OoOoOoOoO MR. Chair POV oOoOoOoOo

"Well do you mind if" her voice trailed off, she looked as if she forgot something
"Oops" She said laughing "I forgot to tell you my name" She smiled snd held out her hand for me to shake
"I'm Emma Jackson" Emma said shaking my hand, I replyed with "im Chaise Uhh I mean Mr. Chair"
"Nice moves Chaise" I mumbled to myself "Thats ok Mr. Chair I dont mind" Emma in the happiest tone ive ever herd.
"Ah also wich bed do you want Mr. Chair?" Emma said looking over at the beds.

One bed was green personaly my faverouite colour or a blue one Hmm "C-can i have the g-green one?"
"Of Course!" Emma almost yelled then looke at me "Uhh sorry" She said much quieter and walked over to the blue bed
Ploping her bag on the floor and relaxing on her bed, About a second later I did the same thing.

About half and hour later there was a nock on the door
"Unn come in Lilly" Emma said siting up, I sat up to because i wanted to be respectfull.
Seeing a girl walk in with Black hair and a tint of light brown go and sit on Emma's bed and look at me and then Emma
is a bit unsettleing but I managed, she wispered something in Emma's ear that made her blush and push her friend playfully

"Lilly this is Mr. Chair, Mr. Chair this is Lilly" Emma said still a faint blush on her face
"Hi Mr. Chair" Lilly said playfully.
"Hi Lilly" I said back smiling.

Lilly lookd down at her watch "SHIT" Lilly said "I have to meet Pewdiepie soon!" That caught my attention
"Wait pewds come's here two?" You say unbelieveing what Lilly just said.
"Yeh wanna come Chair?" Shee said looking at me
"Of course I havent seen Pewds in a while" At this Lilly mouth dropped
"O-o-ok" she managed to say "LETS GO" Lilly then shouted grabbing my wrist and dragging me to where we had to go.