Hey, I'm Shadmé, the creator of this story and show. I noticed I'm not a very funny person (more like shy and serious) compared with these two angels. So I decided to start a show for Dark Pit- with Pit as the cameraman- so I could watch humor in action. Dark Pit doesn't know this, nor does he know that Pit's the cameraman. This is bound to amuse me greatly or be a train wreck. Anyway, here comes the star of the show!

A dark-winged angel walked onto the dark stage. Glancing around suspiciously, he spotted a piece of paper on the table. He picked it up, his maroon eyes flitting over the important details of the contract.

Your own talk show...interview people...be yourself...whatever, he thought. Paying no attention to the smaller details, he signed his name, Dark Pit, at the bottom, giving him full liberty of the show. At that moment, his energetic counterpart, Pit, came rushing onto the stage with a camera.

"Hi, Pittoo! Are you on this show too?"

"Ugh, don't call me that," Dark Pit groaned. "And what do you mean? I'm the star of this thing. What do you want?"

"Oh, fantastic! I'm the cameraman!" Pit chirped excitedly. "So that means we get to both be on the show! Ooh, do you have any episodes planned?"

Dark Pit collapsed onto a chair. "Great, you'll literally be following me around this entire time..."

"Yeah! It'll be fun!" Pit exclaimed. "So, what do you wanna do first?"

The dark angel, seeing no way out of the situation since he'd signed the contract, pulled a piece of paper and a pencil out of his pocket and started to write a script. "Let's see..." he muttered. "We'll need to bring in a few popular gods and goddesses on the show to draw attention, then we can move on from there. Who should we put on first?" He blankly stared out into the empty rows of seats.

"Lady Palutena! Everyone knows the goddess of light," Pit stated, making it sound completely obvious that she was the right choice.

"Whatever." The angel scribbled her name down, and another idea came to him for a future episode. As he got to work, Pit fooled around with his camera. In particular, he was fascinated with the zoom button.

Pit zoomed in on the pencil Dark Pit was using, then zoomed out, listening to the sound the camera made. Zoom in, zoom out, in, out...

"What is that annoying noise?" Dark Pit grumbled, looking up. "It sounds like a robot from Megaman."

The lighter angel decided not to admit it was him, and set the camera down. "Hey Pittoo, should I go out and get decorations or something? The stage looks pretty bland."

"If I recall, you're a cameraman, not a stage designer," Dark Pit retorted, interrupted again from his planning.

"Oh come on, you're not gonna leave it like this, will you?" Pit gestured to the whole area, twirling in a small circle.

"I'll fix it. Later."

Pit trotted over to his twin and snatched his paper. Dashing away gleefully, he shouted, "Well since you don't have the script, guess we'll have to go out now!"

"Hey! That's important!" Dark Pit took a running leap off the stage and landed on one of the rows of chairs, preparing to chase Pit around the auditorium.

"C'mon! You've been working for a long time!"

"Five minutes is not a long time!" the dark angel growled. He jumped on the floor getting ready to cut Pit off, but the angel skidded and whipped around the other way. "Get back here!"

"Not until we go buy decorations, props and a mini refrigerator!" Pit replied.

"You have the hearts for that?" Dark Pit snapped.

"Maybe! We'll never know until you stop chasing me!" Pit remarked.

Dark Pit slowed to a walk. "How in the name of the Underworld do you still have that much energy?"

Pit held up a Tirelessness power in his hand. "Oh," Dark Pit sighed. "Fine. But where would you get the supplies?"

"The human world has something called a 'mall', where you buy things," Pit told him.

"Uh uh. No way. Not going there," Dark Pit said. "There's no way we can pass ourselves off as humans to go on a shopping trip."

"Hmm." Pit stopped running, his power wearing off. "Just hold your wings close to your back, and put your scarf over it or something."

"It's summertime, dolt. We can't wear heavy scarves in summer."