Well, as you can see, I made a Naruto parody of A Christmas Charol as a Christmas gift to all of you. Now, the casting.

Sasuke as Scrooge

Kakashi as Jacob Marley

Naruto as Bob Crachit

Sakura as Mrs. Crachit

Karin as Martha Crachit

Konohamaru as Tiny Tim

Suigetsu as Ghost of Christmas Past

Juugo as Ghost of Christmas Present

Itachi as Ghost of Christmas Future

Ino as Fan (Scrooge's younger sister)

Hinata as Belle

Shino as Bell's husband (sorry NaruHina fans)

Well, now you guys know the cast of the characters. I would like to thank my friend that is also a FanFiction author for the ideas.

Sasuke: Okay Konan11! We got it, now Lets start the story?

Sure Sasuke, or should I say, Scrooge. Remember you asked me to let you be Scrooge.

Sasuke: All right! But we are Tierd of waiting.

Okay Sasuke! But the less you interupt, the faster we start. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Sasuke: Merry Christmas everyone who is reading! Now can we please start the story for them Konan11?

Sure! Lets start then!

Sasuke: Wait... Naruto just called saying he can't come today.

You have got to be kidding me! Anyone knows Bob Crachit's lines? No one? Okay, Lets wait until tomorrow. For now, everyone may go home except for Sasuke, we have to review the lines again. Good night everyone! Expectj the next chapter tomorrow night, and the next the following... You understand right? Please reviewing friends! :)