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A Friend in need

Chapter 28

Dr. Stevens had given Tony something to help him sleep.

Frank, Joe and Fenton along with Gray stepped out in the hallway.

Frank glancing over at Joe, who was just staring down at the floor. "Joe, Are you alright ?"

Frank got really concern when Joe didn't answer. "Joe, talk to me."

"Joe." Fenton put his hands on Joe's shoulders making Joe face him. He could feel Joe's body shaking. "Do not go blaming yourself. This is not your fault."

"How can it not be my fault?" Joe looked at Fenton with anger in his eyes. "We are on the Assassins hit list."

Fenton knew Joe needed to vent he could not blame him. He was just as frustrated and angry. 'Go ahead Joe. Get it of your chest."

"I am on top of that hit list." Joe pointed at to his chest. "The Assassins wants Me. All because in their eyes I KILLED Al-ROUSASA!."

"There I said it. I KILLED Al-ROUSASA!" Joe points to the room behind him. "Now Tony in the middle of this literally fighting for his life."

"All because Me." Joe starts pacing back and forth. "The minute Tony tells Angela he is friends with the Hardy boys."

"She ran right to daddy."

"Joe, I think you're right." Frank spoke up. " I'll bet you Angela is a recruiter."

"Angela was trying to recruit Tony into Heartless." Joe picking up on what his brother was suggesting."She knew his situation with his mother. Tony was in a vulnerable state and she used that to her advantage. Like Gray said Heartless will use any tactic to reel them in."

"Angela did just that." Frank suggested." Now there is a baby involved in this. Which makes things a little more complicated."

"I don't know if i can trust you." Joe turns to the Gray Man. " I put my feelings about you aside for Tony."

" I'm trusting you now to help get Tony out of Heartless."

"You will help him, won't you?"

" Yes, It would mean using any method necessary." Gray Man replied, " The Network wants to puts Heartless out of business for good. There is something about the Assassins you should know."

Frank and Joe both looked at each other. They both knew it wasn't good news.

"The Assassins are no longer active," Gray informing them, "Heartless has taken over their organization. Most of the Assassins's members are now part of Heartless."

"They killed those that refuse to join. These people are more aggressive. They don't care about anyone or anything, except money, power and revenge."

" Now that their ring leader is behind bars under tight security. The second in command has taken his place as the ring leader. We haven't figure out who that is yet."

"How did you find all this out?," Fenton asked.

"I can't tell you my sources. What I can tell you is that we have agents all over the world." Gray answered." There are even agents here in the states trying to find out all they can about Heartless."

Frank and Joe looked at each other letting Gray's words sink in. Frank turns to Gray asking. "What does this mean for Tony?"

"Gray," The Frank saw the hesitation Gray's eyes. "What does this mean for Tony?"

" Heartless will be coming after him...," Gray letting out a sigh, saying.

"... If Heartless wants Tony!" Joe shot back feeling his temper starting to rise. "They will have to go through me first!" Then he storms off before giving Frank or Fenton time to say anything. "It's not going to happen again!"

"They will come after you three as well." Gray Man finished.

Fenton looks at Frank, "You are to stick to your brother like glue."

"Don't worry dad. I won't let Joe do anything stupid."

The next morning, Aldo invited close family and friends to Prito's for food and comfort. Joe thought Simone's funeral was a touching tribute to her life. Friends and family each got up sharing stories about Simone. How she was always willing to help a friend in need. How she love doing volunteer her time doing charity work. Some talked about her love of cooking.

A very upset Laura was in the kitchen making coffee. Fenton gave her the condense version of everything that happened.

Aldo was making his rounds greeting to family and friends.

Fenton and Sam who were busy making preparations for Tony, Aldo and Little Antonio to go into a safe house. Fenton even made arrangements for Dr. Stevens to keep his therapy sessions with Tony. had given the okay to release Tony for the funeral. He thought it would be good for Tony to have closure with his mom. Someone had to stay with him always. Tony still could not be left alone given his suicidal tendencies.

The Hardy brothers and, their friends were sitting around a their usual. Frank and Joe had filled them in the night before everything that happened.

" Everything seems so surreal." Vanessa said softly.

Callie added. " I hope you guys get Heartless soon."

"I can't believe Tony is leaving Bayport."Chet shook his head, "It doesn't seem right."

"What about school? I mean it is his Senior year."

"I'm sure they have that all worked out,"Phil Cohen said while adjusting his glasses." We'll be able to talk to him, won't we?"

"Yes," Frank answered, "However, all messages with have to be in writing. My dad will take it to him."

"There will only be a few people who will know where Tony is."

"Where is Tony?" Biff asked, which got everyone's attention, looking around for their friend.

Frank started scanning the room for his friend. His eyes landed on Tony sitting alone at a table in a far corner holding his son. Tony was just staring out of the window with a sad expression on his face.

Joe looked at Frank wondering if he should go talk to Tony. Frank indicated "yes" with his brown eyes.

Joe gets up and goes over to his friend. "Hey Tony. How are you two doing?"

"Guess that's a stupid question."

Little Antonio just responded with gibberish and a smile.

" Fine, I guess." Was all he got from Tony.

Joe could see dark circles around Tony's eyes. He could see the mix of emotions of fear, sadness and anger on his face." Tony, why don't you come and join us at the other table."

Tony shrugged his shoulders, "I don't feel like being around everyone right now."

"Besides, I have to get use to being alone."

"What do you mean?" Joe couldn't believe Tony would say such a thing. "You're not alone."

"We are all here for you."

"That's how I feel. Alone." Tony's voice choked," My life isn't mine anymore." Joe reached over to squeeze Tony's hand letting him vent. He waited patiently for Tony to continue, Tony let out a heavy sigh, wiping the tears in his eyes. Looking at his son," I feel guilty for even saying this, he is not supposed to be here."

" Not yet."

"This is my senior year. I have to graduate high school in the fall with my friends."

"Go to college. So I can take over the restaurant full-time. So that Dad can retire," Tony shook his head, "That was the plan. Being a father at eighteen was never part of it." Tony let out a heavy sigh. "Santos took something inside of me. My life. I'll never that get back."

"Tony, it's not forever. " Joe replied, "It's just until your free from Heartless. You will come back home. There are a lot of people working on this case. Don't forget you have Dad, Frank and me working on this case too. You know we won't give up until Heartless is out of business and your home safe."

"I know you will." Tony replied," You guys are the only people I can trust."

"I don't want to leave Bayport. This is my home. My life is here. My mom is here."

"This restaurant is more than a restaurant. It was my mom's dream." Tony asked changing the subject."Did I ever tell you how we got Prito's?"

"No," Joe said shook his head, "I don't think so."

"Mind if we join you." Frank said, as he Chet, Biff, Phil and the girls gathered around the table. Frank took a seat next to Joe. "Yes," Tony replied, then took a deep breath before saying, "My mom didn't have a lot of money growing up in Italy. Her father my grandfather had to leave home a lot to find a job. He would leave the on Monday and come home Sunday. Every paycheck my grandfather would earn he sent home. Her mother my grandmother would take jobs cooking and cleaning for people."

"When my grandfather came home on Sundays. My grandmother would take the money they saved up and buy food the day before. She would be in the kitchen cooking up this big Italian dishes with all the trimmings. My mom would be in these kitchen helping her. By the time my grandfather got home dinner would be waiting for him. They would all sit down and have a family dinner.

"My mom said that was one of the reasons she loved cooking. It brought her father home."Tony paused to that a breath, then said, "That was their time together. It didn't matter what kind of week they had. Sunday night dinners was their family time that no one could take away. This gave my mom her dream to one day open a restaurant."

"When my parents came to the United States they didn't have a lot of money. They both took a job at a restaurant. My dad worked as a busboy. My mom worked in the kitchen washing dishes. They did any job the manager would ask them. The manager was so impressed with their work ethic so much.

"One night for some reason the chef quit on them. They still had orders to fill. My mom stepped in and offered to cook the orders. The food was such a big hit the owner of the restaurant offered my mom the job as head chef. He gave my dad a job as co-manager. To make a long story short,"Tony let out a deep," the owner eventually retired, my parent bought the restaurant. Which is now Prito's."

"Tony, Joe is right." Frank reassuring his friend. "it's not forever, you will be home soon."

"Besides you have to come home." Joe teased trying to lighten the mood, "So we can have a big Italian dinner with all the trimmings."

That drew out a smile from Tony. Little Antonio starts laughing.

"See Antonio agrees with his favorite Hardy boy." Joe replies.

Frank turns to his brother asking," What makes you his favorite Hardy boy?"

"Well, every body knows I'm the fun one."

"You'll just turn him into a computer geek."

"Hey, I'm fun."

Joe turns to Little Antonio. "Don't worry kid I'll save you."

" Tony, I think you're gonna have enough trouble explaining these two to your son."Chet pointed his thumb at the Hardy brothers.

"What do you mean by that?" Joe asked.

" You guys could write a book about the cases you get into."

"You know. I've told Frank that for years." Joe said, shaking his head,"That we need to write this stuff down. I mean it's not like we make this stuff up."

"Joe, I've told you before that no one would be interested in reading about us." Frank argued.

"Frank, are you kidding. We could have our own book series."

Joe starts getting excited,"Who knows maybe are own TV show."

"Or, better yet the big screen."

"I even have the perfect title."

"What's that?"

"The Hardy Boys."

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