A/N: As always guys I'm looking for inspiration, and this weird one just popped into my head out of nowhere. That being said, the world lost one good person in Paul Walker, whom ironically died November 30, 2012 in an automobile accident. To the fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, he will always be Brian O'Conner, but everyone else he was so much more. –Xinn

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Challenge/Prompt 002: Ride or Die

Of all the houses in Westeros, house Toretto is most peculiar. From its unmatched horses this side of the narrow sea, its colorful banner men, whom are just as un-tame as the horses they raise and children they take in, a sigil of a black horse with blood red rams embossed into its bridle, right down to their' house words. It has been speculated more than once what "ride or die" truly meant, but whenever asked the house's founder Dominic Toretto first of his name, would just smile.