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Z-King's The Nutcracker (a short story)


A Christmas tree with many ornaments is shown right in the middle of a room, and one of them shows a house being snowed on. "It is December 24th, Christmas day," said the narrator (That's me, Z-King) as we look into the house and see a teenage girl with long chestnut hair, and wearing a blue dress. Her name is Asuna.

"Maria (Asuna) has been waiting all day for this moment," said Z-King the narrator.

"Oh, it is so beautiful," smiled Asuna. Then the door opened up to reveal a big rooster named Foghorn Leghorn (who is playing Uncle Drosselmeyer)

"I say, I say Christmas is here!" Foghorn shouted as Asuna ran past him to get a better look inside.

And to her amazement she saw the Christmas tree in all its wonder. She saw all the presents, stockings hanging on the fireplace all filled with treats, and tinsel everywhere.

"Everything shown in glitter in the loveliest manner. Who, oh, who could describe them all?" narrated Z-King.

"I say, I say I can!" said Foghorn as he picked up an object at a time.

"This here is what you call a doll," Foghorn said as he picked up the doll, then he moved on to the next. "And this is, I say this is a Cuckoo, Cuckoo clock," he said as the wooden bird inside came out and went back in.

"Oh and look here, this is a little train right here!" said Foghorn as started to play with it.

"Hey! What are you doing?" asked Z-King interrupting Foghorn's playing.

"Well, you said you need someone to explain all this, right?" said Foghorn.

"That was a rhetorical question," said Z-King. "Just pretend I'm not here."

"How do you expect me to ignore some big booming voice that's blabbing all the time?" glared Foghorn.

"Just ignore me!" said Z-King.

"Ok , ok, jeez, that boy could Scrooge a lesson in crankiness," grumbled Foghorn as he went to Asuna.

"Uncle Drosselmeyer had prepared a special gift for Marie this year," said Z-King as Foghorn went up to Asuna while holding something behind his back.

"Oh right, little lady," said Foghorn. "Now this took me all …."

"It had taken him all year to build," interrupted Z-King.

"Right, all year," glared Foghorn but turned back to Asuna. "It is a beautiful…"

"A beautiful nutcracker doll," interrupted Z-King again.

"Now hold on. You're no narrator!" shouted Foghorn, "You're just a big spoiler!"


"Ok, ok keep your shirt on. Here is the no longer surprise nutcracker doll, take it all ready," said Foghorn handing Asuna a nutcracker. But instead of wearing a red and white uniform, it wore a black coat, and instead of white hair, it had black hair, and instead of looking like a grown man, it looked like someone around Asuna's age with a sword on its back.

Asuna smiled wide at her nutcracker. "Oh, he is so handsome," she said dreamily.

"Why thanks, little lady," smiled Foghorn. " I just gave myself some weights and been practicing day in and day out. Oh wait, you're talking about the doll. Yea he's cute, too," he grumbled.

While Asuna was looking at her nutcracker, she found a small button. She pushed it and the nutcracker started to move. It leaped out of her hand and bowed gracefully at Asuna, and she bowed back.

(Nutcracker suite overture playing)

It then started to leap on each of the Christmas presents, then jumped on Foghorn's beak. Then it leaped off of him like a diving board (much to Foghorn's annoyance). It soon landed in a bowl of nuts and like it was originally made to do, it started to crack each nut, but not with its jaw but with its sword.

Every time the doll cracked a nut, Asuna caught it with her hands or her mouth while the empty shells landed on Foghorn. By the time the nutcracker was done, the bowl was empty, Asuna was full, and Foghorn was covered head to toe with shells.

"He is wonderful, thank you, Uncle Drosselmeyer," smiled Asuna as she hugged her nutcracker close.

"Now wait, I say wait a second!" said Foghorn as he took the nutcracker from Asuna.

"He's not supposed to dance! Must be a loose cog or something," said Foghorn as he shook the doll and turned its head until it popped off.

"Oops," Foghorn said.

"YOU BROKE HIM!" shouted Asuna.

"Right and just for that I'm kicking you out of the story," said Z-King as he kicked Foghorn out of the house.

Meanwhile, Asuna put the head back on the nutcracker and cradled it close to her heart with love.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you and nurse you till you feel better," said Asuna. She loved her nutcracker more than anything.

"What's that?" she asked, imagining the doll was talking to her. "You want to dance? I'll be delighted."

Then Asuna started to dance with her toy, imagining sweet music playing.

Asuna: If you could hear me now

If I could only get through

I'd open my heart, whisper my dreams

Share all my secrets with you

If you could see me now

Waiting for someone to hold

Someone so brave who's never afraid

Someone who's strong like the knights of old

I save this dance for you

I hope it lasts forever

So let one star shine through

And make my wish come true

If you could hear this song

This dance would last forever

I'd carry us along

To a place where we belong

Asuna stopped dancing and gently laid her nutcracker down and she lay down next to it. "If only you were alive, I could dance with you for real," she said.

Then as quickly as a blinking eye the nutcracker smiled at her.

"Marie thought she saw the nutcracker smile," said Z-King as Asuna rubbed her eyes to get a better look.

"Perhaps she thought she was seeing things, or maybe it was the trick of the light, or something else," said Z-King. Suddenly, Asuna started to shrink and when she opened her eyes she was no taller than a mouse.

Soon she looked around. Her Christmas tree was now as tall as a mountain. She then turned to face her jack in the box, but its height and its creepy smile freaked her out. (Don't they all?) She ran right into some leftover Christmas ribbons and got tangled in them.

The more she tried to get out, the more it tightened around her. She stopped as soon as she saw a dark figure approach. The dark figure raised a sword to her. Asuna tightened her eyes shut waiting for the killing blow, but she opened her eyes to find herself free.

The dark figure gave her his hand and lifted her to her feet. Asuna soon got a better look. It was her nutcracker alive. His wooden face now looked like flesh, and his eyes were no longer marbles but real grey/black eyes.

(Now if anybody had not guess yet, the Nutcracker is Kirito. Those of you who guessed it right, hooray! Those who got it wrong, SHAME ON YOU!)

"Marie, I want to thank you for your kindness," said Kirito, holding up Asuna as they gazed lovingly at each other.

"Marie was no longer afraid for in the twinkling form the Christmas lights had made her nutcracker more handsome and more dashing than ever," said Z-King.

("Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" playing)

Kirito and Asuna started to slow dance around the lights that shined on the ground. It was so magical for both of them. For Asuna she finally had what she wanted, her nutcracker was alive and she was really dancing with him. And Kirito was happy just to hold on to the one who had given him so much love. If it was a dream, neither one of them wanted it to end.

Kirito then spun Asuna in the air, and as she spun around like a graceful ballerina Kirito caught her with such a gentle grasp. He slowly put her down until they were staring eye to eye. Then both Asuna and Kirito closed their eyes and parted their lips and slowly moved their heads to each other until they heard a loud bump.

Their eyes opened in shock and looked to the location of the noise.

"Suddenly there began a sort of wild kicking and squeaking sound, loudly and all about," said Z-King as a present near Asuna and Kirito started to shake.

Then it suddenly opened up! "Oh my goodness! It can't be! But it is!" shouted Z-King as a snow-like twister appeared. But the twister died down to show a humanoid shape to our two Christmas lovers.

It was a metal green creature with a wasp head on its chest, sharp claws, bug-like wings, a pointed green foot and a face with mandible/jaw and bug eyes. It was Waspinator (BW version) wearing plastic mouse teeth on the top of his jaw, a Mickey Mouse ear hat on his head, and a kingly cape, and holding a wooden scepter with a crystal ball on the top.

"IT'S THE MOUSE KING!" shouted Z-King.

"OOH, Wazzzpinator does not want to be the mouzze king!" wined Waspinator. "Thizzz izzz zztupid!"

Waspinator then tossed the mouse hat on the ground and transformed into a wasp and buzzed away. "Good bye!" buzzed Waspinator.

"Wait, Waspinator," said Z-King. "You know the Mouse King wins, right?"

"He doezzzz?" asked Waspinator as he buzzed back in robot form.

"YES, yes the Mouse King wins at the end you get the girl!" said Z-King.

"Hooray! Wazzpinator, finally getzzz to win!" cheered Waspinator as he put the mouse hat back on. "Wazzzpinator will do it!"

Waspinator then twirled his cap recreating the snow twister and headed it toward our love birds.

"So the Mouse King, who will win in the end, had come for Maria," said Z-King. "He wanted her to be his queen."

"Don't worry. I'll protect you!" shouted Kirito as he was about to strike the twister until Waspinator came out and kicked Kirito toward the tree, knocking him out.

"Oh, no!" cried Asuna. Waspinator stood in front of her, and with a wicked cackle, raised his staff over her as it glowed. The staff then fired a ray that sucked Asuna into the snow globe on top of the staff.

Kirito woke up just in time to see the event and just when he was about take his sword and shove it in Waspinator, a mechanical sleigh pulled by eight evil Vehicon cycle drones (each wearing a mouse ear hat) came in front of Waspinator. While the cycle drones fired their weapons at Kirito and he dodged each one, Waspinator got in the evil sleigh and raised the whip to his team and drove away.

Kirito with a raging determination followed the sleigh, and right as he was about to catch it, Waspinator and sleigh went into the opened present that they had originally emerged from. And when the sleigh was fully inside, the present closed, leaving Kirito outside.

Kirito ran around the present trying to find another way in, but no luck. He tried to slice his way in, but no matter how many times he tried it would not rip!

Kirito banged his fists at the present's wall in frustration.

"How am I gonna get you out of there, Maria?" said Kirito in desperation.

"Maybe I could help, Dude!"

Kirito turned around fast to see the source of the voice. It was a humanoid turtle wearing an orange mask-bandanna and wearing nunchucks on its belt. It was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo. (Nick cartoon version)

"Michelangelo! What are you doing here?" said Kirito. "You're not in the Nutcracker!"

"I am now, Bro!" smiled Michelangelo.

"Ok, but what are you supposed to be?" asked Kirito.

"Well Duh! I'm the guy who's helping you," said Michelangelo.

"No, What role are you playing?" Kirito asked.

"Hmm, Hamlet?" said Michelangelo holding up a skull.

Kirito sighed and looked to the narrator. "Can I get a little help here?"

"Nope, I'm staying out of this one," said Z-king.

"Look, Michelangelo, what role are you playing in the Nutcracker?!" said Kirito.

"Oh! Why didn't you say so? I'm going to be the magical manly snow fairy that helps you find your way into the Mouse King's lair," said Michelangelo as he put on a Christmas elf hat.

"Well, what are we waiting for. Open it up!" said Kirito overjoyed.

Michelangelo walked toward the present and pulled out his nunchhucks.

"Booyakasha!" he shouted as he brought his weapon down on the present's wall and it opened the door.

"How come my sword did nothing, but you nunchucks opened it up?" asked Kirito with a confused look.

"It's a ninja turtle thing," smiled Michelangelo as he and Kirito went in to rescue Asuna.

Note. Done with chapter 1 and now on to chapter two! But first things first ,the song that Asuna sang was from The Nutcracker Prince.