Blast for my past_2

"What happened when I left?"

I looked at him "well shortly after everything came out Cate found out that Ryan got his ex-Julia pregnant and shortly before that Cate found out that she could never have another baby, well after Ryan found out he left Cate, and Baze found that his dad had cheated on his mom with Emma so he quit his job and took off during the night and we haven't heard from him since."

He pulled me into a hug "I'm so sorry Lux" I looked at him "for what?" he looked down "for only thinking of myself when I told them," I put my hand on his leg " I understand now it took me a while to understand that," he gave me a smile, we stayed like that for a couple of minutes he was leaning towards me and I was doing the same then our lips met I felt the same spark that was there five years ago.

He pulled away and looked at me "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that" he got up and walked out the door, I was so confused but then again when it came to Eric Allister Daniels I was always confused I knew that I should talk to him and see what was going on but I knew that it would be useless, I call the airport and packed my bag I wasn't going to sit here and have stop and go moments with him again.


The kiss between Lux felt amazing I haven't felt this way since I first met her then it hit me that I had a wife in the next room, when I had gotten back to the room Mia was sitting on the bed reading " is everything okay?" I looked at her "yes." After I got dressed I went to get Lux but found that she wasn't there so I ran down the stairs "Mia have you seen Lux?" she looked up from her coffee no I haven't you could try the room" I sat down "I checked and all of her things are gone."

When I got to school Mr. Smith walked up to me "Lux called me last night" I looked at him "what did she say?" he looked around "something about family emergency," with that he walked away the whole day I couldn't concentrate and everyone noticed it, I was trying to grade papers but I kept thinking about Lux, when my friend Aaron Whitmore stopped me "Eric what is with you today?" I looked around "if I tell you something promise you will not tell anyone?" he gave me a smile " I won't" I made sure no one was around " I know Lux" he raised his eye brow and was about to reply when I stopped him, " five years ago I moved to Portland Organ and I met this girl she was sassy and very sexy but she was engaged so I took her to the ocean and we kissed and well a couple of days later I find out that she was a student," he looked at me.

" well I told her that it was wrong and I tried to keep my distance but then a fellow teacher who is a friend of her dad told me that she needed a tutor," I stopped and stared at him "and I figured that spending time with her was the only we could do together without it being wrong, so one camping trip we kissed again and she told me to make up my mind and I did I told her I wanted to be with her," he put his hand on my shoulder " we were happy for five months we were hiding it from her family but then something changed."

I heard him gasp "you got her pregnant?" I looked at him "no her best friend hit a guy with a shovel so they went to court and Lux had to testify she said that he would do things with her and one night he pushed her down the stairs and that caused her to have a stroke," he looked at me "wow we started packing things for the day "and I kissed her last night and it was amazing" he turned and looked at me "what about Mia?"

That is the question I have been thinking about all day, when I got home Mia gave me a worried look "Eric what is wrong?" I kissed her but I didn't feel the same spark as I did with Lux, "nothing is wrong baby I went up to our room and started pacing, I know what I needed to do I ran down the stairs "Mia I have to go to Portland for a couple of days" she looked at me "why" I couldn't think of an excuse but finally got one "to visit an old friend, two hours later I was on a plane to Portland.


I had gotten home several hours ago and I had just gotten out of the shower when someone knocked on the door, I was surprised to see Eric standing there "what are you doing here?" he looked down to what I was wear and instead of answering me he kissed me and I felt that same spark again, I pulled away first "what are you doing here?" he walked inside while I closed the door "I came because I couldn't stop thinking about you or that kiss."

He pulled me on to his lap " I think that I might be in love with you but I don't know if you feel the same I don't want to lose you again I want to be the guy that you tell everything to that will make you laugh and smile and wipe the tears away, I want to be the guy that comes home to you every day, I lost you for five years and I felt empty but I never knew it until you walked back into my life so I can't, I won't actually, let you go again."

I looked at me " that is the sweetest thing that you have ever said to me, I want to be with you Eric so bad the past five years have been hell without you in it I wouldn't be here or even written a book if it hadn't have been for you, but there is a big problem your married to someone else," he pulled me closer to him " if you want to be with me say yes that way I can tell Mia she deserves so much better than me a guy who fell in love with his student five years ago and who is still in love with that girl," I looked at him "yes.

We spent the night catching up and kissing it felt like the five years we had been apart never even happened, we were laying on my bed talking "so what are you going to tell Mia?" he looked at me "tell her the truth that I'm in love with someone else and it wasn't far to her and I thought moving on would help me get over her but I was wrong," I looked at him " I love you Minnesota" he kissed me " I love you to Eeyore."


When I woke up at eight and I couldn't find Lux so after ten minutes of locating my clothes except my shirt, I walked into the kitchen and saw Lux wearing my shirt cooking breakfast "thought you said you couldn't cook?" she turned around and gave me a smile "well I can cook certain things," we sat down for breakfast then we cuddled for a couple of hours before I had to leave "Eric what are we going to do since we live so far away?" I looked at her " well summer is almost here and school will be out and then we will figure out where to live that is if you want to live with me?" she gave me a big smile " I was thinking of moving to Minnesota" I looked at her with a big smile on my face " that would be great."

Later that day I pulled into the drive way I was hesitant to walk into the house once I did that I saw Mia sitting on the sofa, she looked at me and smiled "I've misses you" I looked at her "Mia we need to talk" she looked at me "what is wrong?" I sat down "I don't know how to tell you this but I want a divorce" she looked at me and started crying "why?" I looked at her "I'm in love with someone else and I have been in love with someone else for five year," she had tears running down her face "so you never loved me?" I sighed "I do love you but I'm not in love with you because you deserve someone who treats you like a queen.

For the first time in two years I went to bed alone, the next morning I called in sick and went looking for an apartment, I was sitting at the bar when Aaron walked in "hey man what's up?" I looked at him "I asked Mia for a divorce" he looked at me "why" I gave him a smile "I went to see Lux and we are together."

3 months later

I drove down to Portland to help Lux pack everything when I got to her apartment she ran and gave me a hug "I've missed you so much" I kissed her "I've missed you to so much and now we don't have to leave each other for a long time," we got back to Minnesota two days later "are you ready to see your new place?" I got her hand and took her to our new apartment, when we walked in I heard her gasp "this looks like the loft.

I turned to her " when I was looking at apartments I saw this and it reminded me of when we first met so I brought it," she looked at me and smiled " I love you so much Minnesota" he pulled me closer to him " I've missed having you in my arms" we were sitting on the sofa watching a movie when someone knocked on the door, Lux and I gave each other a look " it can't be for me since I just moved here" when I answered the door I saw that it was Aaron.

He walked in and looked at us "Eric I need to tell you something" I looked at Lux and then at Aaron "what is it?" he sat down " so for the last six months I have been seeing Mia," I looked at him " why didn't you tell me?" he looked down " your my best friend and I didn't want to hurt you by telling you that I've been sleeping with your wife," I felt Lux running her hand threw my back " I'm happy for you and her I just want her and you to be happy" he gave me a guy hug "thanks."

It was Lux's first night we were sitting on the bed "something is missing" she got up and came back with her bong lamp," I started laughing " I still can't get over the fact that we are together after all that drama and that we don't have to hide anything and the fact that we are living together," I grabbed her waist and pinned her to the bed "and that we get to do this without worrying " she started laughing "I love you Minnesota" I kissed her and I love you Eeyore.