Hi! Welcome to the second co-drabble series I'm working on. So it works like this: both me and reminiscent-afterthought are working on twin drabble series set in the same world. In this case, these drabbles are set between when Red first becomes Champion, to when he's living alone in Mount Silver. I'm doing Red here, while she's doing Blue in After Being Blue. Make sure to read both series if you want the full story! We each update in turn (so first she posts, sends me a prompt, then I post and send her a prompt, etc.) so the updating schedule will be erratic. I may post something every day, or I may post something every few months. As these are drabbles, they will be short (800 words max), random, and not necessarily in order.

So, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. I don't need Pikachu chewing on the electric wiring of my house (bonus if you know what I'm talking about XP)

"People who make no noise are dangerous." - Jean de La Fontaine

Red to Crimson

Poke-ball 1: Change

Red and Blue had fought over everything, since…ever. They had fought over pens, leftover change, the latest action figures, the first place in line, and the last cookie. These weren't just arguments of "Is not, Is too" like most kids. They actually battled, tackling, wrestling, biting, kicking and screaming at each other. They were like wild Pokemon, scaring the other kids away.

But, also like wild Pokemon, they loved fighting. All those other kids were just wimps, cowering behind weak words. Red and Blue scrapped, the victor would claim whatever spoils available, the loser would rant, and then they moved on. Soon, they were eagerly awaiting the next scuffle, the next excuse to challenge the other again.

They were born Pokemon Trainers.

When they got their Pokemon (finally!), not much changed. Their brawls simply became between their Pokemon instead of directly with each other. It was a lot more fun to watch Flamethrowers and Hydro Pumps than just punching each other over and over. Plus, it gave them masks of sanity to wear in public. It was perfectly normal for a Pokemon Trainer to be constantly seeking combat, after all.

But, as their inevitable journey progressed, something did start to change. Red and Blue were always equals before. Some battles Red won, and some battles Blue won. But evidently Red was a much better Trainer, for defeating Blue became easier all the time. Suddenly, the battles weren't as fun. Red didn't enjoy crushing Blue, and he saw Blue go from merely annoyed to sincerely bitter and frustrated. Even at the Pokemon League, where Blue stood as the newly-throned Champion…

And now Red was the Champion instead. He would be lying that he wasn't thrilled to be the Pokemon Master, and relished all the new fame and opportunities open to him. Yet, somehow, he was bored.

He wondered what Blue was doing, as he lounged in the Champion's room. Maybe he should drop by. A punch to the face sounded oddly refreshing.


So what do you think? Does that sound like a plausible version of Red and Blue? Feel free to let me know.