The Head that Dreams

An Invader Zim and Durarara!

Crossover FanFiction.

Written by the Blue Spy.

Chapter 1: The Head that Dreams.

He did not know how he had gotten there; he only knew it was a bad place for someone like him to be.

Ex-invader Zim was currently running, trying his best to keep his squeedlyspooch from spilling out of his lacerated belly.

He was certain that Dib was behind this.

Zim suddenly stopped, his antenna picking out a steady vibration traveling through the floor, coming toward his location. During his training on planet Devestus, he had come to know the sound well.

The stomp of combat boots.

Zim immediately dashed through the closest door, praying to the Tallest Almighty that it was not locked, or worse, a security patrol on the other side. In his weakened state, he did not know think he would be able to fight them off without taking too much damage. His luck held out.

The hall was empty, and had six doors leading off it, three to a side.

Zim leaned against the door, breathing heavily. He carefully moved his arms to see the extent of the wound he had sustained from reactivating a little too late. When his reactivation process had completed, he was more than a little surprised to see the shocked faces of the humans in white coats and face masks staring back at him. He looked down to see the long smooth cut through his uniform and into his abdomen. Hid bright pink blood congealing around the scalpel, still lodged in his lower pelvic regions.

Zim blinked, wide eyed, and open-mouthed. Then he screamed and used his PAK legs to tear through his restraints and vault over his surgeons' heads to freedom.

That freedom was currently in jeopardy, as Zim was thoroughly lost. The fact that these humans used a different language than the ones where he lived was also confusing to Zim when he had tried to read a building map. He could not even find a "You are here" arrow in this strange new language of lines. The vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel, and perpendicular lines, among others, had reminded him, oddly enough, of the irken written language.

'Irk…' thought Zim, feeling a stabbing pain of grief in his squeedlyspooch, which was quickly overridden by the literal stabbing sensation that was located there. Irk, his home. However, he could not really call it home anymore, now that he knew the truth. Earth was his home now. This filthy spinning ball of dirt was now his permanent residence, and if he did not escape soon, his grave.

"No, NO!" cried Zim in defiance, "I refuse to perish here and now. I'm an invader no matter what the Tallests say. I AM ZIIIIIM!" After his mighty battle cry however, Zim was reduced to a twitching pile of irken meat, coughing up blood.

After Zim regained his composure, he noticed the clomp of boots was getting uncomfortably close. Too, close. In fact, they seemed to be coming directly toward the door he was currently hiding behind.

Uh oh.

Zim jumped to his feet and ran towards the farthest doors in the hall, thinking under the assumption that since they were farthest, the humans would search them last. Humans were stupid that way. He tried the farthest door on the right and found it locked with a deadbolt. He cursed a few words in irken, most of them meaning 'defect,' and ran to the door across the hall. He tried it as well, and it too was locked. Zim was about to try the door to the left when he realized that the door was locked electronically. Zim almost cried out in relief before he took his data-pad from his PAK and quickly hacked the door, immediately opening it, dashing in, closing, and locking it directly behind him. The entire process took less than five seconds, just the way he liked it.

Zim waited patiently for his optical implants' night vision to kick in so he could find an escape route, but all thoughts of escape vanished when he saw the lone object the room held.

In the middle of the room was a giant specimen tube, much like the ones in his own subterranean lab, only instead of being tinted pink, this one was completely transparent. However, the object that resided within the tube was what held Zim's attention and sent his mind reeling. It was something that, while almost commonplace in Zim's own lab, was something Zim never imagined to be in a human research lab.

It was a head.

A female human head, quite pretty by human standards, though Zim did not see it that way. It had jaw length brownish-red hair, and a small smile on its peaceful face. Almost as if, it was dreaming.

Zim walked in a trance to the specimen tube, staring at the head in wonder. It did not respond. It simply bobbed lightly up and down on unseen currents, its hair waving slightly. It was magnificent. Zim had seen and piloted through many of the universe's wonders, but the vast beauty of space in Zim's opinion was nothing near the wonder and mystery that the head had shown.

The feeling triggered a memory in the deepest parts of his PAK's memory files. He closed his eyes, remembering himself barely out of smeethood and taking his first piloting lesson. Zim, always the troublemaker, had hacked his training Voot's safety settings and launched himself into the sky. As the Voot Trainer accelerated, Zim felt his small body press into the cushioned seat and amidst the thrill of flight was the rapidly growing feeling of fear. He was about to send out a distress call when suddenly the Voot broke through the upper atmosphere and into the starry void beyond. The feelings of excitement and fear were both suddenly replaced by childish wonder. The beauty of it all was breathtaking. From the surface of his home planet, Irk, to the satellites and stations that orbited it. However, the big kicker was stars. There were hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands. It was hopeless to try to count them all he realized that almost immediately. He just floated, not noticing the sudden loss of gravity, and stared timidly at the great mysterious void of space in awe and respect. Zim felt tears leek down his face, which he quickly brushed away. He did not want to be branded a defect after all, but mostly wanted an unobstructed view of the beauty around him.

That was the last time he saw the universe in such a light. Shortly after he had been dragged back to the training grounds for basic training, where he was taught all the secrets the universe had to offer. He no longer viewed the universe in awe. He now saw it as merely a void, sparsely filled with stars and planets. Then he entered advanced military training, where he learned of all the other races in the known universe, and how they were all inferior, one way of another, to the irkens. Zim no longer respected the universe. Now when he looked at distant worlds, he did not see strange new cultures or fascinating new discoveries, he saw them as planets that needed the irken insignia branded on them, literally. It was through this process that Zim as he was known now was created.

Zim sniffed lightly, remembering seeing the universe through childlike eyes instead of his cold invader ones. He suddenly felt hot tracts of liquid trailing down his face. Out of habit, Zim brought a gloved claw up to brush away the tears when he stopped, and slowly lowered his hand. 'That won't be necessary anymore.' Zim thought dejectedly.

Suddenly the data-pad started beeping furiously, reminding Zim that he had yet to put it away. Zim looked at it and felt his blood run cold. Zim checked, double-checked, ran a diagnostic, and checked again. There was no mistake the readings were accurate.

The head had brain activity.

It was alive.

Zim's feelings of wonder increased dramatically. It should have been impossible for something like this to be real or to exist at all. Zim stared back down at his data-pad to try to find more answers. He did not, but he did find another mystery in the head's brain activity patterns.

It was smiling because it was dreaming.

The head was no longer a mere strange object to Zim. It was more, much more. It was the physical embodiment of all things strange, mysterious and completely alien in the universe.


That was it! That was why he was so intrigued with the head. In the dull and mundane world that Zim resided on, the head was something wildly different. It was as alien to him as he was to the humans.

He wanted to know more. He had to know more.

He had to know what it was dreaming.

Zim realized that he was now obsessed with the head. He also realized that he was okay with it. It gave him the one thing that he needed more than anything, now more than ever.

It gave him a purpose. A reason to live.

Zim smiled softly, and put away his data-pad, feeling that for the first time in ages that things were going to go his way.

It was then that the door to the room was suddenly slammed open, allowing access to a troop of security guards.

Zim's antenna drooped. He would have to survive his bad day first.

End Chapter 1