Note. Okay here is the last chapter for the Christmas season. Plus I will try to write a fanfic once a month.

Z-King's The Nutcracker (a short story)


Within the present that are two heroes have entered. They saw a magnificent but malevolent ice castle. Kirito and Michelangelo climbed up a mountain to get a better look.

Kirito then saw the Mouse king's sleigh went into castle by drawbridge.

"Okay. Here is what we are going to do," planned Kirito. "We are going to sneak in, and once were in I'll take on the so called Mouse King while you find Maria and get her out. But we got to be very quick and careful got it?"

Kirito turned to look at Michelangelo, only to see him with his tongue stuck on an ice pool.

"I goh my kongue stuckh!" said Michelangelo. (Translation: I got my tongue stuck!)

Kirito slapped his hand on his forehead and said, "Were doomed."

Meanwhile Within the ice castle, In the throne room of the Mouse king. Guarded by six vehicon cycle drones, stood Waspinator trying to put a crown on Asuna who was tied down to an Ice spike on the ground.

"Oh right, here we go," said Z-King. "The Mouse king played by Waspinator, and who will win in the end, was attempting to crown Asuna- I mean Maria to be his wasp…MOUSE, queen or something like that."

"Ooooh, Hold zzzzzztille," shouted Waspinator, once again missing Asuna's head. "Why won't, Fleshy Lady, put on crown and marry Wazzzzpinator?!"

"Yet's get one thing straight, you over grown bucket of bolts!" shouted Asuna dodging another move by Waspinator to put the crown on. "I would marry a goblin then you!"

"But Wazzpinator is amazing, but don't let Wazzpinator tell you, let my zycle dronezzz tell you," said Waspiantor pointing his staff at the Cycle drones as they lined up and one by one they started to sing.

Cycle drone 1: King of the Mice, That's what he is!

Cycle drone 2: Taking all our energon!

Cycle drone 3: Like it was really his!

Cycle drone 4: Greedy to a fault!

Cycle drone 5: Bully to us all!

Cycle drone 6: He'll only be your friend so you could take the fall!

Then Waspinator appeared in front of them.

Waspinator: But I'm really something special!

Something you just can't deny!

Cycle drone 1-6: Everybody raise a cheer! Mealy cause we know he's here!

Every body raise a cheer to the King of the Mice!

Waspinator: King of the Mice, that's what I am!

Pushing them around cause I know I can!

Cycle drone 1: Greedy to a fault!

Waspinator: Bully to them all!

Cycle drone 2: He'll only be your friend!

Waspinator: So you could take the fall!

Then all the Cycle Drones went to Waspinator, and together they formed a kick line.

All: But he's really something special!

Something you just cant' deny!

Waspinator: Every body raise a cheer!

All the Cycle drones: Mealy cause we know he's here!

All: Every body raise a cheer to the King of the Mice!

All the cycle drones then clapped there blaster hands while Waspinator took a bow.

"Thank you, Thank you, Wazzpintor did not even speak in third person when he zingzz," buzzed Waspinator while walking back to Asuna.

"Well? Did, Fleshy Lady change mind?" asked Waspiantor only to see Asuna giving him a board look.

"Yes, I change my mind," said Asuna. Waspinator then grinned happily at the answer, but then Asuna said

"I would not marry a goblin…..I WOULD MARRY A HUTT THEN YOU!" she shouted.

Waspinator was now angry as a predacon could be. "Thatzzzz it!" he shouted, and grabbed the crown and tried again to put it on her. "Fleshey Lady is going to wear crown and be Wazzzpinator'zzzzz queen and, Fleshey Lady izzz going to like it!"

"NO! NEVER!" Asuna shouted.

"You heard her!"

Waspinator and Asuna both turned. To Asuna's delight and Waspinator's dismay, they saw Kirito and Michelangelo on a ledge from and each one holding there respected weapons.

"Let her go you, Mousy Monarch," shouted Kirito as he jumped from the ledge right in front of them.

"Dronezzz, take out that, Turtle bot, Wazzpintor will handle this one!" said Waspinator pulling out his scepter.

(Rock version of the Nutcracker march playing.)

Both Waspinator and Kirito marched to each other and crossed there weapons together, waiting to see who wills take the first strike.

It did not last long as Kirito lifted his sword to take the first strike, but Waspinator used his scepter to take the blow. Kirito tried again but no matter how much he tried he kept hitting the staff. Then Waspinator lifted his scepter and tried to stike Kiriro but he was to fast to hit.

While that was going on the cycle drones fired there blasters at Michelangelo, but the ninja turtle was to fast for them. Then Mikey (Michelangelo for short) hit each on with his nunchaku, braking each one. After Mikey took care of the drones he went to Asuna to set her free, but when he used is weapons to try and break the rope but it instead broke his ninchaku, so he tried his throwing stars but they broke to.

"Tuff rope," Michelangelo said as he tried to think of something else to use.

Meanwhile Kirito and Waspinator's fight was still going on. Each one failing to harm the other, then Waspinator transformed into his wasp form and he tried to use his stinger as a weapon but once again Kirito dodge each strike. Then with a swing of his sword Kirito cut Waspinator's stinger off. In pain Waspinator returned into robot form in the air and gave Kirito a kick in the chest knocking him down. But Kirito got up just as Waspinator was about to hit him with his scepter agian, succesfuly Kirito blocked the hit with his sword.

Then back to Michelangelo who is once again trying to free Asuna. He tried using and axe but it broke, he tried a drill, it broke to then he used one of the cycle drone's blaster to blast it off, but the rope still would not break.

"This it getting stupid even for me!" shouted Michelangelo.

The fight between Kirito and Waspinator was still going on, each one of them giving it there best. But Waspinator being a predacon signaled his cycle drones to attack Kirito at the back. But Kirito saw the drones form the corner of his eye, and just when the drones where almost near him. Kirito jumped and the drones rammed into Waspinator pushing him and themselves over a ledge.

Kirito looked down but saw no one, then to his left he saw Michelangelo pulling on a rope with Asuna still attached to the ice spike.

"Don't ask, dude," sighed Michelangelo.

Then Kirito with his sword cut the ropes and freeing Asuna from the spike.

"My Nutcracker!" shouted Asuna hugging Kirito close to her. Then Kirito took Asuna and headed for the door.

"Oh sure after I wore it out!" said Michelangelo as he ran after them.

"And so they made there escape!" said Z-King. "Except for Michelangelo, I mean the magical snow fairly who was captured by…..Waspinator, no I mean the Mouse king oh you get the point!"

And just as Z-King said that Michelangelo was shot by a blue ray and was forcefully sucked into the scepter Waspinator was holding.

"It's times like this I wish they guys where here!" said Michelangelo inside.

"Arriving safely at home, the Nutcracker and Maria went to close the way into the Mouse King's world," said Z-King as Kirito and Asuna got out of the present and closed the door and put other boxes and toys to block the way.

"But they forgot about the SLEIGH!" said Z-King as Kirito and Asuna heard a rumble coming from the blocked present then it burst opened reveling Waspinator on his sleigh being pulled on by his six cycle drones, and With an evil laugh Waspinator pulled out his wip and with a crack from it singled the drones to chase after Kirtio and Asuna.

(Rock version of the Russian Dance form the Nutcracker played)

Kirito and Asuna led there chasers to a toy train track, and with luck Kirito and Asuna pulled the plastic tracks into different directions. After that they continued to run as Waspinator's sleight reached the train tracks, but when the sleigh came to the tracks that were pointing different ways the Cycle drones took two different paths that made the split in two, causing Waspinator to fall out, but as Waspinator stood up he noticed the separated tracks were leading up to a single track with he was standing on and with also led his drones to charge right into him.

Kirito and Asuna used this distraction to climb up the Christmas tree. Them Waspinator came out of the wreckage and saw the two on the tree, he tried to use his scepter to shoot them down, but they quickly dodge the blast causing it to hit a ginger bread man. (Now a ginger skellington)

In rage Waspinator flew up to the tree to blast them. He landed on a branch just underneath Kirito and Asuna he tried to aim his scepter but they kept getting out of the way. Then Kirito pulled on another branch causing three ornaments to fall on Waspinator's head.

Kirtio and Asuna soon reached the top of the tree only to find Waspinator right on next to them. Waspinator raised his scepter to hit Kirito but he doged it with his sword, then Kirtio cut the top of the tree with hold the star causing it to land on Waspinator's head. Then Asuna used a candy cane to trip Waspinator causing him to fall down from the tree.

Waspinator tried to fly but his wings were smashed when he landed on rocking horse ornament witch caused him plunged head first into a sleigh ornaments causing it to ride down a row of pearls and hit a hard bear ornament flinging Waspinator out and on to the flow and when his scepter fell to it Waspinator and causing it to suck him into the globe on top.

"Waspinator the Mouse King was stopped by Kirito the Nutcracker, and was trapped in his own scepter," said Z-King While inside Waspinator was glaring at him.

"OOOh, Narrator bot said, Wazzzpinator wazzz going to win!" said Waspinator.

"Sorry, looks like I made a mistake," said Z-King

"Don't worry, Dude I got lots of card tricks to past the time," said Michelangelo pulling out a deck of cards.

"Oh, Zlag!" whined Waspinator.

"Come on, pick a card any card," said Michelangelo. "By the way you think there is any pizza in here?"

Kirito and Asuna came down from the tree to celebrate, and as Kirtio and Asuna hold each other for a kiss. They heard the clock booming, they turned to see the clock striking twelve, and Asuna started to glow.

"What's happing?" said Asuna as she saw Kirito's face looking grim.

"The magic that brought turned you small and gave me life is over now. You will get big again and I'll be turned back into a doll.

Asuna was shocked by this, after all that's happened she is going to loose her love.

"No this cant' be! I don't it to happen!" shouted Asuna grabbing hold of Kirito and pushing her head in his shoulder. "I love you, I don't want this to end!"

"Nether would I," Kirito said holding Asuna close and with a tear in his eye. "Just please hold me tight till the end."

Then the two sad couple where surrounded by a flash of light! Asuna opened her eyes with a shock for not because she was her real size again but for Kirito to be the same sized as her!

Kirito was shocked as well when he opened his eyes.

"I, I don't understand," said Kirtio in disbelieve. "How could this be?"

Asuna just moved Kirito's face to hers and said to him with a loving smile. "I don't know if it's a Christmas miracle or not, all I know is you with me and I will never loose you again, my Nutcracker."

Kirito smiled and said, "Neither would I, my lady."

"Now where were we?" smiled Asuna leaning her head to Kiritos

"I remember," said Kirito as he closed his eyes and kissed Asuna on the lips.

It was a lovely moment for them, for this was a kiss of true love and maybe that's how Krito became truly alive (Corny Right?)

As Z-king said "And so Asuna, I mean Maira and her handsome nutcracker played by Kritio lived happily ever af….

Then Foghorn Leghorn came in front of the couple shocking them. "I say, I say thanks for giving this back to me!" Foghorn said holding Waspinator's scepter.

"I thought you were gone," said an annoyed Z-King.

"Nope, just came to get my scepter back, " said Foghorn with pride.

"Your scepter?!" said Z-King with a shock.

That's right, I say that's right!" said Foghorn shacking the scepter. "This here overgrown bug took it from me, but now that I have it back I will now return as king, I say king of the sugar plum fairies!"


"Want a bet?" said Foghorn. Then suddenly two fairy wings came out of his back and he flew around a stunned Kirito and Asuna.

"Come on you guys lets buzz off!" said Foghorn as he flew away with an army of small pink fairies. Kirito and Asuna just stared wide eyed at the whole thing. They look to each other then they shrugged there shoulders and resumed kissing.

"And that my fellow readers is the end of the Nutcrakcer and the ninja turtle, and the wasp king of the mice and I had no idea what that whole sugar plum fairies thing had any thing to do with this. I'm OUT OF HERE!" said Z-King slamming the door.

Note. Well my first fanfic in a long time is done so I say to you all MERRY CHRITSMAS and a happy NEW YEAR!

Extra note. The song Waspinator sings is from that tom and jerry nutcracker movie.