H: So guys, here is our first work! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Z: I am barely even sure what is going on.

H: A fanfic about . That, my children, means that there will be Mr. Gosh/ Ragamuffin feels.

Z: I am still confused, but let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Chapter 1-Part 1- - By:Z- 's P.O.V

I am so confused. Lenore, my supposed crush, is fluttering around on butterfly wings and breathing fire. Pooty is a real boy with a demon complex on his head, and Taxidermy looks like he's half deer; both sit awkwardly on the sidelines. And Ragamuffin, my true love, looks like what I presume is his true self.

His true self is tall and dark haired, and incredibly handsome. He wears a suit, and his lips are vividly stained red. I stand and wobble on my feet, but don't fall. Apparently the gift of wings that was extended to Lenore has been given to me as well. My wings twitch and fidget. before I know it, I'm in the air.

I unfortunately do not know how to land, and I fly around aimlessly because no one bothers to help. A pond- what do I look like?

A human, and a normal one at that! How is that possible? My reflection is not beautiful, but he's perfect in the sense of being normal. His hair is long and mousy brown, and his eyes are green. Stranger yet, the wings encircling me are those of an angel. How can that be? Who is he? He can't be me; it must be yet a another horrible nightmare, like all the others. A beautiful Ragamuffin is something I can believe; a normal, healthy me is not.

I touch my face with normal hands, and stroke the skin under my eyes, around my mouth, my cheeks... it's true!

About this time, however, I land with a splash in the water, alerting the others to my existence. They run over, laughing and curious.

Lenore, a tiny little thing, points and giggles and ignores my plea for help getting up. Ragamuffin, however, reaches out and grabs my hand with a chuckle. The chuckle is a cold one, however, with no warmth in his cool black eyes.

When he's helped me to stand, I smack him away. He looks only mildly confused, but not at all concerned that he's hurt my feelings. I run away without even knowing where to go.

"Hey! Wait!" He calls out, chasing me. I keep running until I cannot anymore, and he finally catches up. Damn his immortal vampire speed.

"I'm sorry for laughing at you, Mr. Gosh." This is the first time I've heard him say my name, and his rough tenor caresses the syllables- or maybe it's just how I'm hearing it.

"Whatever. I don't need your pity! I am perfectly fine on my own."

"Fine, whatever," he shrugs coolly, a fluid motion of casual uncaring. "I just wanted to tell you something."

" I don't really care what yo have to say, Ragamuffin" I begin to walk away, my cheeks flaming.

"You look good, Gosh!" He laughs, and when I turn around, he's gone. My cheeks burn and I feel ashamed for letting him play games with me- because that's all he's doing, right? Playing a game, testing my supposed feelings for Lenore... right?

I don't even know anymore.

Part 2- By:H- Ragamuffin's P.O.V

I let out a laugh and run a short distance before crouching behind a tree. But-his cheeks. His adorably red cheeks. I peak out from behind the tree and see Mr. Gosh still standing there with an expression parallel to one's in pain.

A wave of regret passes through my not-beating heart. I really do like Gosh. He's small and adorable.

I look at him sit on the ground with his pretty frail wings shrouding his thin shaking frame. I just want to go over and tell him how pissed I am towards myself for that little scene.

But I don't. I leer creepily at him as he wipes his beautiful, sad green eyes and curls up beneath a tree-resolving to himself refusal to come back to the clearing.

He seems more shaken up about the eerily painful mutations that had changed us a few hours prior.

Before I get up to leave, I hear a soft nose coming from his direction. I swivel around quietly as possible.

Gosh is laying splayed out on the ground softly snoring. His chest lightly rises and falls with each shallow breath.

The poor thing tired himself out! I take a cautioned step toward him. He doesn't move. I smile again. He's so cute.

I pad soundlessly to him and genitally lift him; he doesn't protest, but instead curls into me. That little idiot! He DOES like me. Sarcasm and realization come to my mind. Of course that is why. It's not like you bully him and irritate him!Of course he likes you! I carry him soundlessly to the clearing we were in when we woke up.

Pooty sits cross legged on the ground twisting his newly grown red tail worriedly. His red eyes dart wildly and he looks exasperated. Taxidermy sits with his hands hands entangled in the horns protruding from his dark brown hair. His short tail twitches behind him.

Lenore, however, is roasting butterflies and yelling, "STUPID BUGS! MY WINGS ARE LOVELIER! FLY AWAY PEASANTS!"

I clutch Mr. Gosh tighter and gesture for them to follow.

I think I remember this place; this clearing. We walk for a couple minutes through the woods. The trees thin and we see a couples houses; one large, dark, and has a graveyard in the backyard. We're back home.