Hey i know i usually do wolfblood Fanfiction but I love dani's house let's get started

Kait Pov

"Hey Dani how's hollywood" i say to the tablet

"great..So have you tell him yet?"


"should be sooner or later cause-" she got caught off by gabe who just flashed here

"Lady Kait,master Rich and master jimmy would like to speak to you"

"ok,then you talk to dani" i say getting up

i walked to the studio and see them recording some beats."What do you want" i say as i cross my arms

"We have an idea to put a concert and we need your help" Jimmy swayed to point at me

"it depends what do i have to do" i raised an eyebrow

"You will be the one who introduce the numbers" Rich says while putting on his headphones

"Fine,But I have to get some credit" i say as I walked out the room and in the bedroom and layer at my bed.


"Ok Kait you will stand there and then walked in the middle then introduce them then you walk out the left"

"I know what to do Rich"

"Now get on this" as he handed me a grey hoody crop top and jeans short and a pair of boot wedges.

"No no no no I'm not wearing that"

"pleeaaassseeee" as he put puppy dog eyes at me

and as respond i put an evil stare "FINE" as I walked up my room

"Come on Kait hurry up show is starting in a few more hours" as he says knocking the door."Alright comin' comin" I say unlocking the door all i see is Rich mouth drop open and jimmy drop his chocolate i his mouth."Ok I'm changing" as I hold the door nob but a hand stop I looked up it was Rich "No your not" as he pull me I fell on top of him

"Oh yea i forgot i put that there!"Esme popped in,Me and Rich stared to each others eyes

"uuggumm" jimmy fake stand up blushing

"let's just go" as I pointed to the living place...

Hey hope you like it