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Pope Urban the Second is quite eager for the speech he would make tomorrow. It is late at night now in France. He quickly enters his bedroom, eager to have a good night's rest. He is now dressed in his sleeping attire again. It is soft and comfortable as well as almost everything in his grand palace.

He is quite excited to finally have share his vision from God through his angels. He had been wondering when something exciting would happen to him and now this happened. He is now going to help start a war to take back Jerusalem! Oh the joy of having found his purpose! He felt energy coursing through his veins despite his old age. He couldn't wipe the smile on his face.

His smile finally left replaced by a face of surprise. The angels came back! And in person! Hallelujah!

Gabriel is standing near his bed, looking very uncomfortable. The one named Balthazar is looking bored..no that is absurd...probably taking this meeting seriously. Angels are to be very mature he supposes. Samandriel is standing near his brothers, looking quite nervous. Very interesting group of angels. He hoped nothing is wrong.

The angels had been waiting for a while. Samandriel managed to convince Balthazar to quit drinking for a while. It may cause no serious side effects to angels but it did make him say some rather...harsh things. Samandriel wanted to improve their image since the first meeting was not quite what he expected. He is not quite sure what he expected but he is quite sure he did not want to start a war condemning thousands to hell.

Seeing how Balthazar and Gabriel weren't talking he decided to speak up.

"Hello, sir. We are here to um discuss the important matter-"

The pope quite eager to meet the angels again couldn't contain his excitement.

"Oh you are here to discuss the battle plans aren't you?" He says a tone higher than he usually speaks.

Samandriel blinks at the interruption.

"Why yes but-"

"Oh then you are here to use me to make the battle strategies then."

Samandriel is surprised at the eagerness of the Pope. He was excepting the Pope to act more...mature.

Samandriel tries again. "We are to discuss the war plans-"

"Oh the joy! I am very honored to serve as a tool for the Lord..."

Balthazar rolls his eyes at this and huffs in annoyance. It is going to take forever. He might be the most annoying person he had ever meet.

No he takes that back. The virgin Mary was much more annoying. She couldn't help squealing and fainting from excitement. It took forever to calm her down after she kept getting excited and asked questions on just how that was going to happen. Gabriel just had to make a grand entrance, with trumpets and music.

Thank goodness Gabriel was the one who did it and not him. He would have smited her without hesitation or worse. Mother of Jesus or not. They could find another virgin. Gabriel thought it was hilarious though so thankfully Mary was spared from any harm.

Balthazar thought God sent angels to make these "visits" to save himself the trouble. And of course they did not want to mention that in the Bible.

Gabriel looks on with amusement, at Samandriel's fruitless attempts to try to get the Pope to listen to him. He is amused at the Pope's excitement that led to him nonstop talking. He now started preaching about the war as a sermon.

He decided to step in when he saw Samandriel turning pale when the Pope said how grand it would be leading the armies of God fearing men into battle willing to die for Jerusalem.

He allowed Samandriel try his approach so now he will try a more...effective manner.

"Pope Urban the Second!" He barks at him in a commanding tone. He added in some thunder for effect and sees Balthazar rolling his eyes at the emphasis. Samandriel is visibly shaking and looks like he is going to faint again. Balthazar touches his wings gently with his own to try to calm him down.

The Pope shuts up and stiffens seeing the lighting flash across the room through his large window.

"That's better. Now we need you to stop these plans to start a war or else. You are all going to hell for misusing Da- the Lord's name to kill people. Are we good?" Gabriel makes sure to sound and look terrifying, showing the shadow of his wings on the wall with the lightening flashes.

The Pope blinks and silently nods with terrified eyes. The poor man probably is wetting his robes...oh he did.

Grimacing a bit, Gabriel nods and smiles "Good."

He turns to face his brothers.

"Are we good to go?" He motions to the shaken Samandriel, with Balthazar trying to calm him down.

"Yes, Gabriel. We are good to go." Balthazar confirms, watching Samandriel's wings relax. Wings are often used to display emotions when they actually can show emotions.

They quickly fly off to Heaven, leaving behind a terrified Pope. The Pope blinks and thinks to himself that he should not be so eager for these occurrences. Maybe that is the true purpose of the visits. To not be so eager to be used for God's purpose. Hmm..very interesting. Maybe an example how the Lord works for in mysterious ways? Well, he will ponder on that later. Right now, he needs a change of clothes.

"Alright, Mickey! We did it!" Gabriel yells to Heaven. "We stopped a war that would have cost millions of lives, bloodshed, etc.!"

Samandriel winces while Balthazar mutters about archangels having a specific amount of intelligence.

Gabriel looks at his brothers cheerfully, in a good mood being free to do what he wishes again.

"We should spend more time together."

Samandriel's eyes widen in terror. Sputtering excuses about having work to do, he flies away to see Castiel. Balthazar groans (Oh for Father's Sake) and flies away, leaving a confused archangel.

Samandriel is not ready yet to have fun with Gabriel maybe in a couple centuries he will be ready to spend time with his older brother. Right now he is trying to get over for what happened in the comfort of his own home.

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