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Mr. Gosh's P.O.V- By: Z Chapter 2- Part 1

I wake up with my face buried into a pillow and cold feet. The rest of my body is covered by my newfound wings, and I smile as pleasantly as I can. Wait a second! Where am I, that there is a bed? There is, unfortunately, no bed in a forest. I sits up urgently.

I am in Lenore's house, in Ragamuffin's room. In Ragamuffin's bed. With Ragamuffin lounging in a chair at the foot of the bed, watching me.Watching me sleep! Do I talk in my sleep? Did I say Ragamuffin's name? Was anything condemning said?

No, apparently, for Ragamuffin smiles and stands. He is all elegance, and I blushe furiously at the thought of sleeping in his bed.

"How did you sleep?"

"I-uh-um...good. Good, thank you for asking." I blush even more and feel like seeping into the floor.

"Are you sure?" Ragamuffin smirks, and makes me feel like scum. Like something less than human. Which, I guess, I am.

"Uh, yeah." Fuck it! Why couldn't I just be human?

"Well, good, my dear gentleman!" Ragamuffin must be taunting me. " What good would I be if I didn't treat my guests right?"

He fluidly takes a seat at the foot of the bed and smiles kindly at me, stirring butterflies in my stomach. He places a hand on my knee for just a moment, before jerking it away as though burned.

"I bet you're wondering how you ended up here? " I nod dizzily. " I brought you here. The others aren't very happy about it- they gave me hell and they'll probably do much worse to you."

I pick and tug at the frayed edges of the blanket.

"Don't let them fuck with you too much, okay, Gosh?"

I have no response to that, and Ragamuffin stands and opens the door. Taxidermy is waiting outside, tawny haired and scarred, and for a moment I wonder why he's there- and then he sweeps Ragamuffin into his arms and crushes their lips together.

"I've waited to do that in a human way for a while."

Ragamuffin's cheeks are pale as ever, but you can tell he's embarrassed in a way that no one else could cause. My eyes fill with tears and I looks down, waiting for them to go away. When their loving voices have faded, I stand shakily. I wander down the hallway, searching for a bathroom. Where is the bathroom! I need to-

I shut the voices in my head away and open a door into the bathroom. I search my pockets, hoping that the contents haven't changed. They haven't, and I pull out a small, wicked looking blade.

And press it to my wrists.

I place the blade against my wrists and watch the disgustingly delicate, flawless skin tear and bleed.

And I bleed the pain away as best I can.

I watch the crimson drops make their way down my freshly scarred skin. Why am I doing this to myself?

I don't know for sure how it started, but I know for sure that it takes the pain of little things- like Taxidermy and Ragamuffin, entwined in each other's arms- and makes them something that can be controlled.

When I am done, and the bleeding has gone away, I clean the blood from my arms and the razor. I pull my jacket over my slim arms, and replace the knife in my pocket.I adjust my bow tie and wipe tears from my face. My head bowed, I exit the bathroom and allow a whining Lenore to enter behind me.

Chapter 2- Part 2- By: H- P.O.V of Lenore (Surprise :D

Gosh was being weird. Weirder than usual too. When I finally got to pee, I noticed the bloody toilet wiper sheets in the trash. I swear, if anyone hurt my punching bag, they will die. Only Ragamuffin and me can do that.

When I Finnish my pee, I go to tell Ragamuffin what I saw.

I found my bozo brother figure explaining how he wanted to just be friends to Taxidermy. I leaned closer to the door of the sitting room.

I almost giggled I out loud when he said he liked Goshy. I knew it, that little idiot.

As Ragamuffin emerged from the room, I trailed after him blowing smoke hearts that had a very shocking likeliness to a G inside of them. Only later did I realize I forgot to tell Ragamuffin Somethin.

Oh well. Ragamuffin has a brain, he'll find out whatever it was I forgot. Maybe. Hopefully. Sorta.

Chapter 2-Part 3- P.O.V Ragamuffin By:H

If I could blush I would as Lenore trails behind m puffing out little smoke hearts with 'G's inside them. I walk a little faster looking for to apologize for Taxidermy. About seven trips around the house later, Gosh is no where to be found.

I run into the living room and tap Pooty's shoulder. "Bro! Get off the couch and help me find Gosh!"

He gave me a weird look, but it quickly changed to understanding.

"Oh! You finally gonna screw him? Kudos."

I feel my cheeks going red for the first time since I died. "NO. No. You did NOT just say that! Anyways he's went missing ever since Taxidermy came in and raped my lips."

I hit him upside his bucketed head and blush again. Screwing Gosh would be nice, but that can come after I smooch him and apologize.

Seeing I am intent on finding Gosh about the seventh trip around an area of two miles, Pooty stops me.

"Ragamuffin, we're not going to find him this way."

He hands me a voodoo magicy thing that looks like a leather necklace with an onyx heart at the neckline.

"It you say the name of someone you love, it will take you to them. Oh! Tell him I say hi before you screw him!"

I chase him for a while needless to say before I start again on the search for Gosh.



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