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Year: 1095

Place: Clermont, France

"We should not be here," says Samandriel standing next to Balthazar and Gabriel. They are looking over the Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral looking around its impressive features at least that is why Samandriel is here.

Gabriel was interested in the how high humans had made it, Balthazar was just bored and wanted to come, and Samandriel wanted to visit Earth for the first time. Samandriel was eager to see that they were both willing to take him along to see what humanity had to offer. Now he feels uneasy just how close they were to humans.

His soft, white wings shift uncomfortably. He wished to scratch it a bit due to flying so far to get to France which caused his wings to be a bit ruffled up.

He sighs at Gabriel's complaints about how boring and depressing the church is.

"Why is the ceiling so high? Do they believe they are going to reach that height?"

"Why dark colors? Do they want people sleeping here?"

"Jesus did not look like that!"

Balthazar kept quiet though he is drinking wine as he followed Gabriel with Samandriel following them. They were dressed in the proper attire of the time despite Gabriel's objections.

Gabriel grew more upset when he saw how they painted the angels. ("Really? That looks nothing like us!")

Samandriel grew increasingly worried when he saw Gabriel making some minor changes around the cathedral.

"Um Gabriel why is that statue picking its nose?" Samandriel tentatively points to a statue of some poor saint.

"I am trying to liven up the place. Just way too boring." Gabriel shrugs and moves towards the hallway.

"I agree with Gabriel way too church Solomon made for God in Jerusalem looks much better than this!" Balthazar motions to room they are in.

"Much too dull. As our duty as angels we must clean this place up a bit. This.." Balthazar shudders at the sight of the paintings..."needs some redecorating."

If Samandriel needed a heart would have had a heart attack. Terrified, Samandriel asks, "Won't they be upset that you both mess up their hard work?"

Balthazar chokes on his wine and glares at him with shut-up-right-now-before-I-smite-you face that automatically shuts up Samandriel.

"Best work?! Their hard work is offensive to us! It is not historically accurate. We are doing them a favor." Balthazar left to go help Gabriel decide the color of the wall.

"We are?" says Samandriel weary seeing how Gabriel is changing the statues so that they were doing these very interesting poses. The itch in his wings grows more as his anxiety increases.

He grew more alarm at how many changes they were making especially with the windows.(Thank goodness Mary and Jesus were left alone however he can't say the same to the disciples. He is pretty sure Peter didn't have that of a nose, Paul had more facial features and John is...oddly dressed more like no dress...

He really hopes he won't be in trouble. Oh how he wished he stayed with Castiel. He was hoping to spend some quality time with other brothers.

"What is going on here?!" A strong, angry voice booms into the room, making a very long echo.

A man in religious clothing walked into the room, rage coursing through his body, with clenched fists and redden face. More like a dark purple.

"How dare you come in here and ruin this holy place!" He screams with blood vessels popping. Samandriel's first sight of a human. Oh dear...

Above in the stairway, Gabriel looks bored and rolls his eyes leaning against the railing to the man. Balthazar sighs and glares back at the man like he wanted to smite the man where he is sanding. Probably did.

Samandriel, however, seeing how close the man walked up to him, falls backwards and hits the ground. In his distress, his wings reveal themselves.

The man's jaw drops open with his eyes bulging at the pure white wings.

He sputters,"what!...how...how on earth?!" staring at Samandriel's wings. He then falls into a deep faint and falls into the ground on his back with a loud thump.

"Fantastic." Mutters Balthazar flying down towards the fallen man.

Samandriel shakes a bit at how a human saw his wings.

"I didn't know they were that unpleasing..."

"No, Samandriel, Balthazar faces towards him. "He was just startled. All humans are when they see an angel. Your wings are fine."

Nevertheless, Samandriel tries to shield his wings but couldn't thanks to the itch. Samandriel pink face turns a lovely shade of red.

Gabriel flies down towards them. amused at the situation.

"Here let me help you with that." He moves to smooth over the rumpled feathers. They were focused on that that they did not notice the man wake up.

His alarmed shriek make them stare at him, with surprise.

"What...oh dear." The man quickly hurries to make a bow at the angels. "Oh my..My apologies I had no idea...I am so humble to meet three angels...oh thank you." He tries to smooth over his robe.

"Pope Urban II, please do me a favor and shut up!" Balthazar glares at him as he proceeds to help Samandriel.

"Really Samandriel? You should have told us you needed help." He mutters to Samandriel who stares back at the nervous, pope before him. Oh he is so grounded.

The Pope shifts uneasily and looks like that he wanted to say something to them as they finished and Samandriel, relieved, hides his wings.

Gabriel looks at the man and sighs. "Alright what do you want?"

The Pope is relieved and timid but manages to say finally,"Why are you redocrating this holy place?"

"This holy place needs it." Gabriel snaps but softens seeing the man stiffen again. Michael will never forgive him for scaring a "religious" man to death. He already has an irritated Michael thanks to a certain incident involving manna and honey and lots of wings, he does not need an annoyed Michael.)"This place is just way too depressing and inaccurate. Nothing at all like Jerusalem. Too bad the Muslims have it."

The Pope is left speechless. "What..." He says faintly, unable to process what is going on.

In which Michael arrives, glaring at them mostly Gabriel.

"Fix this and let's go home. We have been receiving prayers about how pink the cathedral. Gabriel and Balthazar clean up this mess. Samandriel I am going to need an explanation on this." Michael seems unimpressed about it but then again it is Michael.

"Yes, Sir." Samandriel replies weakly. The three angels quickly fly away.

Michael turns to the surprised Pope Urban the Second.

"Michael and Gabriel?" He squeaks seeing the archangel face him.

The archangel sighs, seeing the man tremble before him. Oh joy another sputtering, religious human.

"Is this a sign from God?" The pope says hopefully.

Michael snorts and sighs. "Meeting Balthazar and Gabriel a sign from God? Maybe that your life will end soon."

The pope turns white as a sheet.

"You will go to sleep and see this meeting as a dream." Michael touches the pope on the forehead and sends him away to his bed.

Michael flies away from the cathedral towards Heaven.

Samandriel is visibly shaking, despite Balthazar and Gabriel's reassurances that they would not be that severely punished.

"After all, Balthazar continues, how much damage could we have caused?"

In the end, the three are forbidden to return to Earth unless for emergencies for the next 10 centuries. Samandriel is relieved.

Meanwhile, back on Earth...

Pope Urban the Second wakes up from his bed.

He rushes out of his bed in his sleep attire, excited that he had been visited not one, but four angels! This must be a sign from God. But what could it mean?

He ponders on this, as he sits on his expensive bed. Gabriel, the messenger of God and archangel had said.

"This place is just way too depressing and inaccurate. Nothing at all like the church Solomon made in Jerusalem. Too bad the Muslims have it."

Oh...oh. The pope stands up, quaking from excitement and squeals with delight. The angels want him to take back Jerusalem!

Deus vult! He shouts out in triumphant, excited. He must tell Emperor Alexus I right away.

Deus vult means (God wills it)

I tried to make this as funny as possible. This is not completely historically accurate so sorry if it isn't. Please leave a review if you liked it. :)