OoOo Mr. Chair POV OoOo

The time was about 8:40 when I got to YouTube High due to that horrible nightmare...

-Dream Flashback-

Darkness thats all I could see, Footsteps thats all I could hear apart from a mad laugh echoing through the corridor.
I was running somewhere, anywhere but THAT room running into walls, slipping
thats all i could do thanks to darkness and Jennifer I swear i would give her a year long lecture if i wasn't running

The man was shouting at me from close behind "HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME CHAISE" He shouted
"I CAN TRY" I yell back but accidently trip on a rock "FCKING JENNIFER" I scream before falling flat on my face.
I feel strong arms picking up my feet and dragging me back to THE ROOM, I scream and shout for help
but nobody comes to help me.


I run inside and go straight to my dorm, Going in I sigh while looking at the clock
"nice moves chaise almost late on the first day" I mumble to myself.
I almost fall over at the door opening and a girl looking in at me smiling
she walks over to me.
"Sorry for making you jump" She said in a sad tone.
"It's quite alright" I say cheerfully.
She smiles at you "Is this your dorm two?" She said giggling a bit.
"Uhh" you say looking at your dorm number "Yes" I say blushing out of embarrassment.
"Well then I guess I'm your room mate"
She pointed at the beds saying "Picked one yet" she says laughing at my blush
"Um n-not ye-yet" I say stuttering a bit.