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A Friend in Need

Chapter 2

Joe Hardy was trying to calm down, a very frantic Tony Prito pacing back and forth outside, the restaurant by the loading dock.

"Tony, please calm down."

Tony stopped his pacing looking at Joe, " My whole world is falling apart," He laughs sarcastically, " You want me to calm down."

"All that pacing is making me dizzy." Joe teased trying to lighten the mood, "Besides, you're starting to ware a hole in the ground.'

That drew out a faint smile from his friend, Joe took a seat on the back step. " At least, I got you to calm down."

"I have a son." came out in one breath.


"I have a son." Tony let out a deep sigh, as he ran a hand through his dark hair.

Joe just sat there speechless, He tried to put himself in Tony's shoes. Joe cares for his,girlfriend Vanessa, very much. They have been dating, for only two years. Sure they made out a few times, he would never cross that line. Having a baby at his age,was something he could not imagine. There were so many things, Joe wanted to do like graduate from, high school, go to college. Go to work full-time with his father as a private investigator, along with his brother Frank. He knows Frank feels the same way. He looked forward to someday settling down with a wife and kids.

Tony was staring down at the ground. Joe could see the wheels turning in his friend's head.

Joe cleared his throat to say something, no words came out. " So... he stumbled Clearing his throat again. "Are you sure?"

Tony pulls pictures out of his back pocket. "His name is Antonio and, six months old."

"Wow." was all Joe could say, looking at the little face of Tony's son. How can such a little thing be so beautiful. Yet, when he looked at Tony, he could see the fear in his eyes. Joe knew his friend's life has changed in a big way.

Joe handed the pictures back, put a comforting arm around Tony. " We are here to support you, in any way you need."

Tony's voice quivering out a " Thanks, Joe."

"Where is your son?" Joe asked, "I didn't see Angela with a baby."

"I don't know." Tony shook his head.

"Where did you two meet?"

"We met in Italy, My parents and I were there, visiting family during spring break." Tony went all quiet, when he mention family. Joe wondered if it was, because of the baby or something else.

"Sorry, I guess I'm a little emotional."

The blonde teen ran a hand through his hair, he began to feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe, he should go get Frank or Mr. Prito. They could handle it better.

"It's okay, I understand." Joe sympathized.

You don't understand." Tony shook his head, tear steaming down his face.

"I know your upset about the baby..."

"It not about the baby. It's my mom."

"Your mom?

"She's dying."

Aldo looked as if, the wind knocked right out if him. Frank went into action, as he rushed to the man's side. He handed Aldo a glass of water, then guiding him to a chair. "Are you alright?"

Aldo got to his feet with Frank supporting him. "Yes I'm alright, thank you."

"Ms. Santos, why don't we discuss this in my office." Aldo addressed the raven-haired girl. He turns to Frank, "I may need your help."

Frank agreed. Noticing, the scared look on Angela's face. that made him wonder about Tony. Frank wanted to go check on his friend but, Joe was with him. So, he knew Tony was in good hands.

Biff and Chet still stunned by the news, got up to leave. They gave their word not to say anything.

There was a smothering silence in Aldo's office waiting for someone to speak.

Angela's eyes were all red and, puffy from crying. Finally spoke, "I'm sorry.'

"Why now?" Aldo questioned, "Why did you wait until now, to tell Tony, he has a son."

You don't know, what my live has been like." Angela said, tears running down her face. Frank took a tissue box off the desk handing it to her. "Thank you."

She wipes away the tears then continues, "My father is a hard man to live with. It's like living in a prison. I have to get his permission to do just about everything."

"Does he hit you?" Frank asked.

Angela snorted a laugh. "that would be like showing that he cares, My father has never done either one. Robert Santos wants a son, to carry on the Santos name, and to run the family business."

Does your father know about the baby?"

Angela broke in to tears. "Yes, He took my baby from me, to raise as his son." Aldo took a water bottle out of a small refrigerator, behind his desk.

Frank was just stunned. What kind of man, takes his own grandchild from his own daughter. This was no man, to even call him human, was hard to imagine. " What about my son?" Aldo breaking into his thoughts.

"What about my Tony?"

"After, what happened in Italy."

Frank looked from Angela to Aldo. " What happened in Italy?"

"That's where I met Tony." Angela said. "He came into my father's restaurant. We sort of collided into each other, I was carrying a tray of food." She smiled at the memory. " We had pasta all over each other. Tony was so embarrassed, he kept on apologizing, offering to help clean up. He said, he was use to it back home at his family's restaurant." Angela took a sip of water, He was so sweet."

"We went out a couple of times after that. Tony was the first guy, who made me feel special. One night we went out to dinner. He walked me back to my place. I asked Tony, where he was from. He told me, in Bayport a small town outside of New York." She paused to that a breath, then said, Tony told me, he was visiting family for a few weeks. He got all quite, when he mentioned family."

When I asked, what was wrong, he'd change the subject. Tony started crying. He told me about his mother, I knew how he was feeling, I lost my mother when I was fifteen. So, I sat there comferting him, we started kissing and one thing lead to another. We didn't mean to take things as far, as we did. He was upset about his mother."

Frank saw tears in Mr. Prito's eyes at the mention of his wife. Then suddenly it hit him, Tony's mother was dying.

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