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WARNING: Some slight romance ;) xD

Recap: Do I go? Or do I enter another? What if its a tr-

Your thought disappeared as yet another opened with a White flash, and another with Blue, and another that's Black. You stare at the door, the Green door and wait for it to unlock itself.

But it never does...

You continued to watch the door even though nothing happened. Your mind screaming random thoughts at you, asking you and pushing you to open it and see what's inside. You tried to fight off the strange force pulling you forward to this door, what if its a trap?

You feel your hand brushes across the cold metal, making you jump back in surprise. When had you gotten there? You felt hands remove themselves from your back, making your heart race as you turn your head slightly. You catch a glimpse of green, your eyes widening as you fully move yourself. You step back from the boy, a small smirk on his face as he comes towards you.

"S-stay away..." You mutter, he grabs your hand and pulls you forward a little.

"Why? Your such a lovely girl..." You blushed, his voice containing softness, your eyes locking with his and seeing something in them that made your heart flutter. "what's your name, princess of earth?" You continued to stare into his green irises while struggling to answer his question.

"Uhh..I'm ummm.."

"Nice to meet you, 'Ummm'." He smiles again, making you quietly sigh and shake your head.

"M-my name is _-_"

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He winks at you.

"Are you flirting with me?"

"What's it look like?" He comes a little closer to you, you feel yourself hit the wall. Your head turning in random directions as fear slightly crosses over you. What is he doing?

"W-what are you doing?" He gives you another smirk and comes closer, your foreheads now touching. "I-I don't even k-know who you are! Get away from me!" You shoved him, but it seemed like he didn't feel you. You struggled to find an exit, soon beginning to yell for help.

"Shh...stop that..." He covers your mouth and goes to kiss you...your lips barely brush with his before something stops him. The blonde turns himself, his hand rubbing his head as he looks back at the person behind. You closed your eyes in relief and allowed yourself to calm down.

"Nya! What the hell!" You snap your eyes open and peer over his shoulder, seeing the girl with a lovely red dress and gold pattern swirling around it. She steps forward, angel wings appearing behind her back with a pink glow.

"Lloyd, no language." She says, rolling her eyes as she pulls him out of the way. "or I'll tell your father and uncle..." She glares at him before moving over to you, she places her hands on your shoulders and smiles at you. "you okay, dear?" You nod, confusion written all over your face. Lloyd sighs and crosses his arms.

"She's fine, Nya!" Nya turns and raises her finger to her neck, he raises his hands in the air with fear on his face. She points to the green door and he nods.

"W-what?" She brings her attention back to you, a sweet smile on her face.

"Never mind that idiot, what did he do?" You see Lloyd wink at you before grabbing the handle to the door and disappearing inside of his realm.

"He...kissed me...?" You say, the words coming out in a small whisper. She laughs a bit.

"Well, that's Lloyd for you."

"Are you, Kai's sister?"

"Yes, why?"

"He explained to me who you and the others are and why I'm here..." Her eyes widened, she drops her hands from your shoulders and steps back. "what? What's wrong?" You step forward in worry. She closes her eyes and gasped.