And here we are to the final chapter in our story. On with it!

Sasuke: how long was I asleep? (gpes to the window, and sees Konohamaru). Hey! Konohamaru! What day is today?

Konohamaru: Why? It's Cjristmas day!

Sasuke : Yay! Can you get me a huge turkey? Bring it here and I will play you!

Kononhamaru: Okay! (Leaves)

Sasuke: Thank you Jacob Shikamarley and company!

Shikamarley: you are welcome!

Sasuke: Why are the other spirits here?

Juugo: We wanted to say bye for now.

Suigetsu: Bye!

Itachi: See ya!

Shikamarley: Thanks! Now I finally get to rest!

Sasuke: So long!

Spirits leave. Sasuke put on his best close and goes out for Christmas. Konohamaru brings the turkey to his house.

Sasuke: That is one big turkey! Take the cab Dear boy! Here is your money! Some extra for the cab.

Konohamaru: Okay, thanks!

Then, a woman in the street saw him doing that!

Woman: Sasuke? What happened to him!? HE'S GONE MAD!

Sasuke: Merry Christmas woman!

Woman: He's gone mad!

Sasuke gretes everyone he found and finally, accepted to give money to Kiba and Choji.

Sasuke: Hope you had luck yesterday.

Finally, he got to work.

Naruto: Hey boss, I know I am late!

Sasuke: You are!

Naruto: I'm sorry, that won't happen again!

Sasuke: I know it won't! Cause I am about to... Raise your salary! :)

Naruto: Please don't, wait! You will pay me ramen?

Sasuke: No, I will raise your salary.

Naruto: Yay! After all, I have a huge family. Litirally. There is a sick kyuubi on my house.

Sasuke: Now you can earn a good life! Go and by Whatever you want for them! XD

Naruto: Thanks boss!

Later that night...

Ten Ten: The party is kind of silent tonight.

Neji: Let's play a guessing game! It's and animal in this town!

Lee: Horse?

Neji: No

Gaara: Cow?

Neji: No

Kankuro: is it an idiot?

Neji: That is mean but yes, and no.

Temari: I know, it's your-

Sasuke enters the room.

Neji: Uncle Sasuke?

Sasuke: can I join you guys?

Neji: Sure! Come in!

The rest is predictible. Tiny Kurama, who lived, considered Sasuke a second father. Naruto was never mistreated by Sasuke again. Christmas got even more cheerful and happier with Sasuke. As Tiny Kurama obsereved, things were changed forever.

Tiny Kurama: Merry Christmas! God bless everyone!

All: Happy Birthday Jesus!

Thank you for Reading and a Merry Christmas to you too! Don't forget to congrajulate Jesus! See you in another play!