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A Friend In Need

Chapter 1

Fenton Hardy private investigator, was at his desk looking up criminal files. When his good friend and partner Sam Radley stood in the doorway, with a grim look on his face.

Private investigator Sam Radley comes into the office, pulling a file out of his jacket.

"I have some bad news. " Sam said as he handed Fenton the file. "I got a contact in Italy."

A man by the name of Carmine Devereux, was found dead outside an Italian eatery, around March seventh this past spring," Sam sitting down across from Fenton to explain, " They suspect the owner Robert Santos." Sam handing Fenton a photo of a tall good-looking, dark-haired, athletic middle-aged, man. The man was wearing a tailored dark suit. Even in a photo Fenton could tell, the man had a strong presence about him. Under all of that, Fenton knew Santos was a very dangerous man. They also suspect that Santos, maybe involved in a crime organization, hiring out hit-men to do his dirty work.

"Carmine Devereux was co-owner of the restaurant."

"What happened?" Fenton asked, reading the file.

"Apparently, a heated argument, broke out between the two men." Sam replied. " that was the last time, anyone saw Devereux alive. His body was found outside a dumpster, an Italian restaurant own by Santos himself."

"Let me guess, the authorities are unable to find any evidence," Fenton said, thinking out loud. " or anyone to, come forward with information. It's the same thing every time."

"People are to scared of losing their life."

"It is different this time, Fenton." Sam said.

"Different, how?"

"There is someone, who may have seen Santos murder Devereux."

"Who?" Fenton's eyes lite up. Finally a break in the case, they've been working on for months. The detective saw the hesitation is his friends eyes. "Sam."

Sam let out a sigh, ran a hand through his sandy blond hair. "Tony Prito."

Angela Santos walks nervously into a very busy Prito's Italian restaurant looking for someone.

A roar of laughter coming from a group of teens sitting around a table caught her attention . Finally she spots him, dark-haired eighteen-year-old Italian Tony Prito's, five foot inch frame leaning up against the table laughing. A blonde haired, teen about seventeen with an athletic built, was the reason for the laughter. Sitting next to him, a dark-haired teen, about eighteen, more slender an inch taller, than the blonde boy. Two other teenage boys, sitting across from them about the same age and height, one was husky with short brown hair, the other blonde, but more muscular.

Joe Hardy's blue eyes caught sight of a hot girl about his age, an inches shorter, then his six-foot frame. She was wearing dark jeans,with a blue long sleeve shirt. The girl's long raven hair cascade down to her shoulders. The girl's green emerald eye's were staring at Tony.

"Hey Tony, there's a hot girl checking you out."

Tony turning his head, his smile slowly fading, when he saw the girl.

"What is she doing here? He muttered under his breath.

Biff Hooper and Chet Morton also noticed the girl. Frank Hardy Joe's year older brother, could not help notice his friend's face turn slightly pale. The girl started making her way towards their table.

Frank turns to Tony asking, " Do you know her ?"

"Her name is Angela Santos. I met her in Italy during spring break. We went out a couple of times." Tony said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

"Did something happen between you two?"

Before, Tony could answer, "Tony please, I need to talk to you."

"What are you doing here ?" Tony hissed.

"I've been looking for you," replied the raven-haired girl, " I need to talk to you, Please, it's important."

Tony seeing the curious faces around the table, he quickly made introductions, then lead Angela to a private place to talk.

Biff leaned over the table, whispering, " Who is that?"

" I don't know." Joe answered, "Tony didn't seem happy to see her."

"Maybe, they broke up and, she wants to get back together with him." Chet suggested.

"If she came all this way from Italy, it's something big." Frank added. He too was a little curious, about what is going on with his friend. His detective instincts he inherited from his detective father, were kicking in wanting to find out.

Tony's father Aldo Prito the owner of the eatery, an Italian man of average height, in his late forties with dark hair, came up to their table smiling. " Where's Tony?"

The four teens looked at each other, not sure of what to say to Tony's father. Frank was about to respond, when a pale-face Tony came up slumping into a chair next to Joe, bearing his head in his hands, "I'm in trouble."

"Tony what's wrong?" Mr. Prito, in alarming voice, concern for his son.

"Tony, I'm so sorry."

Angela coming up laying a hand on Tony's shoulder. Tony shook her hand away, stood up saying that he needed some air. He headed for the door not caring about the stares, and whispers coming from the restaurant. Joe looked at Frank wondering, if he should go after Tony. Frank indicated "yes" with his brown eyes, as Joe too off.

Mr. Prito's eyes widen at the sight of the girl. "What are you doing here?"

Angela felt all eyes on her like daggers. "I had to see Tony." She stated.

Frank saw a flicker of rage in the man's dark eyes. Aldo Prito a kind a generous man. Who never knew a stranger. Frank has never seen so much anger in the man.

"Stay away, from my son."

"I can't." Angela said in an almost whisper, "Tony is the father of my son."

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