So here, I need to explain myself. First and foremost, this is all Shipperwolf's fault.

"But why?!" I hear you asking, "Shipperwolf is a pillar of the community!"

Indeed. To explain I'll need you to come back with me to October, when apparently my partner in shipping crime JodiMelville's OTP's fandom (Chlex) errupts into a frenzy of Holiday excitement:

"You should write Caryl Christmas fluff!" She prodded me.

"I don't think my fandom does Christmas…" I sniffed, loftily.

"We're much too grim for all of that. It's a zombie apocolypse, Jodi. People are dying!"

"Oh really?" She replied, followed up seconds later by a link to this fic:

A Christmas Caryl - By: ShazzyZhang

Now I'm sure when normal people read this fic they squee delightedly at the prospects of Carol and Daryl having holiday sexy times and have done with it. And I did do a bit of that, sure. But mostly my evil brain just started to froth with maniacal inspiration at the idea of haunting Daryl into Caryl with the ghosts of some of my favorite dead characters! YES!

So that's what this is. And believe you me it was damn hard to stay in the spirit after the car crash that was Season 4! I had to shelve the damn thing for months, but a promise is a promise…

Anyway, ShazzyZhang blames her fic on Shipperwolf, so I figure I can too. You should read it if you haven't already, because my fic picks up right where hers left off, and two yeses make a HELL YES!