asked. Wally looked up and covered his eyes smiling, seeing the smug archer standing over him, impressed with herself over her new New York articulation.

"How'd you find me?"

She cleared her voice and began. "Well there are only a handful of diners that open this early, and once I triangulated their locations in juxtaposition with your apartment, logically that narrowed down the choices to under five. Then upon investigating the menu and your lack of any taste in real breakfast food, I deduced the likelyhood of which one you would choose. Easy peasy."

Wally rolled his eyes. "You hacked my phone didn't you?"

"I hacked your phone." Artemis beamed proudly.

"Now you know why I try not to carry these things around. Big sister's always watching," he sighed.

"Someone has to. So how's it going?" she asked turning and looking at his computer screen.

"We'll I think I got my name just the way I want it. It's just hard to fit all of my awards and achievements into a single document," he said honestly, not realizing how accidently superior that had come out.

"How terrible for you, what a burden it must be to be the smartest geek from San Diego State."

"Stanford," he replied dryly.

"Whatever," Artemis groaned as the real waitress walked over and brought the blonde a menu and a cup of coffee. "Let me know when you'd like to order."

"Thank you, this will be on his tab."

Wally's eyes popped up from the screen as the waitress walked away. "You do realize I don't have a job right?"

"Sucks to be you," she shrugged. "Speaking of ….you can use me as a reference if you want."

"Let's see. Arrogant, distant, crazed archer with anger management issues. Yeah that will impress."

"You forgot can speak several languages, and extremely dangerous when provoked or pissed off.

They both laughed for a moment as Wally closed the lid of the laptop and moved his books off to the side.

"So… um… you and I, and this thing?" pointing back and forth between them.

"What thing?" she asked, brow furrowed.

"I don't know…like us dating thing maybe?"

Artemis suddenly let out an obnoxiously fake laugh, complete with wiping fake tears from her eyes. When she composed herself, she snickered in his direction. "Who said anything about dating; I don't even like you ….much."

"You like me plenty, don't kid yourself. At least when I stalked you we worked in the same building, you had to what? switch two trains to end up here?"

"Maybe I like the omelets," she shrugged.

"Maybe you like the company," Wally smiled.

Artemis paused for a moment, considering his words. "Nahhh, I'm pretty sure it's the omelets."

Wally pretended to pack his computer away and leave when she grabbed him by the belt and sat him back down.

"Easy there Romeo, ok maybe it is the company… a little. Is that better?"

Wally nodded. "Much."

He scooted his chair closer to her. "So is this the part where I tell you I kind of like you and maybe kiss you?"

"I don't know," she stated plainly, "Is this the part where I haul off and give you a concussion?"

"I'll take my chances."

The red head leaned over and his lips gently met hers. It's not like she had tons of experience with the act, but she knew what she liked. It was one that would be long enough to cause her face to heat up slightly, to get that tingling sensation in her stomach, to get a nice sense of the cologne he wore, but just short enough to leave her wanting more.

Wally leaned back in his chair satisfied, and from the blush on her face, quite pleased with himself. That was until she spoke. "I'm glad you did that before you ate."

"God," he groaned, "You really are a moment killer, you know that?"

"Was this a moment?" she snickered.

"You know Artemis, I swear to God, Sometimes I don't know if I want to kiss you or kill you."

"Maybe we could figure that out later, when were alone," she purred.

Wally looked up at the waitress, raising his finger.

"Check please!"


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